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Jake POV

I couldn't believe it. What did he mean her heart was too weak? What was going on? I could not lose her, not now, not ever. She was mine. The one person in this world who was my other half, the one I could call my own, the one I loved. I quickly phased to follow Carlisle, not thinking about anything but her. I could hear her mumbling my name and I wanted to hear what she was saying but I couldn't because she stopped speaking. Leah was on patrol so he was phased in and hearing all of my thoughts. Leah please, I don't need any BS from you right now.

Oh Jake she is your one and only, you confess your undying love as she mumbles your name! How romantic.

Shut up Leah! I'm serious! Leah, you are really starting to piss me off.

Jakey bear, oh Jakey bear I'm having a nightmare please come and save me!

Leah stop it!!! Nessie has nightmares sometimes and I…never mind I am not going to try and explain humanity or love to you. You are heartless.

At that moment Leah phased out, I was unaware of how much I hurt her, not just then but always. It didn't matter now though. I had to take care of Nessie. We were at the hospital and Carlisle was taking her inside. Damn it damn it damn it Jake. I thought. I had no clothes. They got ripped off when I phased so quickly. I couldn't leave her side so I stayed hidden in the large bushes beside the hospital. As risky as it was, it was worth it. For hours I waited, hearing very little except tons of medical lingo and machines. I wished someone would tell me what was going on. More than anything, I wished I could be by her side.

Very soon, night fell and the hospital was closed. Everyone was told to leave Nessie's room by Carlisle because she had to sleep and be alone. This was my chance to get inside. I quickly unphased and removed lifted the window, glad that it was unlocked. I wished I had some sort of clothes because I knew Edward was reading my mind and would be in here within seconds. I just had to see her. I walked to her side and placed her hand in mine, holding it softly. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she smiled at me. "Jake lay down with me," She whispered. I obeyed because I had to but not only for that reason, I wanted to comfort her even though I had no clothes on so this was going to look really bad.

I wondered where Edward was and knew that I was going to get it. Nessie's head rested on my chest and I ran my fingers through her hair. I didn't hear any of the other Cullen's nearby speaking anymore but one was coming down the hallway. At this point, I didn't really know what should come next but I guessed that we would see. He opened the door and peered into the room, not expecting to see me there apparently, I wasn't expecting him either. It was not Edward but Carlisle. "Carlisle…hello." I mumbled as I sat up, taking a towel from beside the bed and wrapping it around myself so that nothing was exposed. "I'm sorry it's just that when I phased.."

He was turned around, not looking at me. "Get out." He said slightly angered. I knew that confrontation would not be good for Nessie in her weak state so I walked out of the room and ran towards home so that I could get some clothes and return shortly. It was hard to leave her side but I knew it would only take seconds.

After that things happened very quickly. I was in my human form running and all of the sudden I was on the ground with cold hands around my throat. "Jacob Black if you ever go near my daughter again I will kill you." Edward threatened.

"Edward you don't understand I was phasing and I forgot about.." I started trembling as I felt the anger pulsating inside. I didn't want to attack Edward. I didn't want to fight him. Jake no, don't do this don't do this avoid this for Nessie. You love her, if you love her you won't.. I lost it and phased but instead of attacking him, I ran the opposite direction. I knew I couldn't stay away from Nessie, she was my life. It would cause me physical pain to be away from her, especially now but if I went near her there would be a fight between me and Edward. That would not end well. I ran home, desperately thinking of how to handle this and what to do next. Not seeing Nessie was not an option. I hoped Edward was just angry and not serious…

Nessie POV

I woke up feeling the same and yet somehow different. I felt weak, exhausted and sore but I also felt older. Yes, I actually felt older. "Jake?" I said, looking around the empty hospital room. "Jake where are you?" I said. Carlisle walked in and checked on me, then just kept staring, looking completely shocked. I must have grown up considerably. Either that or there was a sign with very small letters on my forehead that Carlisle was straining to read, which was doubtful since he was a vampire and had keen senses. "Hey Grampa, where is Jake?" I asked weakly, trying to sit up but unable to because of the pressure in my chest. "Ouch." I whispered.

"Your father doesn't think it is a good idea for you to see Jake anymore." He said simply. I looked at him with devastated, tear-filled eyes.

"Carlisle..you can't be serious what do you mean?" I asked, forcing myself up and placing a hand on my chest. I couldn't help but notice, even in my time of extreme upset, that there was more there but it hurt to breathe.

"Renesmee you and your father will discuss this, please lay back down." He said, pushing me back into bed softly. I continued to cry, feeling desperate. I couldn't live without Jake.