I always thought I'd finish this but after these years it isn't going to happen. I don't like abandoning stories but I just don't really have the time or enthusiasm to continue.

But I don't want to just leave it hanging, so here is a summary of what would have happened if I had the desire to continue.

Everything so far has been set up, this was just bringing in characters, describing the Soviet SG mission and how it was a little more direct than the US one. With this now done the main plot would involve the Soviets triggering a civil war among the System Lords.

The first real arc would have the launch of the Soviet Navy's first home made starship, the Leonov which would look like the ship from the film 2010. Very primitive, very bulky, but it has shields, particle weapons and hyperdrive based on Goa'uld tech so pretty tough.

The ship would be sent on a mission to secure more tech for the Soviets and spy on events. With Ba'al's 'help' the Soviets would engineer their war, and then sit back while the System Lords demolish each other.

We'd see that the Soviets had treaties and alliances with several worlds they had contacted and were spreading Communism across the galaxy, giving tech boosts to primitive worlds and installing governors.

Gradually the Soviets are expanding their nation and annexing small simple worlds for mining and agriculture, or allying with larger worlds like Hebridia and Langara.

We'd then skip a couple of years. The System Lords are still fighting and taking losses while the Soviets have begun large scale construction of a space fleet. Using resources from their colonies the first of the new generation space battleships is launched, Red October under Captain Marco Ramius. Yeah, that same guy :)

We see the Soviets begin to act more aggressively, striking more openly at Goa'uld worlds and eradicating minor system lords. All the time Ba'al is on Earth helping Russia, but of course is biding his time before he can escape. He see the opportunity here to let the System Lords kill each other, then let the Soviets attack whoever is left, at which point Ba'al will make his own move and break away to carve out an empire from the ruins left by the dead System Lords.

Things don't go quite to plan. Apophis realises Earth is now a threat and he attacks. While the Asgard are sympathetic they can't offer immediate help, Earth has to fight by itself until a ship can be spared from the Replicator threat.

With Apophis on the way the Soviets have no choice but to disclose their programme, at which point NATO says yeah, we knew. Turns out in 1947 an Asgard ship crashed at Roswell and Area 51 had been playing with it ever since. While the US programme is much smaller it has developed some better tech based on Asgard science which can now be deployed.

While Earth now has the power to fight it can't match Apophis for numbers. The invasion begins.

Apophis fights a major battle in orbit against the Soviet and NATO space fleets, eventually driving them back. Ground based weapons protect most major cities but some places are nuked from orbit. Apophis cannot land in Europe or North America due to the defences, but lands instead in South America and Africa. From there he launches a ground attack against NATO and the Soviets, but the conventional Cold War era armies make mincemeat of the Jaffa.

Reinforcements from hebridia and Tollan help swing the balance and drive off Apophis, the arrival of Thor and several Asgard ships finishing the deal.

During the battle our Soviet characters will work with a young Captain Jack O'Neill and a Colonel Hammond representing NATO, along with other characters including Teal'c and Bra'tac who will use this to break away from the Goa'uld. Near the end Ba'al will kill Apophis.

While Earth is busy fighting the old enemy returns, the survivors of the Third Reich who escaped at the beginning found a home on Euronda, allied with the Aschen and have been preparing to strike back. With Earth weakened they begin to attack Soviet colonies in preparation for an assault on Earth itself.

The war with Apophis was vicious and both NATO and the Soviets must unite to stop the more advanced Reich from returning. After a hard fight Earth will win, and Ba'al will escape to create his own empire with surviving Nazis and resources from Apophis' defeated nation.

This will shape the new galaxy, with Earth too damaged to be divided the nations unite and form a greater alliance with the other free worlds of the galaxy opposing the rise of Ba'al as the new supreme System Lord. There would also be the threat of Replicators in the future, but for a while peace would reign and Earth would be united, ready for the future.