Part 1


C- Caroline

R- Richard

D- Del

A- Annie

An- Angie


F- Fabrianna

M- Margaret

T- Ted

(As it was in the show...)

R- So you're sure you're OK with everything?

C- Yeah of course. Nothings really changed. We're still getting married right?

R- Right

C- Everything's just like it planned- except for the time and place of the wedding... and the fact that you have a son and that possibily we might be spending the rest of our lives in Italy.

R- Yeah but other than that everything's the same

C- Yeah (elevator door opens they both step out of the lift). But that's it, we're done. No more surprises?

R- No more surprises

C- (opens the door)

'surprise!' (she then shuts it)

R- I had nothing to do with that

A- What are you doing? Get in here! This is your wedding shower

C- Oh, that's really sweet Annie but umm...

R- Hey, hey, hey, you enjoy your party. I gotta go home. I promised the road we'd have a little pot luck dinner to say goodbye (Caroline laughs a little and they both kiss) Bye. (looks to Annie) Bye. He gets back into the lift

A- So where were you? we're running out of things to do with the stripper and we're paying him way too much to vaccum in a thong

C- Annie, Richard and I might be moving to Italy

A- What? What you mean you're moving to Italy?

C- Well, you know, he really wants to be closer to his son and...

An- (opens the door) Hey, when are you coming in? The natives are getting restless

A- Mom, we're talking here, alright. Ok mom

An- Yeah well hurry up. They decided to nibble on the suggestive cake you and the baker are going to hell for

(Angie opens the door and goes back inside) 'SURPRISE!!'

C- Annie, am I going to be embarassed when I see this cake?

A- Nah, no. Not until we plug it in (she drags Caroline inside when the elevator door opens and her parents show up)

M & T- (in unison) 'Surprise!!'

T- Hey puddin'

C- Mom and dad

T- How's our little bride to be?

C- You know I was supposed to call you and... I'm sorry

T- Oh no, she's backed out again

C- No, no, no, no, no. I'm gonna get married

M- You owe me a coke

C- We're just gonna do it in Italy. I am so sorry you flew all the way here

M- Oh dear!. Will you still be able to get us tickets for Lion King?

C- Yeah

M- Oh, then we're OK!

(Margaret and Ted enter; opening credits roll)