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Okay, this is pretty much what I thought could have happened in Jus in Bello, Season 3. I hope it will work. Completely AU and doesn't really fit in with how the rest of the season ends, but go with me on this... :). Enjoy!

"Open the doors, let 'em all in... and then we fight."

Dean's words echoed in Sam's head as he hefted the rifle in his hands, swallowing hard to wet his dry throat. He stepped forwards and threw open one of the doors to the police station. He crouched down and scratched out the edge of the devils trap he had drawn.

This isn't going to work...

But what else was there to do? Kill Nancy? Yes she was willing, and yes it would work, but Dean was right. They couldn't value one life over others.

If the whole world was going to die unless you killed one person... would you do it?

He pushed the thought out of his mind and tightened his grip on the rifle. It was too late for arguements now anyway. From somewhere behind him in the building, Dean's muffled voice rang out.

"All set?"

Sam ran his tongue over his lips. "Yeah!" he called back, hoping that he sounded more confident than he felt.

"Ready?" Dean checked. "Let's do this."

Sam kicked a gap in the salt barrier he had laid down so carefully less than an hour ago. He lifted his gun, taking a deep breath as he did so. He had to trust Dean. Dean had always come through for him before, and he was his brother for gods sake. He waited, his heart flickering in his chest. Nothing happened.

Come on, come on...

He backed up, sneaking side glimpses at the room around him in case the demons had already gotten in some other way. A sudden volley of gunshots broke out behind him and he glanced over his shoulder, his heart jerking. His first instinct was to run to help whoever was being attacked - it could be Dean on the end of that gun - but he forced himself to remain still. Running footsteps drew his attention to the doors he had just opened, and he fired at the possessed man sprinting towards him.

The man tumbled to the ground and Sam felt a small rush of satisfaction before a second man rocketted into him from behind, carrying them both to the floor. Sam lashed out with one foot and rolled free, failing at the man with the handle of his rifle. He caught the demon across the face and scrambled to his feet. He caught a blur of movement out of the corner of his eye and turned, firing just as a third demon launched itself at him. It fell backwards, screaming shrilly.

And then, before he had time to think, they were all rushing at him.

As they closed in around him, forming a tight wall of bodies, one last thought rushed through his mind.

We can't beat them.

Then he was whirling around, firing wildly at the demons that threw themselves at him. They fell back a little and he brought his rifle down on the face of one of the ones that came to close. It dropped away from him but another grabbed him from behind, its fingers digging into him. At once the others ran forwards eagerly, and Sam lashed out with one foot. He twisted free of the demon holding him and fired.

"Sam! SAM!"

Sam turned, his heart jerking. "Dean!"

Dean appeared in the mouth of the corridor, backing towards him and firing at the crowd of demons surging after him as he went. He glanced over his shoulder, and his eyes met Sam's. His face was cold and hard, full on fight mode. Sam turned and fired at the demons moving towards him. His eyes lifted to take in the masses of demons forcing their way in through the doors, their black eyes fixed on him. He took a step backwards and felt Dean's back against his own.

"Dean, there's too many of them," he threw over his shoulder. "We can't do this."

"Yes we can!" Dean snarled, his voice harsh with desperation and fury. "Henrickson! Now!"

Sam swallowed hard and made a grab for his holy water as his gun finally ran out. A demon leapt for him and its fist caught him across the jaw, sending him staggering backwards into the wall. Dean let out a sharp cry and swung his gun at it. Sam shook himself to regain his hold on reality and sent a spray of holy water into the demon's face. It screamed shrilly and stumbled away.

At that moment his own recorded voice began to speak, and the demons screeched and slammed their hands over their ears. Sam let out a long breath but tossed a little holy water at those coming too close, clearing a space around him and Dean. Henrickson appeared in the doorway of the small office and moved towards them, weaving his way around the writhing demons.

Sam opened his mouth to say that he thought they might actually make it, when the demon Nancy had recognized earlier as Jenna rose to her feet and jerked a fist towards the loudspeaker in the corner. Sparks exploded behind it, and the exorsism cut off. The demons, who had scattered to the two main exists stopped trying to escape and turned as one, their black eyes gleaming. Sam and Dean exchanged a panicked glance.

"Shit," Dean muttered.

"What do we do?" Henrickson hissed.

No one answered. The demons to their right started forwards and Dean moved to meet them, lifting his gun. A demon flicked its hand and the gun ripped from Dean's fingers, spiralling over their heads to land across the room. Dean let out a yelp as the demon launched itself at him, its fingers fastening around his throat.


Sam was dimly aware of Henrickson and the other officer rushing to meet the oncoming demons on their left, but he didn't care. He sprinted towards Dean, calling his brother's name, but more demons moved between them. Sam skidded to a halt, his eyes flicking from one to the next.

Shit, shit, shit...

"Dean!" he yelled.

Dean made a strangled choking sound, and the demon holding him let out a bark of laughter. Rage exploded in Sam's head and his hands balled into fists, the holy water dropping forgotten to the ground beside him.

No. NO. They don't get to kill him, not after everything, not after he sold his soul for me... I can still save him... NO!

A demon reached for him - and a wave of brilliant light exploded from Sam's body.


Dean could feel the demon cutting of the air to his lungs, but no matter how much he struggled and fought against it it wouldn't move. He lashed out with one foot, but the demon didn't even flinch. It grinned and tightened its grip.


Dean heard his brother's voice and tried to reply, but his voice came out as a gasping retch. Black dots were starting to dance before his eyes, blocking out parts of his vision.

Never thought I would go like this after I'd sold my soul...

He slid his eyes to the side, fixing them on Sam. His brother was standing rigid, his path barred by demons. As he watched, Sam's desperate expression changed abruptly to one of fury and hatred. Warning bells went off in Dean's head: something was wrong. Something bad was about to happen. He tried to call Sam's name again but no sound came out this time. Sam turned his head as one of the demons reached for him.

And his eyes turned black.

Dean had about three seconds in which to stare at his brother in horror before Sam shut his eyes and blinding white light burst out from his body. Dean felt the demon's hold on him cut off and dropped to his feet, grabbing the wall for support, sucking in huge gulps of air. He shut his eyes against the fierce light, but he couldn't shut his ears to the agonized screams of the demons directly around him. The light was so powerful that it shone through his eyelids in a thick red glare.

Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the light shut off.

Dean opened his eyes, his hands trembling in shock, to see Sam swaying a few meters away. His brother's eyes were brown again, but the blood had drained from his face and his mouth hung open slightly. Around them the demons had vanished and their empty human hosts were lying unconscious on the ground.

What the hell...?

Dean lifted his gaze to Sam, panting. Sam took a small, shuddering breath. Then he crumpled and dropped like a stone to the floor. At the same time, Dean became aware of comotion on the other side of the building: apparently whatever Sam had just done hadn't wiped out all of the demons.

Dean leapt forwards, his heart jerking in his chest, and skidded to the floor beside his brother. He rolled Sam over onto his back, gripping his shoulder tightly.

"Sam? Sam!"

Sam's eyes were tightly shut, and his breathing was coming fast and shallow. Dean felt a rush of panic and shook Sam slightly, but got no response. Dean looked up as Henrickson called his name to see a demon running towards them, its black eyes gleaming. He looked around, caught sight of the holy water lying on the floor nearby and snatched it up. He whipped the bottle at the demons, and they stumbled away.

Henrickson fought his way over to Dean's side to cover him, standing with his back to the brothers. His eyes were wide with fear and confusion, but he kept his focus on the demons attacking them.

"Dean! What the hell was that? There was just this big light and then... what happened?"

"I dunno," Dean whispered, his eyes fixing on Sam.

Henrickson pulled a spare gun from his belt and tossed it to the floor beside Dean, keeping his eyes on the demons.

"Snap outta it, Dean, I need you. You're the only one who knows about this stuff."

Dean reached out and took the gun before rising to his feet, standing protectively over Sam. He forced his mind back to the fight, his eyes flickering down to his motionless brother every few moments. He fired at a demon that was trying to come at them from the side.

"Are they all trapped in here?"

Henrickson nodded. Dean fired again.

"Okay. Then we all get out now and seal the doors behind us. Leave them in here."

"But you said that we had to take them all down-"

"Things have changed!" Dean snapped. "We're going, now!"

Henrickson hesitated, but then called to the other officer. Dean looked around to make sure that no one was aiming for him right now, and then ducked down and dragged Sam up to his feet.

"Jesus, Sam, how the hell did you get so heavy?" he panted, trying to make himself feel slightly better. It didn't work: his hands were still shaking as he pulled Sam's arm across his own shoulders and began to stagger towards the door, Sam a dead weight at his side. One of the officers reached him and took Sam's other side, biting back his questions. Dean nodded gratefully to him.

They reached the doors and Dean looked back over his shoulder. Henrickson was still struggling with the demons, and they were closing in on him. Dean let go of Sam, reaching for his gun.

"Get out," he snarled at the other man. "Put the salt line back. We'll catch up."

The man nodded, teeth gritted as he struggled to support Sam's weight. Dean turned and ran back to Henrickson, grabbing the man's shoulder and dragging him backwards. Henrickson glanced at him in suprise, faltering slightly, and Dean sent a volley of bullets at the demons. They screamed and dropped back a little, and Dean tugged at Henrickson's arm.

"Go! GO!" he yelled.

Henrickson turned and ran. Dean sprinted after him, glancing over his shoulder. The demons had already recovered and were rushing after them, roaring in anger. Henrickson cleared the door and Dean leapt out after him before throwing himself backwards and slamming the door shut. He opened his mouth but Nancy was already completing a salt line, locking the door shut. It shuddered as the demons launched themselves at it, and then went still.

For a few moments, all any of them could hear was harsh panting. Then Dean pulled away from the door and went to where the officer had put Sam down on the ground. He knelt down beside his brother and touched his shoulder hesitantly.

"Sam?" he asked. "Sammy? C'mon Sam, time to wake up."

Sam didn't even blink. He was so pale that he reminded Dean of how he had been when he was dead... stop it. He shook his head forcefully, swallowing hard. Sam wasn't dead. He couldn't be...

"What happened to him?" Nancy asked softly, crouching beside Dean.

Dean shook his head. "I don't know," he whipsered.

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