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Josh groaned when he opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed besides his pounding head was the fact that the car was upside down.

"Megan? Drake?" he asked frantically. Josh hoped they weren't dead.

There was a groan from the back seat. "Ow," Megan moaned.

"You okay, Megs?" Josh asked, feeling Drake's pulse. He sighed in relief because it was strong.

"It hurts," Megan muttered. She hoped the ambulance was on its way.

Josh winced when he accidentally touched his left wrist. It must be broken. "We'll be fine," he assured his little sister.

"Drake?" the panicked Megan questioned.

"He's fine," Josh said, although he wasn't sure. Drake was still unconscious, and that probably wasn't good.

"He's going to die!" Megan shrieked hysterically.

"No, he's not," Josh told her. Why was Megan freaking out so much?

"He's going to die!" Megan shrieked again just as ambulances and police cars pulled up.

Drake groaned and opened his eyes. "My head hurts," he complained.

"You probably have a concussion," Josh told him.

"Don't die," the hysterical Megan told her brothers. Drake and Josh couldn't die. That wasn't supposed to happen!

"We're not going to die," Josh told her. This behavior was completely uncharacteristic of Megan Parker. The accident had probably scared her.

"You okay?" Drake asked Josh. He was worried about his brother.

"I think so," Josh replied. He was worried about Megan and Drake more than himself, anyway. They were more important than him.

"What about you, Megs?" Drake questioned. It seemed like his little sister was freaking out.

"Don't die!" Megan cried. She began sobbing.

Ten minutes later, the three were at St. Schneider's Hospital in the emergency room, waiting to get checked out.

"Are my brother and sister okay?" Josh asked his doctor. He couldn't stop thinking about them.

Dr. Milson sighed. "I want to talk about your injuries first, Mr. Nichols."

"What's wrong?" Josh didn't want internal bleeding because that would probably make things really bad.

"Your left wrist is broken. You have a Grade I concussion, along with whiplash and sprained fingers on your right hand. Mr. Nichols, you also have cuts from the shattered glass. Bruising will probably occur in the next few days," Dr. Milson explained.

Josh sighed. "Can you tell me about Megan and Drake now?"

"You have a one track mind, don't you?" Dr. Milson questioned. Josh Nichols didn't seem to care about himself, but that wasn't surprising. Patients who were injured in a car accident with family and friends tended to focus on them instead of themselves.

"Tell me," Josh demanded. He was worried about his siblings.

Half an hour later, Audrey and Walter entered Josh's room.

"Are you okay?" Audrey asked her stepson. The pregnant mom checked Josh over several times.

"I'm fine, but in a little pain," Josh reluctantly admitted.

"My poor baby," Audrey said. She hugged her stepson as best as she could.

"Mom, calm down," Josh told her. He didn't want his mother freaking out.

"We already visited your brother and sister," Walter explained. Audrey had been panicking about her children, which wasn't good for the baby.

"No one will tell me anything. How are they?" Josh questioned. He suddenly remembered he was Drake's emergency contact and could have gotten information about his brother.

"Megan has whiplash, two broken fingers, and is going to bruise. She panicked in the ambulance and had to be sedated," Walter told him. He had never heard of Megan reacting to something like that before. Audrey had been vague about that point when Walter asked, so he wasn't going to ask anymore questions.

"And Drake has a concussion, whiplash, cuts from broken glass, some bruising will happen, and a broken rib," Audrey said. She wasn't about to tell Josh that the driver of the car that had hit them was dead.

"We were lucky," Josh murmured. They had been hit on the side and the car had flipped. He, Drake, and Megan could have died.

"Yes you were," Audrey said. She sat down next to him again.

"The doctor says you can all be discharged in the morning. Megan will stay home from school, but that's okay, considering the fact that it'll be Friday," Walter said to Josh.

"I don't want to stay overnight," Josh whined. He hated hospitals. They were evil, evil places.

"You have to," Audrey replied. She hated hospitals too, but it was important that her children got the best care possible.

"Your mom and I will let you three stay alone, but we'll check on you every hour or so," Walter said, keeping the worst news from his son.

"You're keeping something from me," Josh accused. He knew when his dad was lying.

"Tell him," Audrey encouraged her husband. She didn't want Josh getting angry.

Walter sighed. "Your mother's on her way from Sacramento. I called her, and she insisted on coming," he said.

"I don't want to see her," Josh said angrily. His biological mother had abandoned him when he was three, and given full custody of him to Walter. He had gone to visit her a few times until he was seven, but the visits had stopped after Michelle had remarried.

"I'm sorry, Kiddo, but I can't stop it," Walter explained. He hated Michelle, but she deserved to know that Josh was hurt.

"I'm not talking to her," Josh declared. Audrey Parker-Nichols was his mother, not Michelle. Michelle didn't deserve to be his mother. That's why he had started calling Audrey by Mom immediately after the wedding.

"You might have to," Audrey said. She had never met Michelle, but had talked to her on the phone twice. Michelle seemed nice, but she couldn't gauge the truth just yet.

"Can I see Drake?" Josh questioned, changing the subject. He didn't want to talk about Michelle anymore.

"Of course," Audrey said. She knew how close her sons were. Their co-dependency wasn't good, but at least it wasn't a problem.

The nurse helped Josh into a wheelchair, despite the fact that he complained the entire time, and Audrey and Walter took him to Drake's room.

"Hey, bro," Drake said. He was feeling a little better now, but that probably had something to do with the pain medication he was on.

"Hey. How are you feeling?" Josh asked.

Drake shrugged and then winced. "I'm fine," he replied.

"You are not fine," Josh replied. He knew his brother and could tell when he lied.

"Don't worry about me, Josh," Drake told him. He didn't want his brother to be worrying about him, when he should be worrying about himself.


Michelle Nichols-Stephenson pulled to the hospital in the early morning. She wondered whether her son wanted to see her, but really didn't care. Josh was hurt, and Michelle wanted to apologize.

"Hi Walter. You must be Audrey," she said to her ex-husband and his new wife. It seemed like Walter had knocked her up. Audrey probably wanted to keep him for eighteen years.

"It's nice to see you again," Walter lied. His marriage to Michelle hadn't been a happy one. She had left him with Josh, something Walter was still thrilled about.

Michelle smirked. "Where is he?" she questioned. Rick was expecting her back home in a few days, and Michelle wanted to repair her relationship with her son.

"He's in his room with Drake," Audrey explained. Drake and Josh had demanded a room together, and the doctor had complied.

"Who's that?" Michelle asked. She hoped that Josh wasn't with Drake, whoever that was.

"My son," Audrey said. She already didn't like Walter's ex-wife.

"Oh," Michelle said. She followed Audrey and Walter up to the boys' room. Megan was playing games with her brothers.

"So why exactly are we playing Candyland?" Drake asked his brother and sister. They were way too old for this game.

"Because we're bored," Megan replied. It was hard to play a game with broken bruises, but it was going well. She just wished she didn't hurt so much.

"This is fun," Josh commented. He liked playing games, even kids games.

"Josh!" cried Michelle. She hadn't seen her son in such a long time.

Josh's head snapped up rather quickly and he winced. Stupid whiplash.

"I don't want to see you," Josh said coldly. He went back to playing the game with his siblings.

Michelle sighed. "I want to see you, Joshua. That's my right," she told him.

"I'm eighteen years old, Michelle. I don't want to see you, so get out," he replied icily. How dare she show up and pretend like nothing had ever happened?

"You will treat me with respect," Michelle demanded. Audrey rolled her eyes in the background, while Walter sighed. No wonder he had been really happy when Michelle had left. He had forgotten how controlling, manipulative, and passive-aggressive she had been during their relationship.

"I don't have to treat you with respect. You lost my respect the minute you abandoned your family." Josh coldly informed her. Why couldn't Michelle get the hint?

Michelle glared at him. "I couldn't handle being a mother then, but I'm sorry," she explained. She wanted Josh to forgive her.

"What's my full name?" Josh wanted to test Michelle, to see if she knew him.

"Joshua Nichols," she said, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Drake sighed. "His full name is Joshua Thomas Nichols. He was born on May 10th, 1988 at 3:05AM and was eight pounds, thirteen ounces," he said, rattling off the facts.

"How do you know all that?" questioned an amazed Audrey.

"Because we know everything about each other," Josh said. He knew everything about Drake too.

"Tell me about Drake's stats," Megan told her brother. She wanted to see if Josh knew that stuff about Drake.

Josh smiled at her. "He was born Drake Caleb Parker on July 7th, 1998 at 7:15PM. He was five pounds, three ounces because he was three weeks premature," he answered. Megan, Audrey, and Walter stared at him in shock.

"You will speak to me," Michelle warned. She would get her son to forgive her soon.

"No I won't," Josh sing-songed. He hated Michelle so much that he couldn't even express it.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Michelle said. She went to a hotel.


Because Drake no longer had a car because it was totaled, Walter drove his sons and Megan back to Drake's apartment after the three were discharged.

"Thanks for dropping us off," Drake told his stepfather. He wasn't sure how they could have gotten home, otherwise.

"It hurts to walk," Megan complained as she entered the apartment. Her foot was bruised, but not broken or anything else like that. She hurt all over, actually.

"Everything hurts," Josh corrected. He couldn't wait to heal.

"This rivals the dune buggy accident," Drake said. He thought he had been in pain then, but it was nothing compared to now.

"I can't believe you still remember that," his brother replied. That had been awhile ago.

"It did happen a few years ago," Drake pointed out.

"Shut up and sit down," Megan said. She barely made it to the couch.

"Call me if you need anything. Your mother doesn't need to be stressed out," Walter said. He didn't want his wife doing work if she didn't have to.

"We will," Josh promised. He didn't think that they would need help, though. They could get through this on their own.

Walter reluctantly left and drove back to his cousin's house.

"Are you going back to school on Monday?" Megan asked Josh. She knew how much he hated to miss school, especially now that he was in college.

Josh nodded, but regretted it. That made his head hurt worse. "I don't want to miss any more days than I have to," he explained.

"I called Spin City Records and I don't have to record another song until Tuesday," Drake told them. He was glad that he didn't have to work for a few more days. He liked staying at home.

Megan was so tired that she went to bed at 9:00, but Drake and Josh stayed up to watch a movie. They ended up going to bed at midnight.

Both boys were woken up around 1:30AM by screaming. They rushed (as fast as they could, considering their injuries) into her room.

"Are you okay, Megs?" asked a concerned Josh. His sister never woke up screaming like that.

"I was so scared you were going to die like Daddy," she sobbed.

"What are you talking about?" Josh questioned as Drake gave his sister a knowing look.

"Baby Girl, tell me what's wrong," Drake said. He only called Megan that when he was in big brother mode and really worried about her.

"I didn't want you to die," Megan wailed. She clung to both of her brothers.

"We're not going to die," Josh assured her. Megan was scaring him.

"Tell me what happened," Drake encouraged. He rubbed his hand up and down Megan's back to calm him down.

"I saw Daddy die," Megan sobbed.

Josh sent a confused look to his brother. "I know you did, Baby. But everything is fine now," Drake soothed.

"The car just hit us head on and you weren't waking up. I didn't know what to do," the teenager sobbed. She couldn't stop crying.

"You were only five," Drake reminded her. When he had been nine and Megan five, the two had been involved in a car accident with their father. Michael Parker had been killed, but not instantly.

"I was begging him to stay awake, but he didn't listen," the sobbing teenager explained. She didn't want to think about this anymore, but this new car accident had made her remember everything about that day.

"You're okay," Drake comforted. He continued to hug his clinging little sister.

"I was so scared. Daddy was bleeding everywhere and you weren't awake," Megan wailed. Drake had been knocked unconscious during the accident, and hadn't woken up until they had gotten to the hospital. He still couldn't remember the accident, the result of a concussion.

Drake couldn't believe this was happening. It had been ten years since the car accident that had killed their father. "What'd you do?" he asked.

"I begged Daddy to stay awake. He told me that he loved us, and that he was sorry. Daddy closed his eyes then. I didn't want him to die," the hysterical teenager confessed.

"Calm down, Baby Girl. Josh and I aren't going anywhere. Neither are Mom and Walter," Drake soothed. He began rocking his sister back and forth until Megan eventually cried herself to sleep.

"What was that about?" Josh asked a few minutes after she fell asleep. He had known that Drake and Megan's father had died, but had never known the reason.

Drake sighed. "Dad, Megan, and I were in a car accident when we were younger. Dad died, but an autopsy revealed it wasn't right away. Megan was awake, and saw him die. She refused to talk about the accident at all, no matter how much Mom tried. She sent her to a few therapists, but Megan still didn't talk about it. The therapists said she was traumatized and would probably never talk about it. This is the first time she has said anything about what happened."

"Wow," Josh said. He couldn't believe it. He had never expected Megan to be traumatized like that.

"That's why Mom and Walter let Megan get away with her pranks on us. They know she's doing it, but Mom says she's never been the same since what happened. They let her get away with everything because Megan did see Dad die," Drake explained. He was going to call his mother in the morning and explain to her what Megan had said. That might not be good for the baby though, so Drake wasn't sure on what to do.

"What about you?" Josh questioned. Megan seemed really traumatized, but it didn't seem like it was affecting Drake.

Drake looked down at the bed. "I was a nine year old who woke up in the hospital to find out that my dad was dead. I cried for weeks afterwards. That's when I started doing badly in school. I threw myself into music and playing the guitar. Mom was lost in herself at the time. I'd catch her crying at the most random times. Megan refused to cry or talk about the accident, so eventually we all stopped talking about it and moved on."

"It's okay to still hurt," Josh assured him. He would have hugged his brother, but Megan was in the way.

"I'll probably cry soon," Drake reluctantly told him. Megan's confession was bringing back the bad memories of the first year after his father's death, and that wasn't good right now.

"I'll be there for you when you do," Josh told him. He was definitely going to hug his brother as soon as he could.

Megan whimpered. "Go back to sleep, Baby. You're fine," Drake comforted. She seemed to listen and calmed down.

The accident had brought up bad memories for Drake and Megan, but things were going to get better. They had to.

The Parker siblings and Audrey could maybe, finally begin to heal from the accident that had claimed Michael Parker's life. Life hadn't been the same for them since, but Walter and Josh had helped them a little bit. Analise would probably also help. Audrey had been eight weeks pregnant at the time of Michael's death, but had miscarried from the stress. The grief of Michael's death and the miscarriage had sent Audrey spiraling into a depression, but she had slowly started to feel better.

Megan stirred awake. "Don't leave me," she pleaded of her brothers.

"We're not going to leave you, Baby Girl," Drake assured her. He hoped his sister didn't have nightmares all night.

"We love you, Megs," Josh told his little sister. He wanted her to know that.

"Love you too," Megan murmured. She closed her eyes and fell asleep again. Drake and Josh followed a few minutes later, never leaving her side.

Life was about to get better for the Parker-Nichols family.