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Chapter 1: Tragedy Strikes

Tommy was trying to remain focused on a textbook that was lying in his lap. He was sitting on the back porch studying while keeping an eye on his two younger siblings Tyler and Tandy.

Tyler and Tandy had been throwing a ball to each other and then they had been practicing a new karate move that Trent had taught them a few days ago.

The events of the past year had Tommy wondering what he wanted to do with his life. He toyed with the idea of teaching karate or becoming a private investigator but he wasn't certain if that is what he wanted to do.

Tommy knew that he wanted to help people, but in his own way. Tommy had been hanging around Uppercuts a little more than usual so he could hopefully be involved in helping his brother and Carlos help someone or solve a mystery. Of course, Kendra had stumbled upon a mystery two months ago, that caused everyone to be involved in one way or another. She even allowed Tommy to be involved, somehow knowing without Tommy even telling her that he wanted to be involved.

He shook his head and returned to studying his textbook, writing down a few notes in a notebook that he had set down next to him. Tommy was so intent on his thoughts and trying to bring his focus back to his studying, that he hadn't realized that Tyler and Tandy had left the backyard.

Tommy looked out into the backyard and didn't see Tyler or Tandy. Tommy sighed and closed his textbook, using his notebook as a bookmark.

"Tandy! Tyler! Where are you guys?"

Just as Tommy walked around the corner of the house, he heard a horrible screech and a loud thud. Then he heard a type of scream that he had never heard before and he hoped that he never would again.

Tommy ran around to the front of the house and stopped abruptly. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He could see Tyler, lying on the road, blood surrounding him while Tandy was on the sidewalk crying and screaming Tyler's name. Moses, the Malloy's golden retriever was sitting next to Tyler and whining.

Kendra grabbed her latte and Cassie's cappuccino and brought it out to the table outside that Cassie had saved. Kendra set the cappuccino in front of Cassie. Kendra took a sip of her latte before she sat down across from Cassie.

Cassie and Kendra were the only ones sitting outside of the café. A few pedestrians passed by them, but Kendra knew that they had plenty of privacy.

"Hunter has been stressed out a lot lately," Kendra said quietly as she watched a little boy and his mother walk past them. The little boy had a small bag of cotton candy and she could see the anticipation of opening up the treat.

"Well, he must be working on one heck of a case," Cassie replied.

Kendra's gaze left the little boy as she turned with a raised eyebrow and looked at Cassie. "You've been picking up Carlos' lingo, huh?"

Cassie grinned, a hint of red appearing on her cheeks. "He's a great guy."

Cassie's grin vanished as a worried frown replaced it. Cassie owed Kendra her life and wanted to pay her back. "Hey, maybe you should spend some time with Hunter, you know, to help relieve his stress."

Kendra looked at Cassie with her eyes shining. "You really want to kick me out of your place, huh? You want Carlos to go to your place more often than you going to his place?"

"What? Don't be ridiculous. I love having you around, it certainly makes me feel less lonely, but maybe Hunter needs you to spend more time with him. At least you can make sure he eats something and gets plenty of sleep."

"Oh, that's what you were talking about. I thought it was something else," Kendra said as she took a sip of her latte, trying to hide a smile.

Cassie didn't miss the smile and knew what Kendra had been implying. "Well, there is that option too. Look, just talk to Hunter about it. Unless there is a reason why you don't want to stay at his apartment?"

Before Kendra could answer, music began to play and even though it was muffled, Cassie could make out that it was the song "I'm a Believer".

"Oh, that's me. I should check it." Kendra retrieved her cell phone from the front pocket of her jeans.

She flipped open her cell. "Hey, Butch, what's up?" Kendra asked. Cassie watched silently as Kendra's face became pale. "Cassie and I will be right there." Kendra closed her cell phone and jumped up off the bench.

"Kendra, what's wrong?" Cassie asked, fear gripping her heart, horrific thoughts passing through her mind about Carlos and Trent getting into trouble on a case. Images of the two private investigators lying injured crossed through Cassie's mind, the later ones worst the than the previous.

"It's Tyler, he's been hit by a car. He's been taken to the hospital," Kendra replied as she began to run to where her car was parked. Cassie ran to catch up to Kendra, praying that little Tyler Malloy would be all right.

Kendra and Cassie made it to the hospital in record time. Cassie hadn't complained or said a word about Kendra's driving, since she was focused on praying for Tyler.

Kendra and Cassie headed in the familiar direction that was the emergency room. When they arrived, the entire Malloy family except Tyler was sitting in the waiting room. Butch and Kim were standing near the door ready to run and get anything the Malloy family needed.

Silently, Kendra entered the room first and walked over to Katie. Kendra bent down and hugged Katie. Katie burst into tears and Kendra continued to hold her and offer her silent comfort.

Kendra grabbed Katie several tissues from the box and handed them over to Katie who took them thankfully, as she wiped away her tears. "He's going to be all right," Katie said hollowly, sounding unconvinced even though she didn't want to be.

Kendra smiled softly. "Of course he's going to be fine, he's a Malloy. I've never met anyone stronger than a Malloy."

Katie gave Kendra a small smile at the compliment and for the words of encouragement. Kendra knew that Katie was still terrified about her youngest, but Kendra would do all she could to help.

Kendra rose and turned slightly, and saw Carlos holding onto Cassie. Cassie was waiting to offer her comfort and reassurance to the Malloy family, but Kendra knew that Carlos needed comfort too. She hadn't even heard or sensed he had entered the room. She turned to look at Trent and saw a tear faced Tandy sitting in his lap. She met Trent's eyes and saw that he was staying calm for his family, but Kendra could see the worry and fear.

She placed a comforting hand on Trent's arm for a moment before she leaned down and kissed Tandy gently on the cheek, brushing some strands of curly blonde air out of the girl's eyes.

Her gaze moved over to Tommy whose face was pale and she could tell that he wasn't looking at the cheerily painted walls, but was seeing Tyler lying in the street, hurt and bleeding.

She walked over to him and kneeled before the distraught teenager. She was about to say something but Tommy spoke first.

"It's all my fault," Tommy said softly that only Kendra had heard what he said. Tears ran down his anguished face and Kendra hugged Tommy, but his body went rigid, refusing the comfort.

Ten minutes after Kendra and Cassie had arrived at the hospital, Alex arrived. Those ten minutes, Kendra knew must have felt like ten agonizing hours. Alex quickly explained that the Rangers were wrapping up a bust and would arrive shortly.

Meanwhile, Alex sat next to Katie and was speaking softly to the worried mother. Kendra stood next to Tommy to keep an eye on him.

Kendra looked at Alex and wondered where Hunter was at that moment. Alex hadn't mentioned Hunter at all and in the rush to get to the hospital, Kendra hadn't called Hunter. She knew that he would have found out about Tyler when Alex heard the news.

Kendra shook her head and refocused her attention on the Malloy family. She chided herself for thinking about Hunter when it was Tyler Malloy who needed positive thoughts and her prayers.

She looked at Tommy whose usually bright eyes had dimmed to the color of the sea during a dark storm and knew that Tyler wasn't the only one who needed her prayers.

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