I don't have time to bleed

I've been in this tunnel 87 times now.

I've been in this tunnel 88 times now.

I've been in this tunnel 89 times now.

I've been in this tunnel, 90 times.

I'm pacing back and forth. I start to leave but I stop, go back to the start of the tunnel like I forgot something. I'm sure I did, but it's nothing important.

I really like this tunnel. It's quiet. Nobody goes in here except for the fight. It's my little private area, praying, cursing, thinking, anything.

I hear the man on the announcer repeat my name again.

"Our valiant competitor, Dr. Mario!"

I start again, and then before the lights can hit me, before visual rays grace my presence, before any of that, I step back.

Go to the beginning. I'm thinking.

I'm thinking about the beginning. Stalling up the works, but I need to think. I need to clear my hea-

"Dr. Mario?"

Fuck this. I'm going out.

I hear people booing, like I did something wrong. Yeah, I did. 91 times, I did it wrong. They're lusting for blood, and I'm delaying the climax, the fucking spilling of blood, like cum.

This is nothing but torture porn.

But I'm still thinking. Thinking all the way to I step on that platform. I've been looking down on the ground, too. I look up. I see who I'm fighting, and I immediately stop thinking.

This is not thinking. It's all on impulse now. It's a matter of time.


I tense muscles, while I hear him taunting me.

"2," one hand in my pocket.

"1", He's grininng now, that shit-eating grin, he doesn't know what's coming.


Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

5 rounds to the chest. He's still standing, looking shocked. Smile clear off his face. I made sure to miss vital points. I wasn't done with him yet. The rest of the match stopped cold. Marth had already ducked for cover, and Kirby was just standing there screaming like he was the one being shot at.

I swear to god, if he gets in my way, he will be.

I'm done running at Mario, who's knees look wobbly. I tackle him to the ground, before raining punches down on his face like an airstrike.

"You ruined me."

Two lefts. A big right, and his eyes are glazing over.

"You think it's a game, don't you?"

I hear people screaming now, and even more, I hear gurgling from Mario.

"It's not so fun on the losing side, isn't it?"

I'm strangling him now, raising and then slaming his head on the concrete, the mock Pokemon Stadium, and I can see dents in the ground. His eyes are rolling to the back of his head. Blood's running down from his eyes.


He looks like he's trying to cry, but he's dying. I know it.

"All the people you stepped on to get here are there, they're waiting, in hell. They're going to kill you there, too.

"You scum."

Water drops. At first I think it's him, but I realize that it's me. Mario's already gone.

I feel someone trying to pull him off of me. It's Luigi. He takes a swing at me, then he takes two shells to the back after he misses. When he collapses, I raise the gun threateningly at Kirby, who's still standing there, retarded-like. He starts bawling. I take off through the tunnel now.

But now I'm thinking.

I think I'll slow down.

I've been in this tunnel for 92 times now.