I expected to win this fight. Unfortunately, I did not.

My sword swung out of my hand and skidded out of my sight. It clinked against something solid but I couldn't see. I braced myself as Sephiroth sharply jabbed his sword through my gut.

I winced in pain but I couldn't make a sound.

"You can't beat me, Cloud," he chuckled, "You are ill prepared, a child."

He sliced the sword in further and twisted it, this time I— think,—I screamed.

"I'll give you one more chance; it'll be a challenge, though."

Why was he telling me this? Of course, it would only make it only harder for me to beat him after that "chance"…maybe even impossible.

"I like a good..." I gasped for air, hopefully I'd get another chance to do that again, "…challenge."

He laughed, a harsh, creepy sound before shoving the sword completely through me—all the way to the end…I felt the last of my air escape my lungs as everything blacked out.

I am an idiot; I hope you all know that.

A single gunshot…

followed by millions and millions more…

I knew this scene, I never wanted to re-live this again, and yet, I was here, on the hard, dirt ground… listening to Zack's startled gasp as the first shot hit him…and then a groan as the next two-hundred-and-fifty would find him. I think he actually thought he'd make it outta this alive.

I know I shouldn't say this at the second, but he's a real idiot.

I blacked out yet again…I was glad for that actually…I didn't need to see anything else.

"What do we do with him?"

"I dunno, he's gonna die anyway. Looks bad."

"Ah…but what if he doesn't? He could be the real dangerous one."

"Oooh yeah…and then he'll grow wings too and fly away!"


"I was being sarcastic."

I stayed as still as I could and waited for the two soldiers to leave before I opened my eyes…so far, so good…

Click- click…

I spoke too soon. Maybe this was Sephiroth's idea. I'd die today and he'd remake the planet…but he'd want to confuse me or something, wouldn't he? It's not any fun to him unless there's some type of "challenge."

Okay, so I had a loaded gun pointing to the center of my forehead. It's all right; I've made it out of situations like this before…Ha-ha…I am so dead.

"I know you're fine, get up!"

I stayed extremely still, not breathing, not blinking…


Maybe he'll think I'm dead and leave me alone…Leave me alone, please just leave me alone…



That didn't hurt like I'd expected it to…

Maybe this is a plus to my "challenge." I can't die…cool.

Wait, I hope that isn't permanent…I don't want to be like Vincent…that's just weird. C'mon, I wanted to make it to at least thirty!

"Wake up," a voice said.

"Please, wake up!"

Two fists began to pound at my chest, "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"

"W-wake…u-up…!" Her voice cracked and her hands stopped moving. I felt them shake before her yelling turned into hard, silent sobs, "wake…up…" she began to chant slowly to herself.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a small girl. Well, not 'small girl' meaning little kid, she was about fifteen or sixteen and she was very tiny.

I groaned because it felt like gravity had just hit me for the first time.

She turned her head quickly and I saw a bright pair of cinnamon-colored eyes, "you're up!" she squealed, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck, "I thought you were going to die!" She began to sob again.

She knew me? I don't know her…who is she?

She sighed and wiped her eyes. I scanned my surroundings; I was in a white room, with two doors, and a desk with a lamp on it.

"Oh," she laughed lightly, "you're probably wondering where you are…this is my room, but I'm bunking with another girl. We didn't know where to keep you because if you woke up in a lab…we guessed that you'd freak…"

"Mmm…" I scanned the room again. I was alone—all except the girl with the strawberry colored curls, of course. I had prepared for that.

She slowly looked down at the floor, "I'm sorry about your friend. He doesn't look so great…no brain activity at all. The body is healing terribly, but it's healing. We'll keep it aliv…"

Her cell phone rang and she automatically flipped it open and held it up to her ear, "yes?"

"Yes, he's awake."

She gave an awkward smile before answering again, "I know, it is a mir—,"

"Now? Why can't you just tell me here?"

"Okay, okay, I'm coming!"

She groaned, getting out of her crouch, "I have to go…we have another shirt over there for you because…your other one...died," she laughed, "I'll be back in like twenty minutes, can you survive?"

I nodded.

"That's great, can you stand?"

I nodded again.

"Not much into talking, huh? I hope you feel better soon."

The door shut gently behind her and surprisingly the first thing I wanted to do was stand up.

As soon as I did I felt incredibly dizzy, the floor seemed further away than normal. I took about five steps before unintentionally running head first into the pale white wall. Gaining my balance again, I reached out for the navy uniform sweater and quickly pulled it over my head being extremely careful not to actually touch my head... I am sure I didn't look that great.

Out of curiosity, I glimpsed at my reflection in the girl's window.

I thought I was looking at someone else. Then it clicked. The easiest explanation for my frying brain was that Zack was standing outside the window. Then to back it up, I checked if you could stand outside, this was the third floor…okay, I'm crazy…that's another good explanation, isn't it?

"No, you idiot…that would make us both crazy. I'll say I'm weird, but I'm not crazy."

When I heard his voice, I screamed.

"Glad Cissnei's gone, I was getting tired of sitting in the corner of my own brain waiting on you to make a connection," he groaned.

I crossed my arms; Zack crossed his arms. So Sephiroth's 'challenge' was to make me schizophrenic, huh? Well it worked; I'm talking to myself! Well, not in that sense…how would I state that if I was talking to me but it's not me?

"Crazy…" Zack suggested, "You are, but I'm not."

"How do you call yourself that if you're the "little voice in my head?" I asked.

"My head," he corrected, "My brain, my rules!"

"How come I have more control than you do then?"

"You got the 'challenge' not me," he hissed, "oh, and by the way…" I listened to him laugh, "Cissnei is on the other end of that door over there listening to you—or should I say me—have a full fledged conversation with yourself."

I was silent for a moment.

"Zack is everything okay?" she asked.

"Yeah…I uh…tripped…" I said quickly, "the wall kicked me."

Oh, very smooth, Cloud. So yep, that's chapter 1...So now what are they gonna do now? How are they gonna get Cloud back into his body? Will Zack poke himself in the eye? Find out...later...

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