Chapter 1:

Beep Beep Beep.

"Edward, wake up now!" I yawned.

"Five more minutes please!" He groaned, covering his face with this pillow.

"No Edward we have to get up, todays our first day as normal kids remember? We have to get up so Alice can give us a whole new look." A few months ago Edward and I were tired of the constant paparazzi and people banging on our door. So we decided to try a normal life, try to blend in for once. The tricky part was trying to make sure no one recognized us, so we got Edwards sister, Alice, to help us.

"Fine, fine." He yawned and got up to take a shower.

Knock Knock


I groaned, I wasn't ready for the wrath of Alice...Oh well, I guess I better go open that door before she breaks it down.

"Hey Alice."

"ISABELLA SWAN! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK YOU TO OPEN THAT DOOR!" Alice personally scared me sometimes, but other then that shes the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

"Um...20 seconds?"

"Right and in that 20 seconds I was waiting outside when I could've been doing you hair or makeup!" She explained furiously. Alice might be small but she was one of the strongest girls I've ever met.

"I'm sorry Alice, I"ll be...faster next time." I said. Luckily, Edward came into the room before Alice could start talking.

"Hey Alice."


"Whats wrong with what I'm wearing Alice?" Edward asked confused. I wanted to slap myself in the forehead...How could Edward forget...normal people don't dress in 900 clothing.

"I guess I'm going to go shower now. Alice, work your magic on Edward."

"Gladly." Alice said with an evil grin on her face. Oh, I feel bad for Edward now.


Edward and I made our way to the airport in our new disguises. I have to admit,

Alice did a pretty good job. Edward was wearing a black wig and a regular polo

and shorts. His face was covered with make up. Even though I could hardly

recognize him, he still looked stunning and breath taking. As for myself, I was wearing a red wig and loads of make up on my face. I have to say, she did a REALLY good job. Even I couldn't recognize myself.

"So how long are we staying in Forks?" Edward asked suddenly.

"I was thinking we could stay a few weeks, see how it goes. If it goes well we could stay a few months I guess. I'm not signed on any contract for any movie." I stated.

"Same here, I mean the whole reason were doing this is to take a break from all the madness of Hollywood right?"

"Right." I yawned. I was feeling a bit tired.

"Sleep love, I'll wake you when we get there." Edward wrapped his arms comfortably around me while I cuddled into him.

"Ok Edward" I said as I started to drift into unconsciousness.


When we got off the plane, my father Charlie, or the town police chief came to pick us up. I hadn't seen Charlie since New Years and it was September now, so I was very happy to see him. "Bells! I'm so glad to see you!" He said while giving me a big

"Me too dad!" I laughed while returning my father's hug. I was wondering how Charlie recognized me in this disguise...

"Dad, how did you recognize me?"

He chuckled.

"I'll always recognize me daughter Bells! Disguise or not! Besides, you have my eyes!" He chuckled once more.

"Come on guys, lets get moving!" Charlie said, while leading us to his cruiser.

Charlie showed us to my room and told Edward and I to start unpacking, we would start school tomorrow. One thing I loved about Charlie was that he didn't see me as Bella Swan, one of the most famous people in Hollywood. No, he saw me as Bella, his little girl, which was a good thing considering Edward an I wanted a break from Hollywood.

"Bella, lets get to bed, its pretty late." Edward said while heading over to the bed.

I yawned.

"Ok Edward, I'm to tired to complain. Good night." I snuggled into Edward and drifted off.

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