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Riza sighed as the car drove her back to central, Black Hayate lying on the seat beside her, his head on her lap as she gently stroked his head and ears. She looked down with a slight smile before looking out the window, looking out over the edge of the cliff the drive was carefully navigating, nothing but a steep rocky drop and a forest below.

"Lieutenant, we seem to have a problem." The uniformed officer in the driver's seat informed as he stopped the car. Riza looked over his shoulder, a group of men slowly walking forward from where they blocked the road. Riza pulled her gun out of the harness on her back, for once almost grateful she was wearing civilian clothing, her loose white shirt easier to move in than her heavy uniform jacket.

"Get ready Private." She ordered as she opened her door and stepped out onto the edge of the cliff, a forest not far below, the ground on a steep rocky slope. As she took a step to the side smaller stones crumbled over the edge, bouncing down the slope into the trees below, damn! This is not a good position to be in! She cursed inwardly as Hayate poked his head out the door and looked down with a whine,

"Get them!" one of the men ahead shouted, all of them well built men in casual clothing, all of them probably rebels against the new Fuhrer, Olivier Armstrong, or just as likely people trying to bring down General Mustang, the most popular man with the people right now, and second in line to become Fuhrer. The man Riza looked at, who had shouted, was middle aged with long dark hair and a long black coat, a smirk on his face as he looked at her, "And take special care of the woman!" he added as he licked his lips. Riza gritted her teeth and raised her gun, firing at one of the young man, a blonde man with a scar across his cheek. He tried to dodge, so the bullet missed his heart, shooting through his shoulder instead, blood pouring down his white top as he clutched the wound and glared at her,

"Private!" Riza shouted as she looked at the still closed door of the driver's side, the other three men stopping and laughing as the door opened and the young Private turned to her with a grin, his gun still in the holster at his side as he leaned on the door, a smug look in his eyes as he looked her up and down,

"Sorry Lieutenant, I really can't help you, but maybe you could help us. Tell us everything you know about Roy Mustang, where he lives, where he keeps his important documents, who he knows, everything to help us bring him down." The young man ordered, his green eyes shining in the sunlight as he closed the car door without breaking eye contact with her. In her open door Hayate growled, catching on to the situation quickly as Riza turned her gun on the Private, still wary of the other three men in the area,

"As a traitor when we return to central you will be tried and executed." She said firmly, glaring at him as he smirked, the rest of his friends laughing out loud, one trying to approach from her other side. Riza stepped a little closer to the young Private to allow Hayate to jump out of the car, hearing a cry as her young black and white dog jumped up and clamped its teeth around the man's arm, blood pouring from the wound as Hayate held on.

"Give me the gun." The Private ordered, a flicker of worry on his face as Riza's finger gripped the trigger just a little tighter, his own gun still in its halter. Riza smirked with a dark look, unsettling the remaining attackers; all of them seeing the deadly look in her eyes,

"You've heard of me then." She noted, her long golden locks securely held out of her face by a black hairclip, her hazel eyes steady as ever as she watched the area she wanted to shoot at, also taking in the vague movements of those in the background,

"You were in Ishbal, a sniper, best in the ranks, after the war you were promoted to First Lieutenant serving under Roy Mustang, and then served a while as the Fuhrer's personal bodyguard until the recent rebellion. You're a sharpshooter, the best the military has." He replied, a bead of sweat dripping down his face, Hayate, now back on the ground, blood dripping from his jaws, growled a warning as one of the other men tried to take her blind side, stepping back at the vicious growl he received, but that noise was enough to distract Riza for a split second, her eyes shifting, but in that second the Private lunged, grabbing her gun arm. She fired and caught him in the shoulder, his grip loosening as he fell over the edge of the cliff, but not letting go, pulling Riza with him. Riza screamed as she tumbled, she fell and hit the slope hard, her body hitting rocks as she went. She felt bones crack and cuts open as she fell, grunting as she hit her head and got knocked out.

"You idiots! We needed her!" the middle aged man shouted as he stomped to the edge and looked down, seeing no sign of her or the Private he had bribed to help him, but there was a lot of blood on those sharp rocks, no one could have survived a fall like that, "Damnit! We'll have to find someone else." He added as he turned away, looking back as the dog hopped over the edge and began to pad down carefully, slipping occasionally as rocks came loose. "Leave it! It'll die out here anyway." He ordered as one of his men made to shoot the animal.

"Come on Riza!" Roy grumbled as he paced the office, now on the top floor of the main building at Central, his office right next door to Olivier's, all of his old subordinates working in a closed off section of the same room, but it was late now and they should have all been long gone by now, should being the optimum word. In actuality as he paced his private office Havoc, Falman, Fuery and Breda were in their own office. "Damnit!" Roy cursed as he crossed the room and opened the door, going into the main office to sit with his friends, Havoc sitting in his chair leaning back and looking at the ceiling, cigarette unlit between his lips, Fuery stood awkwardly wringing his hands beside Falman's desk, where Falman was at least trying to make an effort with his paperwork, but his focus was constantly drifting, and Breda sat staring at a large sandwich, which had been sitting untouched for the past three hours. The men looked up and made to get to their feet and salute, but sat back down or relaxed at the wave of Roy's hand. Roy looked at Riza's neat desk with its waiting pile of paperwork, which had piled up during her three-day absence,

"Any word Chief?" Havoc asked as he sat forward and leaned on his desk, his arms folded in front of him, his head lowering to his arms with a sigh as Roy shook his head and sat on the edge of Riza's desk,

"She's overdue…this isn't like her, something must be wrong!" Roy cursed as he looked around, his men nodding in agreement, "For the first two hours I could have excused it as transport trouble, but she hasn't called…she always calls…she's now seven hours late…I shouldn't have sent her!" he continued as he got to his feet and paced once again,

"Chief sit down! You're wearing a hole in the carpet for crying out loud! Look, we…we just need to come up with a plan." Havoc said as he sat up, Roy pausing in his tracks before taking his original place on Riza's desk, which had a few personal items on it, mostly pictures, Maes and Gracia at their wedding, Elysia and Gracia just a few months back at her fifth birthday, then there was one of her with Olivier Armstrong and Rebecca, then Riza and her Grandfather, General Grumman, then was a photo of Riza and Hayate in the park, a photo Roy had taken himself, and there was one of him and Riza at the Christmas ball and there was a group photo taken in the old office, Breda, Falman, Fuery, Havoc, Louis Armstrong, Riza with Hayate in her arms and Roy, his hand stroking the pup's head, this had been one of Maes Hughes many photographs. He lifted the picture of the Christmas ball, her hair was clipped up as usual with the black clip he had given her many years ago, she wore a long black dress that went down to the floor, low cut at the front, but high at the back, a long slit going all the way up her thigh, and he was next to her in his dark blue dress uniform, one arm around her back, the other holding a tumbler of amber liquid, both of them smiling,

"Sir? General?" Fuery asked, his voice laced with concern. Roy looked up from the picture and replaced it on the desk, "Uh, sorry, I was just, you seemed distracted so I thought, um, sorry." He stuttered in apology, bowing his head, Roy smiling at the young man's nervousness, after all these years he still can't come out and say what he feels. Roy thought as he got to his feet,

"I'm alright Fuery…well, there's nothing we can do tonight…you should all go home." Roy said, his tone leaving no room for argument, though they were hesitant to move. Roy watched as Fuery, Falman and Breda left, but Havoc hung back, "Havoc, you too." Roy said,

"Yeah, in sec Chief, I just wanted to say we're all worried, and whatever plan you come up with we're behind you…we'll find her Sir." He replied, snapping to attention, Roy smirking at the young blonde man, glad that he was back on his feet after the homunculus incident, it hadn't been the same working without him. Roy saluted the young man,

"Dismissed." He said, watching the young man turn to leave, "Havoc…thanks." He added as the young man paused in the doorway, his lighter already in hand as he headed out the door. Roy sighed as he was finally left alone, looking up as the door opened once again to reveal an authorative looking women with beautiful long blonde hair and shining blue eyes leaning slightly on a cane with a sword on her belt. "Fuhrer Armstrong." He greeted, snapping to attention,

"At ease General." She replied as she shut the door, leaving them alone in the lamp lit office, the world outside cloaked in darkness. Roy took his place on the desk once more as Olivier perched on Havoc's desk, her cane between her legs as she looked across at Roy, "Talk." She ordered,

"What would you like me to talk about?" he asked with a forced grin, Olivier's glare forcing a sigh of defeat from him, "I guess nothing gets past you." he sighed as looked across at her, "Riza is missing, well, we don't know for sure yet, but she's overdue by seven hours…it was supposed to be a routine mission. I got a tip off from one of my Ishbalan contacts about a possible uprising, I couldn't go myself because I'm too well known, but I thought Riza would be able to get there and back with no problems as a civilian…I think something happened." He explained, Olivier listening and nodded,

"I agree, Hawkeye would have called in." she stated, Roy's expression dropping, though he tried to hide it, for once Olivier's expression softened, only slightly, but it was enough, "Is it too late in the evening to give you your new orders?" she asked as she got to her feet, her back straight, eyes back to their icy glare. Roy got to his feet and saluted,

"No Sir." He replied, lowering his arm and standing to attention, his ebony eyes finding a new life at her words,

"General Mustang, starting as of right now your primary objective is to locate and recover Lieutenant Hawkeye, using any resources and personnel you require. Hawkeye may have vital information concerning the welfare of this nation." She lied; they both knew it was a lie, whatever information Hawkeye had would benefit them on only a small scale, but it wasn't worth a General diverting resources into retrieving, they were both abusing their positions, they knew that, but this was Riza, the best sniper in Amestris, and she was someone special to both of them, "Oh, and Mustang, that request you gave me…as soon as Lieutenant Hawkeye returns you can consider it granted." Olivier added as she left, Roy smirking at her retreating form,

"I'll definitely find her." He swore to himself as the door closed.