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Alice, Rose and I grasped each others hands and walked away from the venue. The venue which held the three most amazing boys I had ever seen. The Cullen Brothers. We stopped in front of a fence near the back of the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto, Canada to wait for our new friends. Before the concert even started we had met other girls there, we had agreed to exchange emails at the end of the concert and meet by the black and green fence.

Now normally I was a quiet person which explains why I had not talked to the other girls like Rose and Alice did. I sat there listening to my iPod as they chatted about the boys' Much Music interview just yesterday. So when the girls came up to my friends and began exchanging emails I leaned against the fence. I pulled my head out of the hustle and bustle of the fans around me and zoned out. It wasn't long before I heard voices behind me.

After moving a piece of fabrics out of the way that was covering a hole in the fence I gasped in shock. There, not ten feet away from me, stood Edward and Emmett Cullen.

"Oh My Gosh," I breathed. The look on my face must have been ridiculous. My mouth was in the shape of an 'O' and my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Just then Edward turned around and grinned at me. His reddish brown hair was wet and he had a large smile on his face. "Hi." He smiled and waved at me.

"H…Hi." I managed to return. I could not believe this. Edward Cullen. The Edward Cullen! Just talked, waved and smiled at me.

I mentally cursed as Rose and Alice pulled my arms and began leading me out to where my car was parked.

"Are you okay Bella?" Alice asked.

"Yeah Bells, you look a little flushed." Rose added in.

"I…I'm fine," I shook my head. I couldn't tell them what just happened they would sure kill me. I decided that this moment was better left untold.

"Miss Swan!"

The voice pulled me from my thoughts. I lifted my head up from my grade eleven chemistry text book and saw that Mr. Banner was standing over my desk. I was caught day dreaming again. But that moment where Edward said 'Hi' to me would never leave my mind. It has been a little over two months since that moment. School started last week on Tuesday. Grade eleven for me this year. The date today was September 9th.

"Sorry sir," I whispered. The blush in my cheeks rose.

"Would you like to tell me what it is you were dreaming about that was so important as to interrupt my lesson?"

"No sir."

"Then I suggest that you pay attention Isabella. This is no way to start out the new school year."

I nodded my head and focused in on the lesson. When the bell rang at 2:30 signaling the end of the school day, I left quickly from the classroom.

"What was all that about?" Alice joined my side. Alice is what you would call an over grown pixie. She has short black hair which frames her face perfectly, and blue eyes. I had known her ever since I moved to Forks in grade nine. She was my best friend by the second day I lived here.

Forks is a small town in Washington. Forks homes about 2000 people. There I attend the only high school. Well actually, it's the only school. The school goes from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and scarily has only 750 kids.

"Nothing," I sighed and turned to open my locker. I smiled when I opened my locker and looked to my door of Edward Cullen posters. What I would do to meet this guy.

I knew everything about him. His birthday, his favorite ice cream, his favorite show, his favorite song to perform, everything, I even know his parents wedding anniversary. Feel free to call me crazy, but I knew it all. As I threw my books into my locker I glanced at Alice's locker next to me. The door was covered in Jasper Cullen pictures. She was just as big as a fan as I was. Rose came up beside us and opened her locker. It was not surprising filled with Emmett Cullen posters.

Rose is in grade twelve, a year ahead of Alice and I. She has long beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Picture a model you would find on the cover of sports illustrated and you see Rose. Almost every guy in the high school section had asked her out. Even a few grade sevens and eights took a chance. But they always get shot down. You see, Rose doesn't date. She is determined to marry Emmett Cullen just as much as I am to Edward.

After collecting our books we walked outside to our separate cars.

"Bye guys!" I smiled and gave them hugs and climbed into my car.

When I arrived home that afternoon I grabbed my Ancient Civilization homework and sat in front of the TV. I turned on the Ellen Degenerras show. And who was on it!? The Cullen Brothers. I pushed my text book over and sat Indian style on the couch, leaning forward resting my face in my hands.

In the short twenty minutes that they were on they had danced, preformed two songs, talked about whom they were dating and other such stuff. Ellen mentioned Edward's new girlfriend, country singer Tanya Denali. From that moment on I made it my number one goal to sit on the couch today and talk to Ellen about my own success into the A- List status.

Now I'm not saying that I have A- List status now, I probably don't even have F- List status. I couldn't wait for the day where I heard my name being called through an arena venue, or on a talk show to millions of people.

It was only a matter of time.

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