The Office: High School

A/N: I can't believe there aren't more High School JAM fics out there.


"So, Pam, are you excited about Beach Day?" Jim asked as Pam got into his car. He looked at what she was wearing and smiled. Some short jean shorts and a tank top. Perfect.

"Not really. I mean… we have to go back to school on Monday."

"Yeah, but you have to admit, we had an awesome summer. I mean, we got Dwight to think that NASA wanted him to go on the next shuttle to Uranus"

"I know, that was awesome. I've tallied the pranks pulled on Dwight this summer and it's the most ever."

"Well, that deserves a celebration." Jim dug through the bag beside him in the car and pulled out a bottle of Tequila.

"Ok, now I'm excited about beach day. I mean, Roy knows how much I like Tequila, but will he ask his older brother to buy me some. No, he'll only get his own shitty beer."

Jim sighed. Roy. If he was dating Pam, he would get her all the Tequila she wanted. "Yeah, well. I'm looking out for you Beesly. What time is Roy coming today anyways.?"

"I don't think he's going to come. He's playing football with the other seniors on the team this year and then they are going to a party. He mentioned something about not wanting to hang out with a bunch of eleventh graders."

Jim smiled to himself. The less Roy was around the better.


"Those are some excellent barbequing skills you got going on there Halpert."

"How did I get roped into doing this anyways. I want to swim.: He whined. He really just wanted to swim with Pam. He could tell that under her shorts and tank top she was wearing a two piece.

"Come on, would you really want anyone else out there making your food Jim?"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Plus, I'll keep you company. Now give me a chicken burger."

"At your service Bees."

Pam stood beside Jim as he barbequed everyone's lunch. They spent their time making fun of Ryan and Kelly as Kelly talked and Ryan tried to get away from her. They also kept a close eye on Dwight and Angela as they awkwardly tried to be a couple.

"I think everyone has eaten Jim. Why don't we go swimming? It's really hot standing next to this grill." Pam suggested, walking over to her beach towel.

"Uhh, yeah… swimming it is." Jim watched as Pam pulled her tank top over her head and then shimmied out of her shorts. He breath caught in his throat. Pam was beautiful.

"You coming Halpert?"

"Uhh, yeah, I'm coming." He said, snapping out of his trance.

Pam slowly crept into the lake. "Holy crap. It's really cold!" When she was about waist deep. Jim ran in and dove in next to her. "Oh, you ass. You got me all wet."

Jim came up from under the water next to Pam. "Hey, you wanted to go swimming." He smiled, his hand poised at the top of the water, ready to splash her.

"Don't you dare." She warned.

Jim moved his hand swiftly, bringing a large wave of water over Pam.

"You're a jerk" Pam jumped on his back, trying to bring him down. Jim held her tight and dove in the water with her.

Any onlooker would assume that the couple frolicking in the lake were in a relationship. That they loved each other. This didn't please Roy Anderson at all, who had shown up to try to talk Pam into leaving this party and come to the senior party with him.

"Pam!" Roy called.

Pam and Jim both looked over. They has just joined a game of Marco Polo that was going on.

"Pam!" He called again, a little louder this time.

"I should go and see what he wants." Pam said.

"Want me to come with?" Jim asked.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea." She answered getting out of the water. Jim couldn't help but watch her.

Roy picked up Pam's towel and wrapped it around her. "Geez Pam. Dress slutty much?" Roy said.

"it's a bathing suit Roy. I think it looks good."

"Well, yeah. You look hot as hell, if you want everyone to think you're easy. I bet Halpert liked it."

Pam ignored him. "What are you doing here?"

"The guys want to see you. You should come to the party."

"Thought it was a seniors party only?"

"Yeah, but you're my girl Pam. You should be there with me. Let's go."

Pam sighed. "I'm busy. Jim and I conned Dwight into singing some song about bears at the camp fire tonight on his recorder."

"You know Pam, I'm getting really sick of this Jim and I shit. Just come with me to the damn party. I'll look like an ass if my own girlfriend would rather hang out with her loser friends than me."

"Fine, Fine. Lets go."

Roy's mood changed immediately. He kissed her "you're great Pammy. Now, grab your stuff. I'll meet you in the car."

Pam grabbed her bag and looked over at Jim. She waved at him before turning around and walking to Roy's truck.