"So Jimbo, you have a date to the homecoming dance yet?" Roy mocked while putting his arms around Pam. She had been sitting with Jim at lunch and Roy had just come to join them.

"I'll probably just find some depressed cheerleader who dumps their football player boyfriend after they lose the homecoming game." Jim retorted.

Pam giggled. The team really did suck. "Well, it's a good thing my Pammy isn't a cheerleader huh? You're a bit of a klutz babe."

Pam's face fell. Roy didn't notice; he thought he was being funny. Jim noticed; he noticed everything when it came to Pam.

"Hey Pam. It's 1243!" Jim said.

"Oh my god, we got to go. We're going to be late." Pam said, moving out of Roy's arms.

"Late for what? It's lunch time."

"Dwight is going to test out his space craft at 1245. We gotta go!"

"Space craft?" Roy asked.

"Well, it's obviously not a space craft Roy. It's just tinfoil and cardboard and possibly a chemical mixture that will hopefully explode in his face. It will be hilarious. You can come if you want?" Pam said.

"No, that's ok. Go have your fun."

Pam walked away quickly with Jim. "You invited Roy to come and watch Dwight?" Jim asked when they were out of Roy's hearing range.

"Well, I knew he would say no. Thought that I would be nice."

Jim laughed as Pam turned around and waved at Roy before turning the corner.

Neither could see his fist clenched so tightly his knuckles were white.


"Did you have fun with Jim today at lunch Pam?" Roy asked, his voice condescending as he drove her home after school.

"What do you mean? The whole class was there Roy. We went to go and see Dwight make a fool of himself." Pam reasoned.

"Whatever Pam. Why don't you go to the homecoming dance with him?" Roy put his hand on her thigh, squeezing tightly.

Pam winced, "because you're my boyfriend Roy."

"That's right Pam, I'm your boyfriend." Roy eased up on her thigh, pulling up to her house. "Are you gonna let me come in this time?" Roy asked.

Pam sighed; she didn't want him to come in. She wasn't in the mood for sex with Roy today. He was angry and would most likely hurt her. But she knew things would get worse if she didn't invite him in.

"Yes. Yes you can come in."


Jim drove home after school. As he stopped at a red light, he noticed a notebook in between the seats. He reached for it. It was one of Pam's sketchbooks. He smiled to himself, put it on the seat next to him and drove home.

When he got home he quickly bypassed his brother who was making out with his girlfriend. He couldn't resist calling to him from the top of the stairs. "If you guys deprive yourselves of oxygen for too long, you'll end up with brain damage!"

He walked into his room and sat at his desk, pulling out Pam's sketchbook. Pam was an amazing artist but was always shy about showing Jim her artwork.

The first page was a picture of what could only be a devil. The top of the page said 'now that you've opened his book… you will surely rot in the fiery pits of hell.' Jim laughed.

He flipped through the pages. Most were of the exterior of the school and different landscapes. There were a few of Roy and some of him playing football. He frowned.

As he got to the back of the book, the picture changed. He was shocked to see that they were of him. All of them drawn when he wasn't looking. Behind him during class, at lunch, in the school courtyard, even doing homework at his desk.

'She's probably just bored when she draws these." He reasoned, then turning to the back page he saw a note written by her Art Teacher. It read:

'Pam, you draw your pictures with such emotion. The soft gently lines you use when drawing the boy in your classes shows that you take great care in your work. I also notice that the pictures of the football player seemed to be a little bit rushed. Try to take your time with every picture. A+'

Jim looked back and forth between the pictures of him and Roy. The teacher was right. He was wondering if there was true meaning to the way she drew. Did she quickly draw those pictures of Roy just to show him that she thought of him?

He shook his head. He had to stop thinking like that. He tried to think about the homecoming dance; of who he should ask. He couldn't go alone. He didn't think of himself as that lame. But if he did go alone, maybe he could get away with a slaw dance with Pam.