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Expect the Unexpected

Staring blankly at her reflection in the small vaniety mirror, Bella sat, unconciously brushing her soft curls. It had been two weeks since she had her official meeting with Prince Edward, and the days that dragged on had taken a crucial blow to her calm and collected demeanor. After that intimate meeting with the prince, Bella, unfortunately, found it easy to avoid him, keeping to her daily chores and keeping her eyes forever plastered to the floors.

However, as the days went on, the task appeared to be harder and harder with Edward constantly trying to get Bella alone. Sighing loudly, and hopelessly trying to get her messy curls under control, Bella finally gave up and donned her new satin robe, a present from Alice. She walked the moonlit halls knowingly now, but she still stumbled here and there. As she rounded a corner towards the kitchens, she somehow lost her footing and began tumbleing towards the cold, hard floor. Bella braced herself for a contact that never came, but instead, a set of strong hands grabbed her shoulders, steadying her.

"Careful, the floors can be a bit slippery sometime." Edward's velvety voice sounded through the small corridoor, causing Bella's breath to hitch instantly. For a moment, all she could imagine was that afternoon in the barn, how is hands seemed so strong, yet so gentle when he touched her, much like they were now. "Bella? Bella, breathe."

She inhaled quickly as a sudden wave a dizziness began to overcome her body. She exhaled quickly, and slowly pulled herself out of his grasp, curtsying quickly. "Forgive me, majesty. I am too clumsy for my own good sometime." She answered, looking to the floor and feeling as though she may loose herself if she looked into his deep, emerald green eyes. She began walking in the direction of her bed chamber, trying desperately to retreat, but Edward, had other plans.

"Please wait," He stated, gently grabbing her arm and pulling her into one of the secluded corridoor corners. "Bella, please, talk to me. I understand why you must hate me right now, but please hear me out." Edward's voice was soft, and almost... loving? Her brow wrinkled slightly as she tried to make sense of this tone, but her eyes still remained averted. He took her chin between his fingers, lifting her face. "I want to apologize for not telling you officially who I am, but please understand, I wanted to get to know you first." He started.

Bella yanked her face from his hands, pushing away from him. "Your highness, surely you are not apologizing to me." she began, her anger growing slightly. "My father has told me of the things that royalty expects from their servants, and with all due respect, sir, I am not that kind of servant." Bella finished hastily, a single tear rolling down her cheek from the sudden burst of anger that coursed through her body. He was pretending to apologize for making his actions known? She shook her head, and began walking away.

"Bella, I would never expect you to be that type of person. My intentions were true, I assure you." Edward started again, his voice stopping her from her retreat. She turned and studied his beautiful, moonlit face. His strong chest moved in and out slowly as he took in a deep breath, his brow wrinkling as if he were picking his words carefully. "From the moment I first saw you, I knew that I had to meet you in an... un-official way. Please, forgive me, but I wanted to know you," he emphasized the word. "Not the the side that is forced to serve." he finished, his fingertips lightly grazing the soft, blushing skin of her cheek.

"Majesty, I..." Bella began.

"Please, call me Edward." He interupted, smiling slightly. Bella was momentarily lost in his smiling eyes, quickly loosing herself in them.

"Edward," she hesitated. "I do not want to cause any trouble for anyone. I am fully aware of the consequenses of..." Bella hesitated, looking to the floor, with a blush covering her cheeks once more.

Edward smiled, once again taking her face gently into his hand. "Bella, I do not know how to put this, but there is something that........... draws me to you. Please do not think me too forward madame, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of meetin before." Edward grasped her wrist, kissing her knuckles tenderly. The sparks that occurred in that very moment made Bella realize something. She was falling in love with the Prince.

Feeling as though that simple gesture was not enough, and longing to taste her lips once more, Edward leaned in slowly, capturing her eyes with his own, and briefly touched his lips with hers.

Bella's heart soared. This man, this prince was giving her, a simple hand maiden, his true affection. Surely he must have felt the sparks earlier. For now, Bella would go on with his little cherade, because she was simply too tired of running away from him. Finding a new found courage, she leaned forward again, capturing his lips once more with hers, causing a low moan to rumble in his throat.

Holding her against the wall, one hand wrapped securely around her waist, Edward lived in this moment. Their kiss seemed to bring forth visions for both of them. For Edward, his vision was of this beautiful woman, standing beside him at his corronation for king, swollen with his seed. Bella's was also somewhat similar, though she imagined a wedding alter. She was brought from her musing as his tongue slipped out to trace a searing line of fire against her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Now it was Bella's turn to moan as his warm, seemingly experienced tongue explored its way around her mouth.

"Mmm, Bella, you taste like heaven, love." Edward breathed as his lips broke from hers and found her soft neck instead. Her hands wound themselves into his bronze locks, as he pressed her harder into the wall wanting to cover every inch of her body with his. They were lost, both of them, in a world of new found love.

"Eh hem." Someone cleared their throat. Bella gasped quickly, bringing her back to the world around them, and averted her eyes to the floor. Her chest heaved as she tried to discretely catch her breath, thanking the heavens above for the cover of dark to hide her growing blush. Edward squeezed his eyes shut tightly, a noise escaping his throat that sounded much like an irritated growl.

"You should be more careful with your evening escapades, Edward." Prince Jasper's sly smirk could be heard in his words. As Edward turned to face the prince, Jasper's eyebrow rose when he caught sight of who had had the prince's attention.

"Out for a midnight snack, Jasper?" Edward asked mockingly.

A slow smile crept across Jasper's face as he began to make sense of this situation. "So this is the young woman who has captured the infamous' prince's heart. I must say, she is beautiful." He turned his gaze towards Bella, who now hid slightly behind Edward. "Bella, you know you have accomplished a feat that no one thought possible." Jasper smiled warmly as Bella curtsied, her face twisted in slight confusion.

"Now Jasper, that is enough from you." Edward said, crossing quickly over to the slightly smaller framed prince, throwing his arm around his neck and chocking him playfully. Bella smiled at this playful side of both princes, but quickly averted her eyes when they finished. Edward laughed as the two straightened themselves out.

"All joking aside, dear future brother of mine, I expect you to keep this to yourself, as I have kept your secret." Edward smiled, taking a moment to look back at Bella, grasping her hand gently with his and rubbing soothing circles onto her palm. "I do not think that the whole palace is ready for this news quite yet."

"As always, your secret will be safe with me." Jasper smiled, nodding his head slightly to the couple in front of him. "Just remember to pick a more.... private place next time. Have a good night." And with that, Jasper walked away, whistling an uplifting tune.

"Majesty, I really must get back to my room." Bella said hesitantly, praying that the blush covering her cheeks had retreated. She was not so lucky.

"My beautiful Bella. Please, do not fret. Jasper is a man of his word. I can assure you that our secret is safe." Edward smiled a charming smile, that took Bella's breath away. "May I escort you back to your bed chamber, milady." His arm extended and she took it slowly, her brown eyes constantly searching the dark corridoors as they walked.

When they reached the large oak door, Edward turned to Bella capturing her lips with his. "Bella, I know this is all so sudden, but I would be honored if you would join me tomorrow, in you free time, at the stables." Bella smiled, but the corners of her lips turned down slightly as she thought still, of the consequences if she went along.


"Edward.." He interupted again.

Bella sighed, then continued. "I must, I can't, I mean... I would love to." She finished. Edward kissed her once more, this one being more gentle than the other, more tender.

"Good night, love." And then he was gone, leaving Bella leaning against the door and watching his retreating figure.

As she turned to enter the room, her eyes searched the hall once more, having a strange feeling that she was being watched. Little did she know, a pair of keen eyes were watching her from a distance.

Mainly this is a filler chapter. Who is our little spy? Find out next week.

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