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I decided to take a Naruto/Negima crossover in a somewhat different direction

Anya's Strong Pactio Partner Chapter 1

In London a little girl of Russian descent with dark green eyes and bright red hair that went down to her legs was working in a fortuneteller shop. She was simply biding her time since closing hours were only a few minutes away and usually no customers came near a shop when it was about to close. This girl however was no ordinary girl she was a mage. Her full name was Anastasia 'Anya' Yurievna Cocolova but people just called her Anya for short.

Anya had graduated from the Magic Academy two months ago and was now working as a fortune teller in London. At first she wondered how people would take a child fortune teller seriously until she realized that she had to use illusionary magic to make herself appear older. Spells like those were rather basic so it was easy for her to cast. So no one knew that a person who seemed to be around her thirties was actually a little girl. She did not graduate at eleven years old from the magic academy for nothing after all.

She then pondered on how her classmate and friend Negi Springfield was doing as a teacher in Japan. In their graduating class he was the star student and one of the youngest graduates in the entire history of the academy at the age of ten. The son of the well known thousand master, he had not only a great aptitude for magic but could also learn spells he was interested in with ease. Needless to say both she and Negi's cousin, Nekane, were surprised by his mission to be a teacher of middle school students in Japan. Negi agreed to it anyway because his reasoning was if he couldn't handle a job like that there was no way he would be a Magister Magi like his father. Anya personally thought that was really flawed logic but to each their own.

Right now she has just entered her own apartment she had gotten with some help from Nekane. She was really grateful to her. She started to sigh, as though she found plenty of books on magic in secret magic shops in London, she really couldn't get any help without the form of a proper tutor. She was sure if Negi had already found one he would already be leaving her behind in the dust and that scared her. She secretly did not want to appear weak in front of him not that she LIKED him or anything, they were just friends.

The apartment was more than big enough for her alone. She could probably get three or four other people to move in with her and it would still be livable. She went to her bed room door and opened it, then gasped there was some sort of thing in the middle of the room she slept in. It seemed to be some sort of portal, though she was sure this wasn't the kind they described in text books because rather than being two dimensional this was more of a sphere shaped portal.

She didn't have any time to ponder what it was even doing here as suddenly a figure flew out at her. Whatever it was and her lips touched for a brief second, then she was knocked to the ground by the figure. Unknown to her at the time a magic circle appeared lighting the area, and when it died down a card of the figure next to her was formed.

A few minutes later she woke up from the floor. She looked at the figure, it was a person with blonde hair, nothing out of the ordinary except for the his jacket and shirt which had a rather large hole in it as if it were punctured by something.

A minute later he got up revealing his blue eyes and sat up on the spot he was laying on previously clutching his head with both of his hands.

"Ow my head it hurts" he moaned.

He looked around frantically as he didn't know where he was or how he got here.

" Who are you? Obviously you are not from around here, as most people don't just warp to other people's rooms. This is my apartment and if you also tell me where your from maybe I can get someone to help you get back" said Anya.

The boy whom was previously too busy with his hurting head to notice before, looked to find the owner of the voice who seemed to be a girl one or two years younger than him. " I am Naruto Uzumaki, thirteen years old, and I am from...I am from...from..."he paused.

Where was he from? Now that he thought about it he only knew of his name, age and fighting techniques that he learned. Where did he come from? That was something he would now like to know himself. All he could do was scratch his head and give a sheepish smile.

"Naruto Uzumaki huh? So other than that and a few other things you don't remember anything about yourself?" Anya asked him rather angrily.

This is not how she wanted to have her first kiss. She wanted it to be someone she liked rather well, not some random stranger who flies out of a strange looking portal in her bedroom. She would rather have someone she had known and possibly love to her first kiss. Suddenly Negi came to mind.

"Arghh, why am I thinking of that idiot right now?" she screamed mostly inwardly at herself.

Further more how was she going to deal with a mess like this right now.

"Hey, um, what is this thing? And why does it have me on it?" Naruto spoke up.

It seemed to be on the floor near him so why not pick it up.

Anya who somewhat vaguely remembered the lecture on pactios quickly looked up. "G-g-give me that!" swiping the card from the boy whom was confused even further.

Quickly scanning the card she placed it somewhere where it would be safe. Anya quickly decided that she was going to have take a visit to her hometown which was back in Wales of course. She needed to see the Headmaster as soon as possible to get possible feedback on what to do. She quickly explained to the blonde haired boy on where they would be going.

"So we are going to your hometown?" Naruto asked " So we can possibly get help there from some people as you have powers most people don't have but the where you came from it is full of people with these special powers?".

"Yes, you see I am what people call a mage" Anya explained "As such I can do many things ordinary people can not do. I show you what I mean when we get to my hometown tomorrow".

Naruto just shrugged, really not knowing what to believe and decided to sleep somewhere on the floor as it seemed this little girl was a good person at heart. Anya went to bed as well this recent event having made her tired.

The Next Day...

Both Naruto and Anya were taking a special bus for mages as not everybody knew where certain places for mages or those exposed to the magic world are. Both of them were currently sitting together.

"Oh what cute little couple" one passenger whispered to another.

Upon hearing this both Anya and Naurto blushed. "No we are not a couple, He is my retarded cousin whom was currently left in my care" said Anya through a strained smile. Her comment earned a glare from Naruto as she had just insulted him.

"Uh, little miss could you please sit back down, the bus is still in movement"the bus driver said.

Anya quickly sat back down realizing her little outburst had caused her to stand up, while Naruto just snickered at her. Needless to say she was embarassed by it. She looked at her blonde companion who had already stopped his snickering and was currently facing out the window. She had been wondering where he had got those whisker-like scars or marks on his face. The seemed to be etched onto his face. She also wondered if he could harness ki or magic like many other magically aware people. Could he have been a mage like Negi or herself and botched up some kind of warping magic ending up in her bedroom of the apartment she lived in. Perhaps he could use ki as well? Where did that rather gigantic hole in his shirt and jacket come from? These really were all questions currently on her mind.

" Um your name is Anya right?" He asked "Is there a reason you live by yourself or something?".

Anya decided to tell him all about her graduating the magic academy and the different tasks many were given to further train themselves. Hers was to be a fortune teller in London, though she also told him that she was making very little progress with furthering her magic capability.

"This is the end of the line for my bus stops" the driver suddenly announced.

Both Anya and Naruto got off the bus. "So this is your hometown huh?" Naruto asked though it sounded more like a statement as he looked over the town.

"Yes, I will give you a tour later, first we have to go to the place we will be staying and explain the situation I—er I mean we're in"Anya explained "I've already came here announced so I'll have to explain to the person whose house we will be staying in".

They walked until Anya finally stopped at a house ringing the doorbell. A rather pretty blonde woman with blew eyes came out. Though Naruto immediately took note that her legs were artificial.

"Oh Anya! What a surprise! I didn't know you would be coming" Nekane said rather surprised.

" Greetings Nekane, I came here because of rather special circumstances and would like to see the headmaster"Anya quickly explained.

"Well your always welcome here but next time please do tell me when you are coming so I can get ready"Nekane said sweetly "Please also tell me if your bringing a friend along. Also the headmaster won't be back until very late tomorrow so until then let's take your new friend shopping for clothes as his current attire looks rather worn out".

Naruto looked at the clothes he was wearing it was in RATHER bad shape. He felt even so, he couldn't part with it as wearing different clothes might make him a different person as they felt like a part of him.

"Please Miss could we also repair this jumpsuit. It is now one of the few things I have left of the Past I now have forgotten." pleaded Naruto.

"Of Course!" Nekane gave him a smile "Not only does it seem to be a part of who you are but you are one the few people who can pull of looking quite decent in an orange jumpsuit. We can even make extra sets of that Jump Suit you are wearing not just repair it by going to the town tailor".

Naruto cheered inside, finally someone who understood his love for orange. Hurray!!

After eating the dinner Nekane made both Anya and her new Pactio partner went to bed. She just hoped nothing would go wrong during their stay here.

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