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Anya Strong Pactio Partner Chapter 4

Neither side made a move yet waiting for the other side to show their moves so that they could be quickly countered. It quickly became apparent though that neither side was going to give in and attack first. Until…

"Chestohooooh!!"roared Su Lun as a aura of ki enveloped him.

"Ultima Naruto ramen mage" Naruto chanted his activation keyword to use spells.

Everyone on both sides except the two releasing their power sweat dropped. 'These two really are just itching to battle aren't they' thought each boy's comrades, from both sides thought 'The world is not only too small but also full of battle happy idiots'.

"Well I'll get ready to battle too since those two are already about to go out it" commented Maria "Gaia et Temptest, Adam et Eve". (1)

"Hmph I was already ready, as being part of the famed Dove clan, I need no activation key words. I just need to further harness and refine my ability of being a magic swordsman in order to become stronger. That's why I came to the old world to train. Then I can be an accomplished warrior among my people" said Marcus.

Sonia closed her eyes as a mix of ki and magic engulfed her. She looked at her comrades and said "I'm ready to battle!".

"All right I'll go with Naruto to fight that Su Lun guy. Something tells me he is the strongest of the bunch. The rest of you pick your fights and engage with caution you hear me! Taking down the leader is the most important step to defeating an enemy" Marcus ordered.

They all nodded with Anya confronting the older girl wearing Shinto priestess clothing.

Suddenly five Narutos surrounded Su Lun after the blonde haired boy made some signs with his hands. To say the least Su Lun was surprised he hadn't expected anybody to know the shadow clone technique outside of the far east countries of Asia. Even then usually only people in Japan knew of the technique. These clones however, seemed to use a different sort of energy rather than ki, and it certainly wasn't magic. 'Just what is this guy' thought Su Lun.

Suddenly, one of the Naruto clones rushed in immediately not really caring if it would be dispelled or not. Su Lun jumped and kicked the clone in the face. After that clone was taken care of he immediately heard charging footsteps signaling two people were attacking him from behind so Su Lun immediately pivoted and gave them both palm strikes to the chin making them fall over. After defeating those three clones Su Lun heard three poofs.

'Just as I thought' Su Lun pondered 'These clones are certainly different than the ones made by ki. It also seems to have different properties as well and with those properties come different uses for the technique"

As Su Lun was in deep thought about his opponents technique Naruto decided to take advantage of the situation sending his last clone to beat up the Chinese martial artist. The clone punched Su Lun in the face knocking him back a little but to retaliate, Su Lun took the clone by the fist and slammed it into the ground. Thus another poof was heard.

'I'll just concentrate on fighting' thought Su Lun as he looked to the boy who's clone attacked him 'That's what I'm best at anyway'.

Unfortunately for Su Lun he did not notice the other boy, Marcus Dove, coming up from behind him.

With Anya

Anya and her opponent, the so called Shinto priestess, were currently having a stare or glare off at one against each other. Well at least Anya was, the eastern magi looked like she could care less. Why was Anya glaring at the older girl you ask? Well the girl's breast while not big, the priestess was certainly not flat chested either. To Anya, any girl with noticeable breasts was an enemy of hers. 'Except Nekane' thought Anya mentally as Negi's cousin was the only exception in her book.

"Aren't you worried about your comrades?" asked her opponent.

"No, I have faith in them. It's the same for you isn't it?" Anya shot back.

Looking over to see Su Lun fight the blonde haired boy, Rika knew that the time for idle chatter was over. She turned to her opponent who seemed to be ready and be glaring at her and seemed to be more than ready to fight. Could this small child defeat her? Maybe but then again this girl seemed to be a fresh mage right out of the academy. Before Rika opened up her sash of talismans however, Anya had already started her spell.

"Fortis La Tius Lilith Liloth"(2) Anya chanted "Sagitta Magica series triginta septem!"

Thirty seven arrows of flame charged up around the eleven year old mage and then shot out very much like in a way similar to the Macross missile massacre attack. For Rika, dodging them all would be impossible due to her speed. Thus three to four flame arrows hit Rika. However the flame arrows revealed to have done nothing as the would be priestess was unharmed at all as she revealed a talisman in her hand which quickly shred to pieces. This made Anya deeply frustrated.

"Well it's a good thing I packed a weak barrier talisman spell" Rika commented.

"Otherwise I would have been burned by those flame arrows. You sure did conjure up quite a few magic arrows even though you didn't know about your opponent. Now however, I believe it is my turn to take on the offensive role" Rika said as she held up three talismans in one hand.

Back to the battle with Su Lun

Su Lun felt a sensation as if someone was behind him and telling him that he should dodge but it was already too late as Su Lun was knocked through a wall out of the library. Su Lun got up and found him self outdoors. He was bleeding a bit on the chest but it would stop. After all he did have one durable body. He felt yet another feeling saying that he should dodge and this time he happened to jump and get away on time. As he landed he saw the white haired kid who was older than the blonde haired kid but younger than him standing where he was. With a sword engulfed in fire no less.

Marcus pointed the sword at Su Lun. He did not need words, not at all, not when slaying what was to him some foul rouge. Marcus came charging again at the Chinese martial artist this time his sword was no longer aflame as keeping his sword engulfed in flame took magical energy. He had his sword up and swung it downward as soon as he was sure it could cleave Su Lun in half. Instead what he got was surprise as the older teenager stopped the incoming blade with his bare hands. 'Damn' thought Marcus 'He's strong but let's see how he handles this.

"Sagitta Magica series viginti unus" said Marcus with the twenty one arrows quickly charging up and shooting out in just a matter of three seconds.

Su Lun jumped out the way at the last moment not taking the brunt of the attack but it was too late to avoid all of the attack as he was knocked down to the ground by the three arrows that hit him.

"Huh I was careless, I stopped the sword with both of my hands but then you quickly chanted a spell that activated really fast" Su Lun commented " I noticed though those magical arrows were those of the light element. So that mean you have fire, light… Any more techniques I should know about?"

"I am not about to tell a ruffian like you!" Marcus shouted angrily.

"Fair enough" the older Chinese teenager said.

The older boy charged his right palm full with ki and hurled it towards his opponent. Marcus leaped into the air the blast missing him and now with the blade of his sword again adorned in flame he closed in towards his opponent, with him holding his sword straight above him ready to do a vertical slash that would cleave his opponent in two. As he neared his target and was ready to perform an attack that would most likely kill his opponent, he gasped. Su Lun's left hand was also charged full of ki as Su Lun with his left arm stretched launched the blast of ki towards Marcus. Marcus being in the air could not dodge and only raised his sword to block the incoming wave of ki. The blast of ki knocked Marcus back, making him hit the ground hard and dropping his sword in the process.

'Another fight won for me' thought Su Lun as he walked away from the site where he defeated Marcus. Since he was feeling uppity by his victory he was unprepared for what happened next. Out of nowhere someone kicked in the back Su Lun sending him back a meter a so toward another figure clad in familiar orange attire who punched The Chinese martial artist in the gut making him stumble backwards. Then a shadow descended upon Su Lun hitting him on top of the head. As Su Lun looked to see who the culprit was he found the blonde haired kid with strange whisker like marks standing there with a confident grin on his face.

"I had forgotten about you" Su Lun bluntly stated to the kid he was fighting from before.

Naruto now was in a stance ready to fight after 'lawn head' pretty much stole the battle he was fighting from him. Naruto quickly went through the hand seals for his shadow clone technique making thirty clones to combat his very physically strong opponent with.

"Attack!!" cried out Naruto.

Ten clones took the left, another ten took to the right and the remaining ten attacked the older teenage boy head on for a distraction for the other twenty.

Su Lun did a leg sweep for the first clone that made it charging at him tripping the poor clone to the ground face first. Then another one came for him, as it performed a punch, Su Lun grabbed the clones wrist and with a spin threw it towards another clone knocking them both down hard. The next clone, infuriated by how easily the martial artist in front of them handled them, attempted to kick Su Lun in the gut but this time the Chinese teenager grabbed the poor clone by it's lower leg. Instead of just throwing the clone as he did last time when he grabbed a hold of one, he used this clone as fly swatter to knock down four other Narutos which didn't know what hit them or rather they knew, they just couldn't do anything about it. With that eight poofs were heard as the clones dispersed.

A shadow closed on to where Su Lun was standing, it was the ninth clone part of the first group sent to attack him. It was in the air now hoping to strike Su Lun on the head. Just about when it neared the range it could hit the martial artist on the head. A sudden palm strike launched this Naruto into the air. Su Lun jumped up in order to deliver a kick to the air borne clone to the and the kick connected with Lun's foot still hard pressed against the clone's gut all the way to the ground forming a small crater.

Su Lun then jumped out of the small crater formed the impact and just as he landed someone performed a leg sweep on him causing him to fall forward. The teenage Chinese Martial artist turned his head to see the culprit to see the tenth Naruto clone jumping up and kick him while he was still on the ground. However as Marcus learned, the clone of Naruto was about to learn the hard way the being in mid air is a bad idea when you don't fly. A glow of energy on Su Lun's right hand manifested as he rolled on to his side. As soon as the clone saw what Su Lun was about to do it was already to late. A ki burst blasted the clone out of the air and on to the ground hard thus dispelling it.

With Anya

Anya faced three ogre like demons summoned by the woman named Rika. They were ugly and wore armor. They all had different weapons for battling, one had a blunt weapon, another had a sword, and finally one had a spear.

Currently Anya was dodging their attacks. Some of the strikes came close to smashing, cutting or piercing her. She barely got away from those with a scratch. Right now she had to keep moving until she could formulate a plan of some sort. A part of her though was afraid is this what happened during the time demons attacked the town she and negi grew up in? She had been away at the time so she didn't know the details; all she knew is that Negi started to study rather vigorously, after the whole ordeal as he once said it was his fault that the demons came. Those that attacked the village several years ago were probably much more powerful than these three chasing after her though.

'Now this is the time to trap them' thought Anya as she looked at a chandelier hanging over head in front of her.

"Sagitta Magica series unus!" shouted Anya.

The demons did not flinch at the single arrow that Anya formed. They even laughed when they saw arrow go upward.

"What's a matter little girl?" one ogre goaded "Are you so exhausted now that you can't control your own power?"

Anya just smirked and hoped away backwards to be a safe distance from the rather large chandelier that was about to fall. The ogres however were going at their own pace believing that they had cornered their target. Then the chandelier fell on them. Unfortunately though, even with a chandelier falling on them the ogres were still there. Anya knew that Eastern summons would not disappear unless they were called back by the user, accomplished their objectives, or accomplished their objective. So it seemed one last spell was in order.

"Evocatio Spiritualis de tredecim Salamandris Lancerfis…!" Anya chanted. (3)

Anya walked back to where the priestess was and smirked. "It looks like your goons and perhaps trump cards were no match for me" she said triumphantly.

"Now its time to finish you off. Sagitta Magica series—"Anya was cut off by a lighting that launched out from four sides of the room as well as from above where the ceiling is.

"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Anya cried out in pain.

"Those ogres were far from being my trump card; in fact they were just diversions to distract you some. This lighting spell which I haven't fully mastered is my trump card. It's called the lighting Prison spell. A master of it can throw the talismans or perhaps even move them using ESP so that the target will be trapped. Thus you are trapped as talismans discharge lighting electrocuting you. However for me I can only set it as a small scale trap hence why the ogres where needed for a diversion, and I could only set up five talismans. After all I am not a hand to hand combat mage" explained Rika.

"Still up are you?" asked Rika as she took another talisman and transformed it into a blade like weapon made out of the talisman paper.

She then using the talisman weapon she had formed hit Anya with the blunt side causing the girl to fall lying on her front side.

'It can't end like this…" thought Anya desperately 'It just can't end like this…'

Naruto and Su Lun's Fight

The remaining twenty Narutos were either on the left or right of Su Lun. They could attack and gang up on the older teenager's left and right side. For sure this might be hard battle for the Chinese martial artist. After all the original Naruto seemed to be biding for time, so they would do their best to stall until the moment was right for the original to attack.

Su Lun of course knew the obvious already that ten Narutos on both sides were getting ready to attack him. Thus he took a position where his arms were fully stretched out palms faced towards both groups of clones who had began charging at him. Su Lun inhaled then exhaled a large "Haaaah!".

Two large ki blasts were let loose from Su Lun's palms wiping out half of the clones on either side of him. Those not dispelled were immediately dazed making Su Lun quickly take advantage of that fact as he rushed toward the clones left of him. He proceeded to decimate those clones as he gave a chop to one and a kick to another. Four out of the five didn't even put up a fight being disoriented from the blast. The one that did try to fight him could not put up a decent fight alone and thus quickly dispatched. Then he turned around to go to the other five clones.

"All right now I am ready to come after you Su Lun!" a voice out of no where said rather loudly.

The young teenage man who the voice called out to in question was looking around for the source of the voice that is until he finally found who had been talking to him the whole time. Standing there some meters behind him, with a grin on his face was none other than the original Uzumaki Naruto.

"Sagitta Magica series triginta duo" chanted Naruto.

Thirty two arrows launched towards Su Lun who was hit by some of them. Then the clones which were left immediately rushed in towards Su Lun while he was distracted . Su Lun though a bit injured by Naruto's attack was by no means incapable of fighting as seen when he punched on of the clones hard in the chest causing yet another clone to hit the ground rather hard. The other three clones put up a valiant effort but they too were soon dispelled.

'Wait a minute there were only four and I'm pretty sure there were five of those clones' thought Su Lun 'So where is the last one?'

The real Naruto and the last clone were forming a blue ball of energy out of the immediate sight of Su Lun. After it was formed it was decided both of them, the real Naruto and the shadow clone would rush Su Lun together. As soon as they were mid way to Su Lun spotted them, and launched a ki blast toward them. The clone jumped in front taking the brunt of the attack. As Naruto got close Su Lun tried to round kick Naruto so naruto jumped with his whole body stretched. Then Su Lun pushed him down and to the side in an attempt for the attack not to connect. All this caused however was for the blue ball of energy to hit the side of Su Lun's abdomen instead sending him back a few meters. Naruto when over to where Su Lun was to check to see if the older boy was down for good. Apparently it wasn't so for as soon as Naruto could see Su Lun close up, a hand shot out and grabbed Naruto by the collar of his orange jacket.

"You did well kid" complimented Su Lun "But the fight is mine not yours and that extends to our respective groups".

"No your wrong we won't lose, and I won't give up. I will defeat you one way or another. I have faith in my comrades and especially my partner" Naruto declared.

Su Lun in response decided to slowly charge up his free hand of ki. The kid might lose his resolve if threatened at being blasted at point blank range. If not, he would do just that, blast the kid with his gathered up ki at point blank range.

Back To Anya

She was still on the ground after the priestess had performed her attack on her as she heard Naruto's rant. 'Huh that idiot' she thought 'He's so stupid, he's even a bigger fool than Negi for crying out loud. Yet he's just as determined if not more. I also need to keep fighting for his sake after all I'm his partner'.

"Ex…Somno…Exsistan…Exurens… Salamandra…Inimicum…Involvet Igne" Anya muttered so Rika couldn't hear her chant until it was too late "Captus Fammeus". (4)

Suddenly what seemed to be a rope of fire manifested itself and started to wrap around the would be priestess. It seemed as if that little fire mage girl still had some fight in her left. She needed to, at this moment, escape this rope made out fire which was burning her. She reached for her sash which contained her talismans as she could most likely still reach them even when tied up like this.

"Calefaciens Disarmatio!!" Anya called out.(5)

Suddenly the sash Rika had been reaching for heated up and went into flames. Thanks to the disarming spell Anya used. The priestess who had her back to the red haired girl nervously tried to look back to see what else the little fiery mage was about to do.

"Sagitta Magica Convergentia undecim!!" Anya exclaimed.(6)

Eleven fire arrow bolts formed around Anya and charged up. As they shot out however instead of going all over the place, they all condensed into one single powerful bolt. It launched toward the priestess back who was knocked forward while being somewhat burned on her back. Anya collapsed shortly after incanting the final spell she had performed being exhausted causing the ropes around Rika to disappear. Both sides for this battle were out.

'I did it' thought Anya 'Even though though my fight ended in a draw. Managed to incapacitate my opponent. I hope everything is going well for Naruto as well'.

With these final thoughts Anya fell unconscious.

End chapter

Well there is another chapter out you guys. I worked hard on this one. Well I guess you could argue otherwise but Hey I'm trying right. I am doing the best that I can. The fighting will fully end next chapter and so will part 1 of this story. Also I will be doing a bleach/Naruto crossover that will be coming out the same/near time that chapter 5 for this story comes out.

1)Maria's activation keyword

2) Anya's activation keyword

3)A spell that summons spirits. Like how eastern mages summon lesser demons to do their bidding, westen mages call upon spirits. In this case it is lance wielding salamanders

4)A spell that casts a rope made of flame to bind the target.

5) One of the many disarming spells in the World of Negima

6) substitue series with convergentia and you get arrows that fuse into one larger bolt instead of them scattering all over the place.