Author's Notes: Gargoyles is the property of Disney, Buena Vista, etc. An explanation of Katharine's lack of courtesy towards the gargoyles in "The Awakening: Part 1," for I don't believe "Long Way To Morning" fully explained....

Evil Overlady

993 A.D.

Katharine gripped her father's hand in hers, brushing a strand of silver hair back into the mass of brown.

Eyes cracked open to look at her weakly.

She allowed a sliver of a smile to cross her face.

"Princess," a quiet voice came from behind her. She let the gentle hand on her shoulder guide her away and dabbed a handkerchief at her eyes.

"Will he be well again?"

Pale blue eyes looked down at her. "I fear not even my magic can save him this time. Katharine..."

"I wish a moment alone with him, Magus."

"As you wish..."

Katharine turned and faced her father as people departed from the chamber.

* * * * *

"So marks the end of the alliance," the captain of the guard mumbled bitterly.

Goliath watched the window silently.

"She's never agreed with her father's strive for peace," his angel love added.

The gargoyle leader watched as the young woman knelt beside her father. "It is unwise to judge one so quickly. ...I believe the princess cares very much for her father." He turned to them. "We should give her the same chance her father has given us."

"At what price?" his love challenged.

"Hopefully, none at all."

She eyed him.

Princess Katharine emerged from the shadows, head bowed, hurt. "He wishes to speak with the leader of the gargoyle clan."

The Magus stood at her side, sympathetic.

Goliath approached her but she would not meet his gaze.

"I'll be in my chamber," the princess whispered to the Magus, and she rushed off before the tears could fall.

The prince should've let her stay. Goliath stifled a growl. He was a dying man. It was best to obey his wishes no matter how wrong they may be...