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Chapter One: Welcome to the Life of Me...

By clicking the previous link shows that you want to know my story. Congrats! Well what can I say, I just moved from Hongō to Bunkyō, Tokyo thanks to my otou-san's new job. I barely started the first four months of my last year of high school and now I have to go to another school. Heh, I at least don't have to pay the tuition, because if I had to, there would be no freaking way that I would be able to afford it. I barely survive with the amount of allowance I get.

Let me explain to you why. First, it's just me, my otou-san, and two sisters. I have an older sister who currently is in here first year at the University of Tokyo. My younger sister is in her second to last year in middle school. My okaa-san, you may ask? Well, she left us when I was seven years old. No she didn't pass away but she and my otou-san got divorced.

Tragic, you may think. Well it's a yes and no thing. The only tragic thing is that I didn't grow up to be a "Girly-Girl", and that is tragic through my otou-san's eyes. When my okaa-san was around, I used to be girly, but now I am just a plain tom-boyish girl that likes to wear comfortable clothing and hardly any makeup. My nee-san, Kazumi, used to be a tom-boy but has now converted into the evilness of makeup. She even converted Fuka into makeup and she is barely in middle school! Evil I say. I just use chapstick and perhaps eyeliner once in a while, but only for special occasions.

Right now we are getting accustomed to our new home. Since my otou-san gets paid way more than before, we have a house that allows us to have our own bedrooms. Some say that it is a blessing from Kami-sama to be given this new lifestyle and luxury. Me, I think it's a load of bull. I actually liked my old lifestyle. All I had to do was go to school, come home, clean and do school work. It's the same thing, but we are going to this school where there is nothing but pure rich, spoiled snobs.

Oh, I forgot to mention the job that my otou-san got. Well before he used to be a supervisor in a dye house were they do clothing and junk. Now he got hired by some company that sells really popular clothes. I forgot the name, but I do know that the name Hitachiin is involved. Eh, who cares. All I know is that his boss is actually going to pay for me and my siblings' tuitions.

"Oi, Setsuna! Get in here like A.S.A. Fast!! We're going to have a family meeting." Kazumi called out from the living room.

"I heard ya. I heard ya." I mumbled as I walked out of my room and down the stairs. Seriously, why do we have to do this?

I walked into the living room and say my family. My otou-san, was sitting on the couch along with my two siblings. Otou-san, who's name is Kenji, has dark brown hair, with a little bit of grey hairs all over the place. He is about forty-three. Yeah, he seems old but he isn't, well kinda. On his left was Fuka.

Now Fuka, who is thirteen, looks a tiny bit like I do, but I don't see the resemblance. She has long dark, dark brown hair, that looks black sometimes, that goes down to almost her waist and super dark brown eyes that look black if you look at it with a glimpse. The sad thing is that she is almost as tall as me. I am 5'8 while she is now 5'7. I was depressed for a week when I found out.

Lastly, there is Kazumi, who is nineteen. She is the short one out of us being 5'6. She currently has black hair that reaches past her shoulders, but her natural color is brown, and light brown eyes. She has the left side of her nose pierced with a stud and three piercing in each ear, except on her left ear there is an industrial piercing which looks cool.

"Okay, what's this meeting about?" I asked as I sat on the floor. "I got stuff I want to do online and all."

"This meeting is about everything, well not everything." Otou-san began. "Kazumi, you are going to continue your education at the university. That means you are going back to the dorms tomorrow morning."

Kazumi nodded a yes. Otou-san looked at Fuka and said, "Fuka, you are going to middle school at the new school. There is a uniform requirement so you and Setsuna are going to get them tomorrow."

Fuka smiled and nodded her head as he continued, "Setsuna!" I looked at him. "You are now in your final year of high school. Make otou-san proud! You are going with Fuka to get your uniforms. Since tomorrow is a Friday, you shall go to the school, get uniforms, and come back. Why, you may ask? We are having dinner at my boss' house since she has invited us."

"Eh?" I questioned. Seriously when your mind goes off into its own world, you really get lost. All I got was school, uniforms, and dinner. Damn dinner does sound really good right now.

"Idiot." Kazumi said. I swear she is the bully of the family. Grr.

"I'm not an idiot, you damn airhead. Seriously, who the hells says 'A.S.A. Fast'?! It's 'A.S.A.P.' Stupid!" I told her off. Man she really pisses me off but I can't do crap 'cause she can kick my ass.

Otou-san just sighed and rubbed his temples with both his hands. We get into lots of arguments over stupid things, but hey, we're sisters and that makes it our job. Fuka just laughed at the comment, "'A.S.A. Fast'. Man that's hilarious."

"Enough!" We stopped arguing and looked at otou-san. "Can we please have a civilized conversation? Thank you. Okay, so that is the end of our meeting. Don't forget Setsuna and Fuka, go the school by three in the afternoon. I'll leave you the directions in the morning."

"Got it." We all replied. Once the meeting was over, we all went back to what we were doing. Fuka went back to watching T.V.; Kazumi went back to talking on the phone; and I went back to my room.

I walked up the stairs and headed to my door. On my door was my name written out in black and shadowed with a silver color. Opening the door, I found my heaven. My room was painted a green color. It was bright, but not bright enough to blind you. All over the walls, I had posters up of bands from here in Japan and from the U.S. and I had movie and anime posters as well.

I jumped on my bed that had a blue comforter and blue and green pillows. Lying down, I looked all over my room. The bed was in the left corner of them room. I had a closet, where I hanged my shirts, jeans, jackets, sweaters, and the occasional dress or two. On the closet floor were my shoes. Yes I know that most families would have places to place your shoes and all, but I carry my shoes up to my room. Why? Because those two demon-of-a-sisters would take my shoes and then I would be shoeless. When the door is closed, I have a full length mirror.

Next to my closet door was a drawer where I have my undergarment, pajamas and socks. On top of the drawer, I had my deodorant, hair brush and all this random junk that I place there. Right next to that is my little hamper where, of course, I put my dirty clothes. Right next to my bed is my desk. There I have my laptop, which my okaa-san bought for my fifteenth/sixteenth birthday, notebooks, sketchbooks, and books that I read for fun. In the drawers of the desk are mostly pencils, pens, markers, color pencils and all the necessities I need for school. Under the desk I have my printer. Next to my bed is a small table where I have a blue shaded lamp and a radio clock that allows me to connect my iPod. My cell phone was also there. I love this room.

I sat up from my bed and turned on my green iPod Nano. System of a Down, one of my favorite Amrtican bands, blasted from the speakers of the radio. Nodding my head to the music, I walked towards the mirror to look at myself. My hair is black that reaches the bottom of my neck and has various layers. My eyes are a brown color and I have a beauty mark on the left side of my cheek, just an inch away from the curve of my lip. Heh, reminds me of that one American actress Marilyn Monroe. Rihanna now played as I kept on examining myself.

I could pass as a boy, if I wanted to, but the fact that my chest size is a C cup, I can't. My body is alright. I have some muscle since I used to dance and I would lift some of the girls to do stunts. My hips are a little bigger than most girls; apparently it is said that the bigger the hips, the less painful it would be when I have kids. My butt is also a bit larger than other girls. And I'm a bit tan thanks to all the sports I play with friends and my two sisters.

'Jeez, I am acting like Kazumi-nee right now.'

I walked away from the mirror and headed to the drawer to take out some shorts and a tank top to sleep in. I like being comfy and all. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was now ten twenty-eight PM. I sighed and changed quickly, throwing the recent clothes that I was wearing into the hamper.

My black shorts reached me knees and with white tank top passed the waistband of the shorts by just a little. I walked to the laptop and turned it on as I took a seat on the chair. Logging on, the first thing I did was go online and check my email. I wanted to see if I had gotten any messages from any of my friends. There was none.

'Assholes,' I thought. 'I had just sent them a message a day ago and they haven't sent me crap.' I signed off my email account and then turned off the laptop.

I walked out of my room and headed towards the bathroom that was at the end of the hall next to otou-san's room. I walked in, seeing that it was not being used, and closed the door. I did my business and after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I left the bathroom and went downstairs. Heading towards the kitchen, I passed the living room where Fuka was still at.

"Hey, Fuka," she looked up at me. "Shouldn't you be going to sleep now or something?"

"I'll go in a while," was her answer. I just said a simply ok and headed to my destination. Once I was in the kitchen, I took out a water bottle from the fridge and headed back to my room. I closed the door and went back to my bed. Sitting down, I had a large gulp of water and afterwards, I placed the bottle on the table. I crawled towards the desk and pulled out a random manga.

"One Piece it is then." I said as I read the cover of the manga.

This is what I practically do most of the time when I'm at home. It's either read, watch T.V. or movies, play video games or go online. Exciting huh? Hope you detected the sarcasm in my voice. Back in Kyoto it was like this too, but I at least did go out with my friends and all. Now I don't have any friends, yet.

Yup, this is the life of me, seventeen year old Ayase Setsuna. Let's hope that me moving gives me something fun and exciting to do. I just realized otou-san didn't give me the name of the school. Eh oh well, I'll just wait and see.