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Chapter 45: The Rest of Summer

"Since it got moved to another date, how do you plan on spending the rest of summer vacation?" Haruhi asked me as we took our first break from studying.

We were sitting on my bed, eating the ice cream she brought when I began to tell her about the Battle of the Bands being postponed. I shrugged my shoulders as I ate my chocolate ice cream. Now that I didn't have practice, I had more opportunities to do stuff. It still sucked though.

"Well, I know for a fact I am gonna be studying for the college entrance exams. Knowing me, I really need to study a lot. Let's see what else," I paused, biting into the ice cream. "I'm gonna hang out with Anzu and the guys. You are coming with me of course since they want to get to know you. Especially Anzu."

"I'm down to hang out. Just need to do my chores and some studying before I do though," Haruhi told me as she finished off her ice cream.

"Haruhi, this is summer vacation. The one time in which we can relax, go to the beach and hang out before having to go back to our lovely education system. Besides, you're smart as hell."

"I just like studying."

"Yeah that's true," I said while reaching Risu-chan, the stuffed squirrel Takashi gave me. "Just thought I could corrupt you and all. Guess I was wrong."

Haruhi just gave me a blank look. I grinned and started laughing. Spending time with Haruhi has always been relaxing and just chill. We get to talk about whatever is happening in our lives without any interruptions. No Tamaki to glomp us to death. No Hikaru and Kaoru to annoy us. No Kyouya to freak us out. No Hunny to be all cutesy. No Takashi to make-out with. Damn, I miss Takashi and our make-out sessions.

"Wanna help me plan something for my birthday?" I asked Haruhi as I grabbed my cell phone, texting Takashi letting him know that I now have more time to spend with him.

Haruhi nodded her head, "Sure. What are some things in mind that you want to do?"

"I want to have a nice lunch with family. You and Ranka-san are included in this since you're my best friend, of course," I began explaining my plans. "Then maybe later go do something with the Host Club and the band."

My phone vibrated, letting me know that I received a text message. I opened my phone and read the text that Takashi sent me. He's glad that I have more free time now to hang with him and asked what I was doing. I replied back saying that I was studying with Haruhi at my house.

"That sounds like a good plan," Haruhi smiled. "Maybe we can all go to a park and cut a cake there or something. It's simple and with all of us."

"I like that idea. I definitely want chocolate cake for my birthday."

"I'll be sure to remember that. Who are you texting?" Haruhi questioned as she saw me flip my phone open again.


"Eh, so how are things going with Mori-senpai?" She grinned.

"It's going good. We've been talking about going on another date soon," I blushed.

"Do you think he might ask you to be his girlfriend?"

"I don't know really. I mean we've only been on two dates and all. Do you think he may ask?"

"Suna-chan, Mori-senpai is the only one that talks to you in full complete sentences, besides Hunny-senpai. I think that says a lot. Plus, you two have had a crush on each other for quite a while."

"Wait, wait, wait. When did you know that Takashi had a crush on me?" I questioned.

"Hunny-senpai and I had a slight feeling about it after the physical examinations, but we fully came to realization after we had the Egyptian theme."

Damn that was a long time.

"Did anyone else notice?"

"Well, Hikaru and Kaoru figured out that you both liked each other on the same day we did. Kyouya-senpai probably knew since the beginning, knowing him. Tamaki-senpai, I think, started noticing it a few days before your okaa-san's wedding."

"I kinda figured that Tamaki would be the last one to notice," I laughed.

"But the fact is that we all believe that it's gonna happen soon. Did you notice that the Host Club doesn't mind when you two are being couple-y?"

Now that I think about all the things that we have done, there hasn't been any complaints. We don't do it much in front of the others during Host Club hours because of the customers. However, when we are outside of the school, they haven't said anything.

"Haruhi, shut up."

We then decided to go back to studying. Haruhi was studying for her history class and I decided to start looking into what universities I wanted to attend. My top two choices from all of the universities that I have seen was the University of Tokyo and the University of Tsukuba. Both have a lot of excellent programs, considering the fact that I have no idea what I want to study yet. I still have a while before I really need to figure it out, so might as well remain open to multiple options. Plus, Kazumi goes to the University of Tokyo so she can help me figure something out.

Haruhi ended up staying for another two hours. Ranka-san called her, informing his child that he was waiting for her so that the two could have dinner together. I walked Haruhi towards the door and hugged her a see-you-later hug. I told her that I would call and let her know when we were going to hang out the next time. She smiled and headed on her way home. Seeing now that I was alone and waiting for my family to show up, I decided that maybe I could surprise them with dinner. I decided to make a simple meal of grilled fish, rice, and miso soup.

Now cooking is something that I am not extremely well at doing. But seeing that I am turning 18 soon, I think it's time for me to start and trying to cook. Turning on the radio that we have in our kitchen, I prepped myself mentally and got to work. It was about an hour later that I had finally finished cooking. I may have burnt a bit of the fish that I made, but it still looks and smells edible. I started setting up our table and placing all the food when I heard the front door opening. The last thing that I needed to grab was our beverages, but I decided to let them pick what they wanted so instead I went to grab myself some water.

"What smells so good?" I heard otou-san from the living room.

"I made dinner," I proudly said.

"Do you think she might have poisoned it?" Fuka asked.

"You eat it first and then we'll see," Kazumi told her.

My sisters have no faith in me.

They came to the dining room and sat themselves down, after grabbing something to drink. It was a pleasant family dinner; one in which there were no yells, no fighting, and no rude comments. I think we may have broken otou-san since he was babbling to himself how happy he was. We all talked about our days: Fuka spent her day with her friends; Kazumi was with her boyfriend; otou-san was at work, working on the latest clothes. I told them that I no longer had band practice since the date was pushed back and that I was studying for future examinations. All I could say, dinner went off with a hitch.

The Next Day...It's Hot...T-Minus 9 Days Til Birthday

"Curse this heat," I moaned as I laid in bed with nothing on but some black short shorts, a white muscle tee, and my damp hair in a pony tail.

When I first awoke that afternoon, yes I woke up around twelve, I rushed myself to the bathroom to take a cold shower. No, I didn't have a dirty dream. It was just so hot. I forgot how hot it got during the summer, but I love it...sometimes. When I came back from the bathroom I decided that it would probably be a good idea to wear less clothing. I mean, I wasn't planning on going anywhere nor did I have visitors coming. It was a lazy day for me. I should probably pass the time by reading a book or watching a movie off of my laptop. I started moving to grab one or the other, but I gave up and just laid on my bed. The small breeze that was coming in from my open window felt amazing.

"So this what you're doing," I heard a recognizable voice.

Please tell me I remembered to put a bra on. Yes I did. Looking towards my door, I found Takashi leaning against the frame of my door. He was dressed in dark blue jeans and a light grey t-shirt. Still being lazy, I beckoned him into my room with my hand and made a motion to close the door behind him. Following my request, he walked his way towards my bed and sat down on it as I sat up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Thought I would come by and visit you," he told me as he leaned over and pecked my lips.

"I'm surprised no one followed you," I smiled. "No one knows that you're here?"


"Not even Hunny?"

"Not even Mistukuni."

"Well aren't you a rebel," I smirked.

He just raised an eyebrow, "Me? Have you not seen what you're wearing?"

A squeak escaped my lips as he suddenly pinned me onto my bed. I felt one of his hands start moving down from my shoulders, to my waist, my hips, and going downward to my thighs. I could feel my face begin to heat up at the touches that Takashi was giving me. Estrogen levels rising.

His hand returned back to cup my face and he just smirked, "You're the rebel."

"Shut up."

Takashi just chuckled and laid himself down next to me. He scooted me closer so that I was able to lay my head on him. We laid there quietly for a few minutes. The redness that was on my face slowly faded to perhaps a slight pink tint. Well, I can't see it of course, but you get what I mean.

"What do you plan on doing today?" Takashi broke the silence.

I shrugged, "I don't know. I didn't really have anything planned. How about you?"

"Spend time with you," he whispered into my ear.

My face never gets a break.

"What is it that you want to do today?" I snuggled against his chest.

I felt Takashi wrap his arm around me as he spoke, "We can go outside and take a walk. We can go explore. Maybe watch a movie. Or we can just lie here, so I won't have to share the world with you. Just for today."

Seriously, my face never does get a break with this guy. I love it.

"I wouldn't mind spending my day snuggled next to you and I don't want to share you, either," I smiled. "Why don't we call today a lazy date since it's too hot to go outdoors."

A kiss was felt on the top of my head, "Good idea."

"You know," I began as I grabbed Risu-chan, "my birthday is coming up."

"The 13th right?"

"Yup!" I beamed. He remembered my birthday.

"Is there anything in particular you want?" Takashi asked me as he pulled off my hair tie to play with my damp hair.

"Nothing really. I just want you."

"That I can give you."

Stop. Just stop being so perfect.

As we laid on my bed, we began to talk about how we believed the rest of the school year is going to go by. Obviously, the Host Club would have more crazy activities planned. That meant more costume themes, more crazy adventures, more, dare I say it, fun. Believe it or not, but I am really grateful that I bumped into Haruhi on that day when I was wandering aimlessly through Ouran. If I hadn't, who knows who I would have been hanging out with.

"I just had a thought," I said while sitting down after grabbing a bag of gummy worms that was on my desk.

"What is it?"

"Do you think we would have started talking to each other if I had never met Haruhi and joined the Host Club?"

It was something that had came up one random day when I was in my room cleaning. I did have luck meeting Haruhi that faithful day, but what if I didn't? I probably would have befriended maybe one or two of my classmates. Not sure who, but I am guessing that I would have. Maybe I would have hung out with a classmate who attends the Host Club and she probably would have dragged me to an event or something. Fate was on my side that day with Haruhi.

"I would like to think we would have," Takashi said with confidence.

"How so?"

"Mitsukuni would have introduced himself to you and then would introduce me. From there, we would talk as classmates, get to know each other more, and from there see what happens. When I first met you, I thought you were cute."

I smiled, "Really now? When did you start liking me?"

"Do you remember the Cherry Blossom viewing event?" I nodded my head as he asked. With a blush, Takashi continued, "It was around then that I started to like you."

"Aw!" I kissed his cheek.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"When did you begin to like me?" Takashi asked.

I blushed, "My first day of school, after you saved me from Tamaki's death hug."

Takashi smiled and leaned over. I leaned over as well. A sweet kiss was shared between two teens who shared a mutual feeling with one another. We then moved our little date down to the kitchen. Why? Because I started getting hungry. As we came down the stairs, the first thing that we smelled was something delicious. It was Chinese food. The thought of the food that was awaiting me, made me smile like crazy. But the scene that was there as we entered the kitchen made that smile completely disappear.

"You two better hurry before the food gets cold," Hikaru and Kaoru said as they walked back into the dining room.

Takashi and I looked at each other in complete confusion. We walked towards the dining room and that's when we found the Host Club there. Not just them. Otou-san and Ranka-san were present as well. Just what the hell happened while Takashi and I were in my room.

"There you are!" Otou-san smiled, his cheeks were slightly tinted red. "I was just about to send Haruhi-chan to get you two."

"Huh?" I was confused.

"Since Takashi-san came over, I thought that I would invite all you friends over. When I called Ranka-san to let Haruhi know, I thought that he should come as well!" Otou-san explained. "He brought a bottle of sake."

I looked at Takashi with disbelief. He looked down at me and looked completely confused as to what to do with the situation. I don't think we ever get a break at private-alone-date-time.

"Otou-san, Takashi came over because we are on a date-"

"Don't dates take place outdoors?" Ranka-san teased us before clinking his shot of alcohol against otou-san's cup.

"Kids these days," Otou-san then took the shot.

"How do you wanna do this?" I whispered towards Takashi.

We had multiple options at this point. One of them was to just join them and have lunch together. Another was to take our food and go back to the sanctuary of my room. The last that I thought of was to just ditch them and go out. So many options, just which one to choose.

"Do you want to eat here and then we can go back up to your room?"

"Sure," I smiled.

We took our seats across from Haruhi and Hunny. They both looked at us with sheepish smiles, their form of apologizing for interrupting our time. But when I looked back at them, I just shrugged my shoulders and mouthed that it was okay before I began to eat the good food in front of me. Before the Twins were able to start instigating about what we were doing up in my room, I was extremely glad that Otou-san decided to talk about the one thing that was going to happen really, really soon.

"Daughter of mine!"

"Hai, otou-san?"

"Have you already figured out what you are doing for your birthday?"

"Your birthday is coming up?!" Tamaki all but shouted at the fact.

"It's in nine days," Kyouya answered for me.

"We must plan something special then for Setsuna-senpai!"

"It has to be something amazing for my second-born!"

'Otou-san, please don't bust a Tamaki.' I internally cried.

"Hai, tono! Hai, Setsuna-papa!" Hikaru and Kaoru shouted in unision.

"There has to be lots and lots of cakie, ne?" Hunny added his two cents to the conversation.

Hearing them all discuss my birthday plans actually almost brought me to tears. The fact that they all cared about me and wanting me to have an amazing day really did make want me to cry. I just couldn't ask for such amazing friends as the ones that I have right here. Even though they can sometimes be a little too much, I still adore them all. When we finished eating, Takashi and I made our escape back to my room. It wasn't that hard considering the fact that Haruhi created a diversion for us to leave. Once in my room, I closed the door behind me and locked it, just in case if someone tried to come in.

"Well that was a complete surprise," I laughed while sitting on my bed.

"Ah," Takashi yawned.

"Tired aren't we?" I smirked. Seeing him yawn was extremely cute. But alas, his yawn made me yawn as well.

"It's more of a food coma that's making me sleepy," he replied while taking a seat next to me. "This is our third date right?"


"Didn't you promise me that after three dates, I get to see you in certain types of clothes?"

A blush appeared automatically as I recalled the moment before deciding to allow the Newspaper Club to interview us. Wearing that short skirt along with fishnet thigh-highs and my blouse unbuttoned must have really riled up Takashi. Then I thought about all the moments and costumes that I have worn thus far in the Host Club.

"Were you involved with my costume choices during Host Club hours?"


"Really now?" I laughed as I moved so that I could whisper in his ear, "So you wouldn't mind me wearing that bunny girl costume the Twins had then?"

He shivered, "Only if it's for my eyes."

"Maybe one day you'll get to see it. But for now, this is as good as you're gonna get."

His hands then grabbed my waist, moving me so that I laid on my bed and he was over me, "You are such a tease."

"Me?" I laughed. "You're the biggest tease here."

Takashi smiled and brought his lips towards my forehead, placing a peck there. He then moved to placed more little kisses around my face before hitting a home run. Once his lips were over my own, I received the most loving kiss that ever. Our mouths moved against one another and we separated a few seconds later, revealing the yawn that came out of my lips. Takashi chuckled and pecked my lips once more.

"Do you wanna take a nap?"

"Sure and since you're nice and warm, you're gonna be my pillow," I pulled him down so that I could snuggle against him.

Takashi chuckled and allowed me to snuggle against him. This is the life right here. Snuggling next to the guy you like and not having anyone interrupt your private time together. It wasn't that long until Takashi and I fell asleep.

That nap felt like it went on for hours, but in reality it only lasted for one. When I woke up, I took notice that sky was starting to become an orange pink hue. Grabbing my cell phone, I noticed that it was five twenty-three already. That and there was a text message waiting for me to answer. It was from Haruhi saying that otou-san decided to have a barbeque and that they all had gone to the grocery store to buy things that they needed. This was twenty minutes ago. I sighed as I ran my hand through my now dry hair. I turned to look at Takashi and just seeing him there asleep made me smile.

"Takashi," I whispered while running my hands through his dark hair. "Takashi, time to get up."

I heard him groan, slowly beginning to wake up and reveal his dark grey eyes.

"Hello, Setsuna," he smiled.

"Hi, Takashi. C'mon, it's time for us to get up."

His arms were suddenly wrapped around my waist, pulling me back towards his chest, "One more minute, please."

"You know that minute is going turn to five and then it will get longer."


"And as tempting as that sounds," I turned to looked at him, "we need to get up and make an appearance soon. That means I need to change clothes."

"You can always stay dressed like that since the day is almost over," Takashi mentioned.

"That is true. I'll just put on a sweater then."

I tried to get out of my bed, but alas I was pulled back by Takashi. I laughed as he brought me down beside him and laughed. I faced Takashi and just smiled at him. He smiled back. We moved towards one another and shared another beautiful kiss. We can probably spare a few minutes before having to go back down to the others.

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