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Warning!! Sasuke and Naruto in a non-healthy weird relationship which involves butt-sex (yum!), fighting (tsc tsc) and occasionally some touching moments where they realise that cuddling each other would be a less painful option of showing affection, only if wasn't the fact that CUDDLING does not fit this couple. They'd still prefer beat the crap of each other.

Title: Do not write Drabbles! They are cursed!

It is a given fact that Uchiha Sasuke is surrounded by many fangirls over the course of his times. Many of them would swoon over his smooth pale skin, mysterious like the moonlight, sigh over his dark bluish hair, so perfectly soft and easy for the fingers to run through and drools over his unblemished aristocratic face, perfect lines sculpted that refused the term called flaw in his features.

If you asked his boyfriend Uzumaki Naruto, in normal days, the blond would curl an impressed eyebrow and say that the Teme has an "okay" appearance, though he'll never be able to compete against a sex god like him. If asked in non-normal days, which mostly involves certain defeats in a training ground area, the same blond would grumble and snort disdainfully that there's nothing more horrible then a sickly transparent white skin, duck-butt hair and that gruesome smirking face that he's dying to punch a hole through it. It is an unnecessary fact that in those cases, most of the people would marvel if the couple really does love each other and are in a healthy and sane relationship. They conclude in the end that…maybe it's not good to conclude about it.

Though, to supply any kind of quell raised upon it, Uzumaki Naruto guarantee that none of that nasty fangirl or rabid fanboy won't ever be able to touch at least a strand of hair of Uchiha Sasuke, after all, the only one who's entitled to do that would be him. He'll Rasengan your sorry ass if you try it.

It is a given fact that Uzumaki Naruto, even though he doesn't have a gigantic army of groupies around him, he has a loyal fan base with strong stalker-ish tendencies. All of them would swoon over his healthy tan skin, so beautiful and powerful like the sunshine on hot summer days, sigh over his golden hair, wild but with soft spikes and drools over his boyish face, the impish features that certainly has an unique charm…everybody is pulled inside that sunny beam.

If you asked his boyfriend Uchiha Sasuke, in normal days, the brunet would curl an impressed eyebrow and that was that. If asked in non-normal days, which involves a large numbers of different reasons, from drilling a hole on his budget after Ichiraku Ramen or annoying missions that had a tanned finger in between, the same brunet would scowl and grumbles that there's nothing more unnerving then a obnoxious sun-kissed skin, urchin yellow-piss hair and that stupid goofy grin that always follows with that blabbering irritating mouth, which shoots dumbass words non-stop for continuous torturous hours. In most of those cases, he'll narrow his graphite eyes in silent icy rage, wonders to himself why the hell he'd fallen in love with such dobe, but he'd still faithfully go to a certain Ramen stand to meet the same certain usuratonkachi…

Though, to supply any kind of quell raised upon it, Uchiha Sasuke smirks in a pleasantly wicked way that none of his fan club won't ever be able to touch at least strand of hair of Uzumaki Naruto, after all, no one is entitled to touch anything that it's an Uchiha's possession. 'Nuff said. He's aware that, though in much smaller numbers then his fan club, the people that likes Uzumaki Naruto doesn't have the same fleeting and shallow infatuation as his fangirls has towards himself, since most of them had to conquer discrimination upon the Kyuubi-vessel, therefore, they have deep feelings about the blond. In other words, they were far more dangerous than the horde of fangirls that his lover had to snarl every goddamn day. So in the end, he'll still chidori your sorry ass (and face, and limbs, and brain…) if you try it.