Warning: descriptions of heterosexual situations and coarse language.

Chapter 3: Lovers at Last

It was just the way Chuck had imagined it would be over and over again. And it was nothing like he imagined it would be.

The tingling and warmth in his lower abdominal area, the urge to thrust forwards, which he was finding a challenge to control, and the pull on the muscles in his legs, arms, back and buttocks as they held him in a position he hadn't been in for far too long weren't new. After all, it's not like he hadn't has sex before, right?

But what he hadn't expected were the feelings of tenderness towards Sarah that were emerging from somewhere deep in his chest, followed by the desire to protect her. Chuck knew this was ridiculous. Sarah was more than capable of looking after herself, but it didn't change the fact that, as he slid his hands under her shoulders and kissed her face over and over, he knew he would willingly spend the rest of his life trying to keep her from harm.

Sarah, running her hands through his hair and lighting up every nerve on his scalp, was losing concentration on his kisses as he ever so slowly pulled back and pushed into her. Knowing that she could feel him moving against the inside of her as much as he could feel her around him, he halted their kissing to gaze at her face again.

Chuck looked down into Sarah's clear blue eyes, and what he saw there made him feel as though his heart had flipped over. He could see from the way she was looking deep into his eyes, her mouth open, holding her breath so she could focus on just the two of them, that she really did want him. And not just for sex, but for himself. It was what he had hoped for from the moment they had first met in the Buy More. When the joy he felt radiated out from his face and washed over her, Sarah wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and head and pulled him down for a deep kiss.

Sarah was beginning to pant and had moved her hands under Chuck's arms to his back, pulling his body upwards, trying to encourage him to go faster. Chuck, however, had other plans and continued at the same controlled rate until his penis was completely inside of her once more, the heat and sensation causing them both to groan.

Chuck had to stop moving at this point to prevent his orgasm from happening too soon, and he knew that if Sarah didn't stop grinding herself up against him like that, it would be game over.

He used one arm around Sarah's back and the other around her hips to scoop her up into the air, rocking back, shifting his weight onto his knees, ankles bent with toes digging into the mattress. Sarah's legs went into the air and around his back as his cock settled into her even more deeply than before. Gravity pulling her downwards held her in place so she was unable to create any friction, giving Chuck the opportunity to mentally prepare himself for the next step.

Sarah unhooked her ankles from behind Chuck's buttocks and was about bend her legs back so she could place her knees on the surface of the bed, hoping to find some traction to enable her to raise herself and begin the motion she was craving, when Chuck quickly whipped a hand around behind his back to grasp her calf and prevent her from getting any purchase.

"Sarah, Sarah, whoa, whoa," he exhaled into her ear.

"But Chuck," she moaned, drawing back to look into his eyes, "I can barely breathe, I want you so much."

Chuck brought a hand around and cupped her face, kissing her gently on the lips before saying, "Sarah, remember when we first met, when we sat on the beach watching the sun come up?"

"Uh-huh," Sarah responded, biting her lower lip and nodding her head up and down.

"Sarah, what did you ask me to do?"

"I asked you to trust me, Chuck."

"Well, now I'm asking you the same thing, Sarah. Trust me. Not just tonight but always. Because I'll never let you down."

The look on his face was so sincere and so tender that Sarah could only mutely nod her assent at first. When she could finally speak, she said, "It's hard for me to trust people, Chuck, but I'll try, I'll really try."

When he kissed her again it was with an urgency that made Sarah's insides contract and, feeling the pressure of her powerful vaginal muscles pulsing along the length of his hard shaft, Chuck knew he couldn't wait any longer. Breaking off their kiss, he quirked his face into a smile that made a dimple appear and said, "Sarah, I said I wouldn't let you down but I think I have to put you down now," and he placed her back onto the bed.

Sarah, true to her word, waited for him to make the next move and was rewarded for her trust when Chuck bent his head down to her neck and, as he began kissing and licking and biting under her ear, he rapidly drew his cock almost completely out of her. The anticipation of what his next thrust would feel like on her sensitive nerves was delicious. Sarah was finally getting a taste of how pleasurable it could be to give up control to another person. Then Chuck paused.

Sarah squirmed a bit under him and groaned, spreading her legs farther apart and tilting her pelvis upwards to give him a better angle. When Chuck thrust into her again, it was quick and sharp, causing them both to inhale deeply, and he set a rhythm that matched the pulsing of Sarah's vaginal muscles, slipping in and out more smoothly as her body created hot, wet lubrication in response to the rapid friction.

Covered in a slick of sweat, Chuck's belly slid over Sarah's, hot flesh on hot flesh, and he dropped his chest to hers when his arms gave out momentarily, causing him to lose his support. Before he could raise himself up again, Sarah clasped him to her, panting and moaning into his ear and saying his name, quietly at first, then with more force as he increased the rhythm and strength of his thrusts.

"Chuck, oh, Chuck!" she called out, and Chuck silenced her cries, his mouth over hers, as he began to feel Sarah move in a way that signaled her total surrender of herself to him. The surge of love Chuck felt for Sarah at that moment was like nothing he had ever felt before and, combined with the rush of pulses as his body pumped the very essence of himself into her, Chuck felt as though he were being enveloped by a blanket of sensation and emotion, and he knew that Sarah could feel it too by the way she clung to him after they were finally spent, unwilling to let go of this wonderful moment.

When they did eventually draw apart and look at each other, they both acted a bit shy, each waiting for the reaction of the other, and when Chuck smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around Sarah, kissing her first on her eyelids then the end of her nose, she smiled and said, "I do love you, Chuck. I don't know why I was so scared before, but I'm glad you were patient enough to wait for me to figure it out."

"And I love you, Sarah, but you probably already knew that," Chuck replied. "And I want to show you in every way I can."

Sarah's face took on a very seductive look as, with eyelids half closed, she purred, "Well, I have a few ideas in that department, sir."

Chuck groaned and said, "Do I get to recover first? And I'm thinking at least a dozen tonight, so eleven more to go. Are you up for it?"

Sarah laughed. "Aren't we ambitious? I was thinking a baker's dozen, actually. And more to the point, are you up for it?"

Now it was Chuck's turn to use a smooth, charming voice and manner as he said, "Why, ma'am, I'm only just warmed up."

They laughed and kissed again before Chuck paused, adding, "But thirteen is unlucky, isn't it? I think it's going to have to be fourteen. Now roll over."

Sarah's peal of laughter could be heard out into the courtyard, swiftly followed by a loud moan of pleasure.

The next morning, Sarah left early to go back to her hotel room and change into her Wienerlicious outfit. Chuck showered, dressed and ate breakfast, humming to himself all the while, unable to wipe the smug smile from his face.

When Chuck left the apartment and walked across the courtyard, Casey was standing in his open doorway, gesturing for Chuck to come inside. Chuck's curiosity was piqued, as Casey was usually waiting impatiently in the courtyard for Chuck to drive him to the Buy More.

As Chuck came into the living room, he heard the unmistakable sounds of his and Sarah's lovemaking of the night before coming from the computer's speakers. He stopped dead in the middle of the room, his mouth open, horrified at what this might mean to their plans.

Before he could collect himself and begin to speak, however, an amazing thing happened. Casey, instead of cracking wise or giving him a lecture about compromising the CIA agent, grabbed Chuck's hand and placed it over the computer's mouse, guiding him to highlight the file on the recording system and, once again pressing on Chuck's index finger, clicking to erase it.

Chuck didn't know what to say at first, and he just stared at the big man, who was grinning as he shut the computer down.

"But Sarah said you didn't listen when she was over and that meant you didn't record," he began, hands spread to either side of himself in a gesture of confusion.

"I don't listen but sometimes I do record," Casey explained, finally turning to face Chuck. "But I won't from now on."

"But why, Casey? Why give us a break? Isn't that against the rules?" Chuck asked, needing to understand why Casey was being so nice.

"Let's just say the new cover will make my life more bearable," he said. "Now I won't have to watch you two stumbling around the issue anymore."

Chuck laughed and clapped Casey on the shoulder.

"Thanks, buddy," he said. "Your reasons may be selfish, but I think deep down inside you're a romantic at heart."

"Yeah, well, don't go telling anybody about it," Casey warned, "especially Walker, or I'll break your face. I have a reputation to uphold, you know. I'm a bad motherfu –"

"Shut your mouth," Chuck finished for him as they left the apartment.

Casey locked the door behind him and turned, pausing for a moment to give Chuck a sly smile, one eyebrow raised.

"Oh, and Bartowski?"

"Yeah, Casey?"

"Didn't know you had it in you. Way to go, tiger."