A/N Hello dear readers of mine here I come with a collection of Sessh/Kagu one shots

A/N Hello dear readers of mine here I come with a collection of Sessh/Kagu one shots.. Enjoy!




'How did I end up here?' Sesshomarou asked himself for the thousandth time. He looked around him with an unnerved frown. 'I know, it all started with a couple of stupid mistakes…'

'The first mistake was to nod'

"Keh! The bastard is finally dead" Inuyasha said wiping Tessaiga of Naraku's foul blood before sheathing his large sword.

"Inuyasha stop moving around or you'll reopen your wounds" Kagome chastised him. Not being able to resist her, the half demon scowled but stopped his movement waiting for the priestess to attend to his wounds.

"Miroku your wind tunnel is gone" Sango screamed hugging her fiancé, of course he did not dare ruin the sweet moment by groping her.

"Sango!" Miroku gasped when he noticed Kohaku walking towards them a shy and uncomfortable smile playing on his lips. As soon as she followed Miroku's eyes, Sango turned around and jumped on her brother.

"How did you escape?" Sango asked holding her younger brother smothering him in her arms. Wetting his head with her tears

"Kagura did it" he answered.

As soon as the words escaped his mouth everyone turned their gaze to the wind sorceress. The said wind witch was smiling brightly hugging her chest with her arms reveling in the feel of having her own heart beating in her chest. She was too busy to notice everyone's eyes looking at her.

"Kagura, you too are free now" Kagome said walking to the wind sorceress in order to take a look at her many injuries courtesy of Naraku. But before the miko could come any loser, the former slave smiled brightly before taking out a feather and flying away.

'Freedom. Yes, but it will only be freedom when I join him.' Kagura thought with a smirk.


"Milord you have returned!" Jaken screamed with joy as soon as he noticed the white figure approaching the small camp he had set for him and Rin.

"Lord Sesshomarou is the bad guy dead?" Rin asked worried about her Lord's well being, not that she ever thought Naraku would be able to harm Sesshomarou.

"Yes, Naraku is gone". The demon lord then sat under a tree and closed his eyes. After a few minutes of silence he said loudly "You can come out!"

A few trees away a surprised gasp could be heard. 'He knew I was following him?' Kagura thought with a smile. She then decided to join the small group. She walked into the clearing holding her head high, hiding her smirk behind her opened fan.

"Oh the pretty lady is back!" Rin said as she happily hugged Kagura around the waist. The little girl gasped and scowled with disapproval once she noticed the cuts Naraku had inflicted on the wind sorceress. The young human then turned towards Sesshomarou and with pleading eyes asked him "can she stay with us?"

The demon lord looked from his charge's innocent big brown eyes to Kagura's deeply amused red orbs. He sighed heavily before simply nodding. Even if Sesshomarou would never admit it, the fight with Naraku had taken its toll on him and he needed to rest in order to heal properly.

"Yeah! We're going to have so much fun! Come, come let's go pick flowers" Rin exclaimed happily as she lead Kagura towards a flower field she had noticed earlier.

"Another useless wench" Jaken mumbled under his breath, even if he did rejoice that he for once did not have to follow Rin during her flower gathering.


'The second mistake: I did not turn around'

Kagura had joined the demon lord's small party for a couple of weeks now. He had grown accustomed to her and having her with them was not as bad as he would have expected. He sometimes even found himself enjoying their late night talks. It was refreshing to have someone to talk to on an equal level.

Everyone had their role in the pack, Sesshomarou and Ah-Uhn protected, Kagura and Rin took care of everyone by cooking and cleaning while Jaken…entertained. They were really like a little family.

Sesshomarou had left to take care of some Lordly business and had left his little group for a few days. He felt really uneasy being away from them but he knew that Kagura, Jaken and Ah-Uhn were more than capable of keeping everyone safe.

As he walked thought the forest in order to reach their camp, just as he was about to set foot in the small clearing where he could make out the small fire Jaken had just started, Sesshomarou suddenly turned around. It was as if something was calling for him. He walked for a few minutes and finally reached his destination: a secluded river with none other than Kagura swimming in it.

The wind sorceress was floating on her back eyes closed, completely relaxed. As he took in her pale naked body gliding on the water, Sesshomarou wondered if he had ever seen such beauty. He then took in her generous curves and her breasts poking out of the water. The demon lord knew that it was wrong of him to spy on her like that, but he could not help it. He just could not muster the strength to turn around.

Kagura heard the wind whisper to her to turn around, fearing that there might be an incoming threat, she decided to shorten her bath and grab her fan. But as soon as she opened her eyes and regained her footing in the lukewarm water in order to get out of the water she was at a loss for words. None other than her secret love was standing a few feet away intently looking at her nude form.

Regaining her wits, Kagura screamed and quickly plunged under water to hide herself.

As he heard her scream, Sesshomarou snapped out of his daze and with long strides regained camp. He could not understand what pushed him to stare at her like that, never in his life had he lost control like this…


'The third mistake was to say "no" and "no".'

It has been days since the river incident, and still Kagura and Sesshomarou refused to talk, to the greatest chagrin of little Rin. Sesshomarou was afraid that Kagura was too angry at him and therefore figured that they both would be better off if he simply stopped talking to her.

On the other hand Kagura did not quite understand why Sesshomarou refused to talk to her. She had tried to start a conversation, but every time, the demon lord simply ignored her. She could not understand why he made such a big deal out of the whole thing, after all it was not the first time that he had seen her naked in a river. To her the fact that he had been staring at her was not disturbing, on the contrary she kind of liked it.

"I'm going for a walk" Kagura said getting up, she really could not take the pregnant silence anymore. Even Rin's childish blabbering was not enough to distract her anymore.

"Do not wander too far" Sesshomarou said not bothering to either look at her or even moving from the tree he was resting against.


"That bastard who does he think he is? I'm not a kid! I can wander all I want it's not like I'll get lost or whatever" Kagura fumed as she got deeper and deeper in the forest.

Unfortunately for her, she was not the only person in those woods. None other than Kouga the wolf prince appeared in front of her.

"I'm really not in the mood to kick your ass!" she exclaimed cursing that she had been stupid enough to leave her fan near her sleeping spot in the camp.

"That's good bitch 'cause I'll be the one doing the ass kicking!" Kouga screamed before sending a kick towards Kagura. The wind sorceress barely managed to avoid the attack by making a quick side step. But she was not so lucky as Kouga was able to land a hard punch on her face, which caused blood to trickle down her cheek.

"No fan today? Did Naraku take it with him in his grave? Don't worry you will rejoin him soon enough" The wolf mocked getting ready to land another hard blow on the defenseless wind sorceress.

Kagura closed her eyes awaited the final punch but it never came, she looked up to realize that a white clad arm had stopped the wolf's attack. Kagura breathed in relief and looking up at Sesshomarou she screamed "took you fucking long enough!"

He lowered his gaze to her before going up to look at Kouga whose hand he was still crushing with his iron fist.

"Let go of me. The wind bitch has to die!" Kouga screamed trying to get free of Sesshomarou.

"No! Listen Wolf, you will not touch her again. Not when she is under this Sesshomarou's protection." To prove he was not kidding around, Sesshomarou increased his grip on Kouga's arm before releasing it.

"Whatever I'm out of here" the wolf demon sent a death glare at Kagura before running away.

"Gods how could I forget my fan?" Kagura wondered aloud as she got up.

"Are you okay?" Sesshomarou asked. He then frowned as he noticed a smear of blood on Kagura's lip. He gently wiped it with his sleeve.

"I'm okay." Kagura said with a smile as she noticed his concerned gaze.

Sesshomarou was about to suggest they go back to camp, when he noticed his brother's scent. Noticing his eyes hardening, Kagura was about to ask him what was going on, when she noticed the bushes behind them moving.

"Kagura! Sesshomarou!" they heard Kagome's voice coming closer.

"What do they want now?" Kagura asked rolling her eyes. Sesshomarou did not answer as he asked himself the same question.

The small group composed of the now mated Inuyasha and Kagome, the married Sango and Miroku and the young slayer Kohaku and Kirara perched on his shoulder appeared in next to the Demon lord and the wind sorceress.

"Kagura are you okay? We were near by and Inuyasha said he could smell your blood and Kouga. We came as fast as possible. Did he hurt you?" the young miko asked after stepping off of her mate's back. She came closer to the wind youkai and after inspecting her bruised cheek from a far she sighed in relief.

"Did you think this Sesshomarou would let a weakling such as the wolf harm someone under his protection?" the demon lord asked glaring at his 'sister in law'.

"Fine protection you've been doing" Inuyasha said eyeing Kagura's bloody lips and bruised cheek.

"You know, if you want…Kagura you could come live at the village with us. Kohaku told us all about what Naraku did to you. And I want to thank you for saving him. We will be honored if you came with us" Sango said with a bow.

"Er…I don't know…" Kagura said looking at the different members of the group. Sure settling down would be nice, but she did not want to leave her 'family'. As much as Sesshomarou was annoying she still had strong feelings for him, and she could not leave little Rin.

Sesshomarou looked suspiciously at Kagura. He wondered if she was really considering accepting their offer. He could and would not allow the wind witch to leave his side, not only for him but for Rin's sake.

"No!" Sesshomarou snapped. Everyone starting by Kagura was startled by his sudden outburst. "She is staying with me! Come we're leaving".

Without another word, Sesshomarou turned around and walked towards their camp site. Kagura smiled and quickly thanked Kagome and Sango before rushing to fall in step with her beloved Lord Sesshomarou.


'The fourth mistake? I just had to open my mouth and say "no" once more…'

The few days after Inuyasha's impromptu visit and the wolf's attack, Sesshomarou and Kagura grew even closer. She could not believe that not only Sesshomarou had protected her but also he was opposed to Kagura leaving his side.

'Could it be that he loves me too?' She wondered with a small smile as she looked at the sleeping members of their small 'family'. Rin was cuddled against Ah-Uhn and Jaken was not far from her snoring loudly as usual.

The wind witch's red gaze then stopped on the object of her affection. Sesshomarou was casually resting under a tree his only arm flung over his bent knee. Smiling softly and gathering her courage, Kagura walked up to him. She stopped right in front of him and asked "can I talk to you?"

"Talk" he answered not bothering to look at her.

"Somewhere more…private" she said tilting her head towards another clearing nearby. Even if she was sure that their companions were asleep, she did not want anyone interrupting her moment.

Reluctantly Sesshomarou got on his feet and followed Kagura, he had a small idea of what the conversation would be about. And he knew it would not be a pleasant one.

"I know what you wish to tell this Sesshomarou"

"Really?" Kagura sighed relieved she would not have to use the small speech she had prepared after all.

"If you wish to go with them, you are free to do so" the demon lord then turned around, he knew he would not be able to bare watching Kagura turn her back on him and fly away to join his brother's village.

"What? Where the fuck did you get that from?!" she exclaimed surprised. "Listen, I guess settling down would be nice, but I sure as hell don't want to…you know…leave…Rin behind. Yes, yes Rin I can't leave her, she needs a woman in her life to explain to her certain things!" Kagura added proud to have gotten around admitting the extent of her feelings for Sesshomarou.

"Maybe you should take Rin with you. She should be living among humans…" Sesshomarou mused aloud.

"The hell we are! Whether you want it or not, the two of us are staying by your side."

"Why?" To Kagura it appeared that he was asking more then about the reason behind her reluctance to leave him. She felt as if he was asking him why she loved him.

"Well, you know…we both…Rin and I we…okay we love you!" she finally screamed out. Not daring to look up to see Sesshomarou's facial expression, Kagura quickly launched herself on him and hugged him burying her face in his hard body armor.

Realizing that this just might be her only chance she stood on the tip of her toe and gently pressed her lips to Sesshomarou's.

Still under the astonishment of Kagura's sudden love declaration, Sesshomarou did not know how to react to her kiss. His body took over and without thinking he opened his mouth.

Kagura was sure that the way she was feeling right now, was how Heaven must feel like, it was as so sweet that she felt like crying. The man she loved more then anything was not only accepting her kiss open mouth, but he was returning the sweet ministration. Wanting to taste as much of him as possible, Kagura slid her tongue inside Sesshomarou's mouth. And once again he did not reject her, on the contrary he eagerly returned her deep kiss.

Cursing the fact that they had to pull apart in order to breathe, Kagura came down from their kiss but none the less swearing to herself that she would soon reclaim the inu youkai's incredibly soft lips.

'At this point what do I have to lose?' she asked herself before blurting out with a small smile "Sesshomarou will you be my mate?"

To say he was stunned was an under statement. Sesshomarou looked at her as if Kagura had grown a second head. He knew that Kagura had a temper, that she was bold and not afraid to go after what she wanted. But the idea that she would propose to him was unsettling.

"No" he said.

Kagura felt crushed, her smile fell as fast as it had appeared. She was in so much pain that she had forgotten to breathe, it hurt so much that she could not even shed tears. She felt as if her newly recovered heart was breaking apart.

"No, you shall become my mate" he added making sure to remind her who had the power in the couple.

Sighing in relief and laughing softly the wind sorceress closed her eyes before breathing deeply. She ignored his domineering attitude, and hugged Sesshomarou's waist, trying to mold as much of her body in his as possible. She really could care less about the terminology used for the fact that they were going to be mates.

"Do you mean it? Do you really want me to be your mate?" she asked teary eyed.

"Yes" he answered gently pressing his lips to the top of her head. Kagura then tilted her head up and keenly welcomed Sesshomarou's kiss on her soft lips.


'Yes, this how I ended up here' Sesshomarou thought, getting more and more irritated by every second.

"Hey fluffy-sama when are you getting me my new kimono?" Kagura asked her mate as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Father, father tell Kippei that this Sesshomarou Jr refuse to share with him. He always ends up trying to steal my toys anyway!" The older of the twins said baring his tiny fangs.

"No, no father say to Sessy Jr the baka that this Kippei has the right to play with Tenseiga too!" the younger silver haired boy said as he tried to pry the sword from his sibling's hand.

"Lord Sesshomarou, can Rin go see Kohaku. Please pretty please?" the now teenage girl asked her father figure performing her best attempt of puppy eyes.

"Lord Sesshomarou! An emissary of the Southern lord arrived at the castle he is asking to see you now!" Jaken screeched as he stepped into the over crowded study of the Western Land's lord.

Once again Sesshomarou's amber eyes scanned around the room to look at his 'annoying family'. He could feel both a massive headache and his anger rising steadily.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!" Sesshomarou screamed as his family managed to get on his last nerve. "I have had enough of this non sense!" he added looking into the shocked eyes of his family.

The demon lord took advantage of their shock to quickly stroll out of his study. As he reached the castle's garden he breathed deeply and mused aloud "Maybe I should ask for asylum at Inuyasha's village"

"Yeah! Can we go? Rin wants to see Kohaku" The teenage girl exclaimed happily clapping her hands.

"Hum, why not. I need some of Kagome's shampoo thingy. It really is useful with my wavy hair." Kagura said already searching her head for a feather.

"Uncle Yasha will show us the Kaze no Kizu!" the twins exclaimed in unison, for once agreeing on something.

"But Milord what about the emissary?" Jaken asked worried that his beloved lord was neglecting his duties.

"Jaken go fetch Ah-Uhn" Sesshomarou said with a resigned sigh.

Rin took her younger adoptive brothers' hands and the three started dancing in happiness. While Kagura stood on the tip of her toes to give a gentle kiss to Sesshomarou.

As he once more looked at his beautiful family Sesshomarou could not help a small smile.

'They may have been mistakes but if they were to lead to this…I would do them all over again'

The End

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