Summary: AU Forced to find a bride to inherit his father's kingdom, demon prince Sesshoumaru goes to earth. There he meets Kagura, who he enlists to help in his quest. Sessh/Kagu oneshot.

A/N: This one shot is purely for comedic purposes. After the last one shot, I figured the collection needed a little fun. Be kind since this is quite different from my usual work. So it's going to be very AU and there's going to be tons of OOC . Oh joy!

I hope you'll like this little one shot! Oh and by the way, it probably is going to be the last one shot I post in the collection. Well it is Lucky number 13 after all : P

Disclaimer: If I owned Inuyasha, Kagura would have lived long enough to dance over Naraku's corpse before being whisked away to become Lady of the Western Lands.



"You have summoned me father?" Sesshoumaru asked kneeling before his father. The revered and feared great Lord Inutaisho was sitting on his throne, looking down at his son with a reproachful look etched on his face.

"The time has come my son."

"This Sesshoumaru is not aware of what you are referring to..." He lied blatantly looking away from his father's piercing gaze.

"Unless you wish to taste my wrath, get down to earth and bring back a damn bride! I have no idea why you are so reluctant; I assure you, it won't be that hard. After all look at you, you have my looks... I mean I had soooo many women throwing themselves at me that I had to bring back two brides." The older demon smiled cockily flicking some of his long and luscious silver hair over his shoulder.

"Who was throwing herself at you?!" Sesshoumaru's mother asked glaring murderously at her husband. Inutaisho gasped as he realized that once more his first mate had managed to appear behind him without him even noticing it.

"Not me for sure." Inuyasha's mother added cracking her knuckles in a menacing way, just as her son usually did before getting into a fight.

"Oh no my loves. I was simply giving advice to Sesshoumaru, it was a just a joke anyway..." Inutaisho said with a nervous chuckle, as he looked at the two women standing behind his throne. He then turned around and asked "Sesshoumaru a little help please?"

"No. Do you not recall? I have a mission to fulfill, and a bride to find..." The young demon said doing his best to hide his amusement at the predicament his father had just put himself in.


'I can not believe this Sesshoumaru was sent among those pathetic humans without someone to attend to me! Why wouldn't father at least let me bring Jaken along? Maybe I should have helped him fight against those two screaming females... No maybe not...' Sesshoumaru thought with a shiver of fright. Everyone at the palace knew better than to get involved in a fight between Inutaisho and his two mates.

As he grumbled, Sesshoumaru walked up the unfamiliar streets of the human city he had landed in. He was looking for a potential bride, but to his surprise, and pride, every woman he came across lowered their eyes from him or did not even dare walk next to him.

'These pathetic helpless creatures are so afraid of this Sesshoumaru that they can not even look me in the eye.' He remarked a proud smirk on his lips. Too enthralled by his own thoughts, the demon was quite shocked when one of the 'pathetic helpless creatures' bumped into him.

"Damn it! You moron watch where you're going!" The woman he had come in contact with barked at him.

Sesshoumaru did not answer her as he was busy observing her, well there was also the fact that a prince such as he did not answer to being insulted by a commoner like her. Taking a closer look at the woman, he noticed she had a very pale skin which a stark contrast with her dark red lips and ebony dark hair.

"What are you looking at white haired freak?!" The woman asked him with a frown. Even though she did not want to show it, she was slightly scared by the man's appearance.

In response to her outburst, the demon bent forward, and after taking a deep intake of air spoke on a solemn voice spoke "You are dying. You are very sick and do not have long to live."

"How can you tell?!" The woman gasped in shock. Not able to keep her proud facade on, and hide her fear, she took a frightened step back when she noticed that the man had mesmerizing golden eyes.

"It is easy for Sesshoumaru, son of the great demon Lord of the West Inutaisho to tell such an simple thing. All this Sesshoumaru has to do is smell the disease on your blood." The demon said haughtily. 'Humans and their dulled senses...' He thought rolling his eyes in annoyance.

"You're a demon? Are you here to drag me to hell? I don't deserve it! It wasn't my fault, I had to steal the answers to that test! It's about the only wrong thing I ever did, so I really don't deserve to go to hell!" She protested with a squeak all color leaving her face.

"Woman be silent!" He ordered massaging his ear with a curse. 'Who knew such a small female could hurt my great demon hearing.' He wondered with a frown. Both the high pitch of her voice and her speech rate were tiring for his sensitive ears.

Sesshoumaru was about to walk away and resume his quest when something occurred to him. "You are a human female, this could actually be useful. This Sesshoumaru will make you a deal. I will rid you of your illness and in exchange you shall help me in my quest for a bride."

'Curing the woman would be nothing for this Sesshoumaru, and in exchange I will be sure to get help for this tedious task of finding a bride.' The young demon thought with a smirk.

"You will heal my leukemia and all I have to do is to hook you up with a girl? What kind of contract with a demon is that?" 'Is that really possible? No way I'm going to believe that; this guy does look like a crazy person...' Kagura thought feeling suspicious.

"You are doubting this Sesshoumaru? Here this will prove to you how magnificent and powerful I truly am." He said resting a hand on the woman's forehead, before she could even protest. To her shock, Kagura suddenly felt all the fatigue and pain she had been plagued with for the past few months simply evaporate from her body.

"Now that I have proven myself..." 'Not that a demon of my stature would need to...' He could no prevent from completing in his head before speaking aloud again "Introduce yourself and fetch me food." The demon ordered her, removing his hand from her skin.

Despite the fact that she could not stand the way the mysterious demon was speaking to her, she did answer. "I'm Kagura. If you want to eat, I guess we could go back to my place since I live just a few blocks away." 'I don't know if he's got magic hands or what, but his touch sure as hell made me feel better. Just for that I guess I could give him dinner.'

"That would be acceptable." Sesshoumaru nodded in assent.'So far things have not been that bad. I at least managed to acquire a servant.'


"How do you intend to help me in my quest for a bride?" Sesshoumaru asked who he considered to be his servant. 'I can not believe she lives into such a small restricted place.' He thought to himself shocked by the small size of Kagura's apartment.

"Well it depends on how long we have." The dark haired woman said putting on her living room's coffee table two bowls of ramen.

"What is this thing?" The golden eyed demon asked sniffling the food with suspicion.

"Don't be too picky. That's all the edible food I got here. So eat it and answer the damn question." She snapped. 'I never claimed to be a good cook so he better not make fun of me.'

Sesshoumaru glowered at her and picked up his bowl and started eating. To his surprise the food was actually quite good. "A week" He spoke once he was done eating.

Kagura repressed the urge to gawk at him due to how fast he had wolfed down his bowl of ramen. She then shook her head to clear it, and came back to the problem at hand.

"Wow. Maybe this will be harder than I think... On the other hand except from that crappy disease there hasn't been any problem Kagura Kagewaki hasn't been able to overcome. Hey what the hell do you think you are doing?!" She suddenly asked him.

"Eating." Sesshoumaru answered not even lifting his head from Kagura's bowl of ramen.

"That was mine you jerk! Ugh cohabiting with you is going to be such a pain!" She lamented with a sigh. 'Why on earth did I agree to house him anyway?!' She wondered for the hundredth time as she headed for the kitchen to get more food for herself.

"While you are at it prepare my bed. I am ready for sleep." The demon then instructed as he put down Kagura's empty bowl of food.

The woman growled lowly and stomped to her closet to take out linens and a blanket. She went back to the living room and threw them all on Sesshoumaru's head.

"You can sleep on the couch!" She exclaimed angrily, walking once more towards the kitchen.

"You will not be making my bed?!" He asked in surprise after her, to be completely ignored. He winced slightly as the only answer to his question was a slammed door.


"So Kagura where will we start our search?" Sesshoumaru asked the woman as the two of them sat in her car.

'Now you're interested in your damn search? You who slept in until three in the afternoon?!' The woman thought feeling very exasperated. With a sigh, Kagura decided to focus on a positive note of her morning. 'At least I got a good night's sleep. For once since I got sick, I wasn't awakened by a damn fever or some other type of pain. I guess he did get rid of some of my symptoms. That's a good enough reason to bare with him for the moment. Who knows, if I help him find a wife, maybe he'll truly be able to cure me!'

"Well I guess the best place to find you someone would be to get into a matchmaking service." She suggested now confident and eager to find him a bride.

"You guess? How can you not be sure? Did you not have to look for a mate yourself?" He wondered in surprise.

"Hell no! I'm no where near ready to get a husband." She said shaking her head furiously.

"It is not my choice to look for a mate either. I have come of age, and just like my ancestors, I have to look for a bride in order to inherit my father's kingdom someday." Only thinking about his illustrious ancestry made a proud smirk appear on the demon's lips.

"Hum so you're a prince..." Kagura mused aloud thinking 'It sure as hell explains his crappy and demanding personality.'

"And to become king I need a wife. I am sure you now see the importance of our mission."

'OUR mission? Pfft, seems like I'm the only one doing work here. Anyway as soon as I find him a bride, he'll heal me, and I'll get rid of him. So I better get on with this.' Kagura thought with a smirk.

"In that case the matchmaking agency would be for the best, but I don't have enough money for that..." She wondered aloud about what they could do.

"Would that be enough?" The demon asked fishing inside his pocket to take out a large bundle of bills.'Instead of allowing me to bring along a satisfactory servant, father gave me this. Maybe it could be of help.'

"Oh damn! I've never seen that much money in my life! Are you crazy, or just dumb going around town with that much on you!"

"Pay attention to the road." Sesshoumaru only said putting the money back into his pocket.

"If you're not satisfied with my driving, why don't you take the wheel?!" She snapped turning to her right to face him.

"Woman there is a car coming!" Sesshoumaru said pointing towards the traffic in front of them, making sure that his seat belt was placed properly.

"I saw that. I know what I'm doing." She spat out slightly grinding her teeth. 'After all I did get my driver's license after only the eight trial...'

"If you say so." He simply said crossing his arms over his chest, and praying not to get into a car accident.

With a sigh Kagura slowed the car down and did her best to respect traffic laws. After observing the demon seated next to her in silence for a little while, to Sesshoumaru's surprise the dark haired woman suddenly took a fistful of his hair and pulled on it.

"Are you mentally ill?!" He roared in surprise and pain.

"I just wanted to check if it was a wig. I mean you have freaky silver hair, golden eyes, not to mention those long claws and those cute pointy ears...You just look so different, and that's interesting." Kagura explained with a shrug.

"Of course this Sesshoumaru looks nothing like a human: I am a demon." 'And a fearsome one... How many times will I have to explain myself to this idiotic woman anyway?'

"Don't get mad I was only curious. Anyway we've arrived, let's hope we can find you a bride at the agency." Kagura said more as a prayer than anything. She simply could not wait to be rid of the demon.


"Mr.. Sesshoumaru, here is the catalog of the women we have and that I am sure would be able to please you." The employee of the matchmaking agency said with a seductive smile. 'Damn. If I wasn't married I would so get myself a piece of him. He's just so hot!' With a suffering sigh she flicked her long blond ponytail over her shoulder.

Without saying a word Sesshoumaru looked through the catalog carefully. He flicked through a few pages, then came back to pay attention to previous pictures and profiles. After fifteen minutes went by, Kagura started tapping her foot in impatience.

"Aren't you done already?! How long more do you need to look at some pictures and read a few stupid sentences?" She asked angrily after fifteen more minutes of Sesshoumaru turning pages back and forth pages, went by.

"This Sesshoumaru is almost done." He stated as he continued scrutinizing the picture in front of him. To Kagura's agony, only after a few more minutes did he suddenly close the catalog.

"Thank the Gods! His highness is finally done!" Kagura scoffed.

"So did anyone catch your eye?" The blond employee asked with an eager smile, ignoring Kagura's angry outburst.

"You can not be serious. How can you ask such a question to this Sesshoumaru? All these women look disgusting and repulsive! Kagura. Let us go somewhere else!" The demon ordered getting to his feet. To both of the women's shock he then stormed out of the room.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Kagura sighed as she went after him.


"What is your next plan?" The demon asked turning to look at Kagura who was driving.

'Why am I the one in charge? I'm pretty sure his father wanted Sesshoumaru to be the one to look for his own damn bride.' She thought to herself.

"Since it's already pretty late, I figured we could go to some singles' hot spot and try to get some girls' numbers..." She suggested taking a sudden sharp right turn.

"It is acceptable. Proceed with the plan." He instructed with a dismissive hand gesture.

'Who does he think he is talking to me like that?! I am NOT a servant!... Calm down Kagura, he is going to heal me after all, so I owe him. As incredible as it sounds, ever since he touched me, I've been feeling so great.' Only thinking about what she could gain calmed her down and made her feel better.

"There's a popular bar not far from here, so I guess we could try there." She said with a sigh.


"What is expected of this Sesshoumaru in order to find a woman here?" He asked resting his arm on the bar against which he was seated.

"Just stay perched on you barstool, smile and look handsome." Kagura instructed thinking 'It shouldn't be too hard for him since he's gorgeous. Women are going to throw themselves at him.' Even though the prospect made her feel a little bitter, she did hope Sesshoumaru would find a woman satisfactory to his very high standards.

"Hey there! You wanna care to buy me a drink?" A gorgeous red head asked as she sat next to Sesshoumaru. "I think you're kinda handsome."

"No I don't. I only associate with people able to align words in a correct sentence. Not to mention that you are not attractive enough." He answered sternly after merely sparing her a glance. 'Inuyasha has enough of a foul mouth for the entire castle. And when will these women understand this Sesshoumaru requires nothing short of pure perfection?' He wondered exasperated.

"What the hell?!" The rejected woman protested angrily.

"You heard him, so get lost." Kagura said not able to prevent a mocking grin from appearing on her lips. The red head huffed before stomping away a string of curses leaving her mouth.

The woman was barely gone that the most beautiful woman Kagura had ever seen approached them.

"Buy me a drink." The dark brown haired beauty ordered a beautiful smile gracing her perfect and delicate face.

'How could he ever reject such a gorgeous woman?' Kagura thought suddenly feeling quite bland.

The demon took a sip of his drink totally tuning out the woman's request. 'Kagura was right, I do enjoy this drink.' Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he once more sipped some whisky.

"Didn't I just ask you to buy me a drink?!" The beautiful stranger snapped, a frown of anger appearing on her flawless face. It was clearly obvious she was not used to being ignored by men.

"Unlike you humans, this Sesshoumaru's hearing is perfect. For your information, I do not take orders from pathetic creatures. Besides, if you want a drink, buy it yourself." He said with a shrug. Then noticing the woman had not moved an inch he ordered as he turned to his side "Kagura, she is tedious, so get rid of her."

'What the hell! He really does think I'm his servant. Ugh I can't stand that jerk anymore. Even though he's gorgeous, he's such an annoying jerk!' Kagura thought feeling anger boiling in her veins.

"You mean to tell me the two of you are actually together? What a joke. I guess he really doesn't have any taste in women..." The beautiful dark haired beauty said with a scoff as she walked away.

"You are quite a picky man, aren't you?" Kagura asked feeling a little relieved despite herself that he had yet to find someone. 'Then again if he rebutted a woman like that, I don't think I'll ever measure up... Not that I'm interested in that jerk to begin with.'

"This Sesshoumaru has to be very careful in my choice. Not any woman can afford to be the next Lady of the West. Also humans are weak, therefore living among demons can be hard for some of them." He explained taking a gulp of his drink.

"I don't get why since us humans are so weak, you have to marry one of us." She retorted bitterly.

"Demons are only born male. Unfortunately we can only breed with humans. Once we mate with her, the human female becomes a demon herself. Lastly as I said before in order to inherit us demons need to have an heir, which entails having a mate as well. As extraordinary as I may seem to you, this Sesshoumaru is after all no different from any other demon. Therefore I need to acquire both as fast as possible."

"Yeah well it seems that's going to be harder than I first thought..." She mused aloud. "By the way I'm not trying to sound impatient, but when are you planning to heal me? I know by that little touch that you made me feel better, but if you could get rid of that freaking disease forever, that'd be perfect." 'Seeing that his highness thinks of me as his servant, I better remind him of what he owes me...'

"Don't we have an agreement? You may have forgotten, but I have not. Let me remind you then: I will heal you when you find me a bride. That is all."

After draining the rest of his drink, he resumed speaking. "This is not working; there are no women that interest me here. Let us go back to your home. By tomorrow I instruct you to think of a new way for this Sesshoumaru to find a bride." Without another word he came to his feet and walked away.

'Why that insufferable man! I wish I could get rid of him already... Calm down and think. He actually has my life in his very hands.' Kagura thought as she silently got to her feet and headed for the parking lot of the bar.


The silver haired demon was profoundly and uncomfortably sleeping on Kagura's old bumpy couch when he heard the special phone his father had given him ring.

"Yes." Sesshoumaru groaned sleepily.

"Son, how is your quest going?" Inutaisho asked smiling brightly.

"This Sesshoumaru has yet to find a suitable bride." He retorted tiredly. 'This quest is harder than I first expected. I wonder how father managed to bring back two women...'

"Ah that will be a problem. You see your mother is out of control and demands for you to come home today... something about needing your opinion on something or whatever. You know how I barely listen when she talks anyway..." Inutaisho suddenly interrupted himself to look around him and see if his son's mother was not within earshot of him. He gulped as he only imagined the kind of suffering his first wife could make him go through if she ever found out about him speaking about her behind her back.

Relieved to see he was truly alone in the throne room, the demon lord then resumed speaking, but on a lower tone "In any case I am afraid you will have to take along the first woman you can find. Good luck." Without another word the older demon hung up.

'Annoying parents!' Sesshoumaru growled under his breath before rolling back on the couch to try to get back to sleep.

"Ha! I just got an idea!" Kagura suddenly burst into the living room. She turned the lights on and ignored the groan of protest from Sesshoumaru.

"This Sesshoumaru was sleeping!" 'Or at least trying to...' He growled sitting up.

"Shut up and listen. How about placing an ad in a newspaper. 'Lonely sexy demon prince looking for life mate to bring back with him to the underworld'." Kagura explained her idea with a grin on her face.

"This would not work." The dog demon answered, a shiver of fright running through him as he only imagined the kind of women who would be willing to answer to such an ad.

"In any case I have to leave today." He informed her as he got to his feet while stretching. Kagura could not prevent herself from staring at the muscles of his bare chest rippling under his smooth looking skin.

"What are you staring at?!" He asked her with an eyebrow raised in surprise.

"Nothing... Oh so you're leaving, but you didn't find anyone." She said suddenly sad at the prospect of his departure. 'As annoying as he is, having someone to talk to for a change felt good.'

"Do not worry I will honor my word and rid you of your disease before returning home." He said with a nod. 'It would after all be unbecoming for a demon prince of my stature not to keep my word.'

"In that case I would be the one not keeping up with our agreement. Not to mention that you wouldn't be able to inherit your father's kingdom..." Kagura mumbled thoughtfully.

"Do not worry about it. You did your best. You are not to blame if no human woman was good enough for this Sesshoumaru." He explained with a sigh before putting a shirt on.

"Fine then I will be your bride!" Kagura proposed suddenly. Even if the idea of it did scare her, she felt it was the best option at the moment. 'Well that jerk should be glad that I am willing to help him.'

"Oh is that so? You believe you have what it takes to be a demon's bride? Do you realize how hard, demanding and important such a position is?" The demon asked with a grin walking towards the woman.

"Of course. Do not underestimate me!" The dark haired woman said with bravado.

"Then let us see..." He trailed off as he stopped in front of her before hooking his finger under her chin to lift her head. Kagura's heart fluttered as their eyes met. Sesshoumaru was so close to her that she could feel the delicious heat radiating from his bare chest.

"I never noticed... you have actual's kind of... sexy." She breathed out. The words were barely out of her mouth that Sesshoumaru had linked their lips in a kiss.

She eagerly returned his kiss and moaned appreciatively when heir tongues entwined. Kagura gasped slightly as she hurt her tongue because of one of Sesshoumaru's large fangs. The demon sucked on the appendage, healing the shallow cut immediately. Their kiss lasted so long that Kagura was left breathless when Sesshoumaru suddenly broke their lip lock.

"Sesshoumaru..." She whispered, a hand on her breast, as if trying to calm down her madly beating organ.'My heart's beating so fast that I feel like it could jump out of my chest at any time.'

"No. You would not be suitable to be this Sesshoumaru's bride either." He noted with a disappointed sigh. His words made her dark brown eyes seem to flash red, as anger spread through her.

"What the hell?! And why not? I am a beautiful and intelligent woman! It's not my fault you're a demanding jerk!" Kagura exclaimed feeling vexed. 'What does he mean? Why am I not good enough?'

"That is not the problem. You are not pure, and I demand from my bride for me to be the only man she will ever know." He explained with a shrug.

"Why you narrow minded jerk! That's your stupid reason?! Well guess what? You will marry me!" She growled threateningly, her cheeks blushing red, pointing a finger at his chest. Her eyes suddenly burned with a surprising intensity.

"You presume to order this Sesshoumaru?" He asked her, arching an eyebrow in surprise, resisting the urge to snarl at you.

"Damn straight! And you will listen to my orders!" She told him, narrowing her eyes in anger.

'Of all the human women I have come in contact with she is the most interesting one. She actually is strong, proud, annoying and would therefore fit perfectly in the demon world. Not to mention that being a good kisser is always a plus...' Sesshoumaru thought to himself trying to evaluate if Kagura would make a good bride for him.

"So you will not back down. You do realize that once you become my bride you will become a demon and will not be able to come back to this realm, neither will you be able to come in contact with the friends and family members you have left behind." He asked testing Kagura's resolve.

"I'm not dumb. I realized that. If you haven't noticed, I don't have any friends and I don't even want to think about my so called 'family.' Well if you can call a group of blood thirsty crazy people a family......" She said feeling a lump form in her throat. "Before I met you I was lonely. Even though my doctor had just told me I didn't have long to live, I didn't even have anyone to tell... Isn't that pathetic?" The realization of how truly empty her life was brought a tear to her eye.

The two of them stayed in silence for a long while. Kagura was suddenly ashamed of her display of weakness, but as hard as she tried, she could not stop crying. The fact that Sesshoumaru was staying silent was also making her feel worse. It only reminded her that soon again silence would be the only thing welcoming her in her apartment.

'How could I have even thought such an annoying picky jerk could ever be interested in me?!' She wondered in sadness and anger.

"It is unbecoming for the future Lady of the Western Lands and mate of this Sesshoumaru to cry." He suddenly said delicately brushing away her tears with his clawed tip fingers.

"You mean you'll take me as..." Kagura trailed off incredulous.

"Come let us go." He said with a slight smile delicately taking a hold of Kagura's hand.


"Sesshoumaru do something!!!" His father screamed in anger and a little fear as he came inside his son's bedroom.

"What did she do this time?" The young demon asked as he expertly worked with a knife the piece of dark wood he was holding.

"She tried to cut my head off with a freaking wind blade!" Inuyasha hissed massaging his throat, remembering how it had almost been severed a few minutes ago.

"She is merely enjoying her new powers. It is a common practice when humans are turned into demons. Even more so with elemental demons." Sesshoumaru answered nonchalantly, trying to mask his great amusement.

"Feh! She's been a demon for two years! Why don't you simply admit you can't control your wench!" Inuyasha screamed at his older brother.

"Who's a wench?" Kagura asked as she appeared in the doorway of the bedroom she had been sharing with her mate for the past two years. With an evil smirk on her lips she started playing with her demonic fan.

'Good lord! It seems that my two wives have taught her how to appear out of thin air and silently eavesdrop on people! We are all done for!' Inutaisho thought in shock, pure fear running down his veins.

"Oh Kagura dear, I personally think you are a true delight; Inuyasha is the one who's been criticizing you. Good luck son." Inutaisho said excusing himself. He would rather face the wrath of his two mates than being near Kagura at the moment.

"Hey old man don't run away. Wait for me!" Inuyasha screamed as he ran after his father.

"Cowards." Sesshoumaru commented shaking his head. "You made them run away simply because you are a little more feisty than usual."

"Well you would be feisty too if you were as fat as an elephant." She lamented as she sat on their bed with less grace than usual.

"You are not fat, but beautiful." He corrected handing to her the piece of wood he was almost done carving. 'At least this time I gave the right answer. I can still remember what she did the last time I did agree with her and said she had put on some weight.' The demon thought with a shiver.

"It's lovely honey, but why are you carving two horses?" Kagura asked furrowing her brows in confusion.

"Didn't this Sesshoumaru tell you? Having twins is not uncommon for demons." He grinned resting a tender hand on his mate's swollen abdomen.

"Oh hell no! I'm having two babies?!" Kagura exclaimed a panicked expression on her face.

"You are strong. You will manage just fine." He reassured her taking the toys he was sculpting for his sons back from her hands before depositing them on the night stand..

"You think I'm strong?" She asked in surprise a pleased smile on her lips.

"Of course. What else could be expected from this Sesshoumaru's bride?" He asked with a smile pressing a tender kiss to his mate's lips.

Once she felt her husband try to roll on top of her, Kagura punched him, which resulted in the demon landing ungracefully on the floor.

"Don't think that because of pretty words you can get some. I still have yet to forgive you for doing this to me." She informed him pointing to her bulging belly.

"It's been a while..." He growled under his breath. 'Quite a long time actually...' He thought with a sigh.

"And I'm sure you can wait a little more." She retorted to him with a smirk. "Now go away, my dear precious babies and I want to take a nap." She cooed while rubbing her stomach affectionately. She then rolled to her side and closed her eyes, her hand still resting on her stomach.

With a pout, Sesshoumaru walked out of heir bedroom. He was however smart enough to start cursing only when he was already out of his mate's hearing range.

"What are you still doing here? Did you not run away in fear of my mate?" The young demon asked as he spotted none other than his father standing outside his bedroom. The older demon had his back pressed firmly against the wall.

"Me afraid? Do not kid me my son. I am merely here because I am resting." Inutaisho said with a little nervous laugh.

"In other words you are hiding from Izayoi and mother, are you not?" His son asked mockingly.

"Do not mock me. At least I was not thrown out of my own bedroom by my mate... Ah welcome to married life my son. You can finally experience what I have been going through for centuries." Inutaisho chuckled clapping affectionately his son on the back before sauntering away happily.

Sesshoumaru was glaring daggers at his father's retreating back when he heard Kagura call his name. With a smirk he walked back into their bedroom.

"Did you change your mind?" He asked his wife seductively, already working on getting his formal kimono off.

"Not a chance in hell. I can't sleep because I'm hungry, so bring me a snack." She ordered before settling back on the pillows of their massive bed.

"Do not think you can order this Sesshoumaru around." He reminded her with shiny eyes.

"Do you really want to try out this theory?" She retorted inching her fingers towards her fan. She was aware that if they were to fight she of course would never be able to beat him, but she also knew her husband would never raise a hand to her or harm her in any way.

'He loves playing the mean, arrogant and unfeeling jerk, but my love's such a sweet guy. Proof is that he's been so kind and thoughtful since I got pregnant.' She thought straining to keep looking angry at her husband.

"Hum actually this Sesshoumaru is in the mood for something to eat. I might as well bring you something from my trip to the kitchens." He said thoughtfully turning around to go fulfill his mate's request.

"Good boy! When you come back you may even get more than a meal." She purred as she untied the obi of her ornamented kimono, to her husband's delight. The prospect of getting more than expected from his mate, made Sesshoumaru hurry down to the kitchens.

'To think Sesshoumaru used to say becoming a demon's bride was hard... Well in truth Inutaisho's mates were right, there's nothing more fun! ' Kagura thought as she laughed out aloud.


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