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A/N: YAY! The first chapter's here! This is a Harry-Goes-To-Azkaban fic that I started working on a looooong time ago. I think it's post OOTP, but I can't be sure. (Clearly Pre-HBP and DH.) Keep in mind that I never said that this is well written, simply just that it is written. It holds a bit of the same plot that most Harry-in-Azkaban fics have in the beginning, but I was planning on a twist (or at least what I thought was a twist).


"Harry James Potter, you have been accused of the torture and murder of Ginerva Weasley, the torture and murder of Cho Chang, the rape and torture of Susan Bones, and the murders of Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Neville Longbottom, and Remus Lupin. Do you deny it?"

"I didn't do it! I swear I didn't!" Harry tried to defend himself, yet to no avail.

He was in the midst o the largest court room on trial for crimes that no one but he believed he was innocent of. The prosecutor was rattling off offenses like they were in a new song by the Weird Sisters…. And Harry didn't do them—not one.

"The Wizemagot finds you, Harry James Potter," the man that Harry didn't recognize said….

The courtroom stood still. You couldn't have heard a pin drop. That is in the event that someone was stupid enough to actually drop a pin.

"….guilty of all aforementioned offenses…."

Harry could barely hear anymore. All he knew was that he didn't do it. A cold, closed look haunted his eyes.

"….sentenced to life in Azkaban, though according to the Code of Underage Wizards, not eligible for the Dementor's Kiss…."

Eligible, thought Harry. They have the gall to try to make something worse that death sound like a privilege! Why don't these fools believe me, damnit? I didn't do this! I was forced into watching it happen! Hell, they wouldn't believe me if I told them… but damn it, it's worth a try.

But at that moment, they came. No, not the men in white coats to take him to the crazy house, but the Dementors in black robes to take him to Azkaban. He had no wand… even wandless magic was no good now… he couldn't make a Patronus. He got colder and colder, and then he heard it. His mother, his father… both in the last minutes of their lives…

"…. take Harry and go…"


"….move aside, silly girl….."

….Malfoy, Goyle….

"…..oh, we'll have fun tonight, little mudblood…."

….Ginny—gone. Cho—dead. Barely knew Susan, but hell, she's gone too. Crabbe and Goyle—could honestly care less—but dead. Remus, Moony. Dead….

The visions of the dead bodies; the playthings of a twisted mind. He saw it. He heard it. The rushing noise in his head grew louder, LOUDER. The visions of those he knew came faster, faster.

louder, faster, Still Louder, Still Faster, TOO LOUD, TOO FAST!

And the pain was unbearable, so he knew no more.

Chapter One

"Albus, would you kindly get to the point? All this talk about what I would do if I were unfairly imprisoned seems hardly relevant." Severus Snape sat in the Headmistress's office at Hogwarts, across from Albus Dumbledore, and he was becoming more irritated by the minute. How such a translucent man could be so unclear was beyond Severus's comprehension.

"Seven years ago, a sixteen year-old student was imprisoned," Albus said, trying to clear things, "for a crime, or crimes, rather, that he did not commit."

The confused look on Severus' face deepened. Slytherin or not, this made no sense. "I'm sorry, Albus, I don't follow—" And then a look of comprehension crossed the baffled man's face. "You mean Potter was innocent?"

"Indeed, Severus, he was," the headmaster told his potions professor and ex-spy.

"So we not only put another innocent man, well boy at the time, in Azkaban, but Aurors have been hunting an innocent since he escaped four years ago? And you knew?"

"No, no! Merlin no! You honestly believe that I would have allowed the Aurors to search for him and I knew of his innocence? Only recently have I acquired this bit of information."

"How?" asked Snape. "Surely not through the Dark Lord…"

"Actually yes, although it was more through Voldemort by way of a recently deceased follower."

Severus could only remember one of the dark lord's followers dying recently, but it surely wasn't...

"Indeed, Severus, indeed. Vincent Crabbe, Sr. I told you and the Order that he came to Hogwarts seeking forgiveness, but I left out what he told me until I could be certain. Yes, he confessed every bit of it, but then of course–"

"Died right there on the front steps of Hogwarts. So the Aurors don't know."

Dumbledore's face was grim. "Yes, very good, Severus. My memories cannot be pulled, and I can't be given Veritaserum, so Harry's only legal witness is gone. But on to the matter for which I called you."

"You mean to tell me that Potter's innocence had nothing to do with your calling for me?" The potions master asked, the relief everything but obvious in his voice.

"Well, no," Dumbledore began, but upon seeing Severus beginning to relax, he finished the sentence, "and yes." Snape instantly tensed into a frown, his entire body poised with annoyance. "I'm not asking for you to try to find him, but I am asking for your help in determining a way of pinpointing his location."

This may not be so bad, Severus thought as he listened to Dumbledore's request. "But as we've learned over the last four years," Snape said aloud, "Potter will not be found if he does not desire to be."

"Yes, this is true. Even when the ministry is able to track his magical signature, which he has become quite the expert at masking, they haven't been able to catch him. You, however, having seen various memories of Mr. Potter, may be able to string some of this information together to figure possible hiding places. Are you willing to do this?"

"Before I agree, there is one question. Is there any truth to Trelawney's first prediction?"

"Yes, Severus, there is. If young Harry will not return, he sentences both the magical and muggle worlds to destruction."

"In that case, I will do all that I can to prevent this," said Severus solemnly.

"Thank you, Severus. It is good to have such loyal wizards on the side of light. Are you absolutely positive that you were not a Hufflepuff in a previous life?"

Snape looked incredulously at Dumbledore as though he'd run naked out of the forbidden forest.

And with that, Severus Snape and the ghost of Albus Dumbledore bid each other farewell; Snape to the Great Hall for dinner and then to his chambers for a look through the Pensieve, and Albus still in the office, as he no longer had the need (or ability, for that matter) to eat.

And under a cloudy sky, three thousand miles away on a windy mountain cliff stood a lonely green-eyed figure, desperately wondering where to run next.

In the next chapter, the plan was to:

Go back to Harry's POV—have flashbacks of what happened the last 7 yrs.—revisit old friends (they're actually enemies, now)—encounters with Aurors not yet informed of Harry's innocence.


-I know what Nearly Headless Nick said about ghosts, but I wanted Dumbledore to be dead. I hadn't really seen that prior to HBP (mind you, I wrote this preHBP myself--saw it coming! lol). I couldn't have him completely gone though, because he's the only character that could just spout information out of nowhere, and you don't have to know where he learned it, or found it out.

-This isn't going to be a 'Superpower Harry' story, but he was going to be at least powerful as Dumbledore was in his prime.

-Maybe slash, maybe no pairing; depends on what I write best, as well as what reviews say.