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Chapter 1

On his eleventh birthday Harry Potter was told he was a wizard and could use magic. Harry didn't believe it of course; how could magic fit in with science and technology. Harry had spent most of his life in a local library to escape the Dursleys who hated him. Harry had studied far ahead into quantum physics after five years of studying. It helped that Harry didn't put any effort into school after he was beaten for receiving better grades than Dudley. Harry agreed after seeing several spells to go to Hogwarts. He studied his books during the night only sleeping an average of five hours a night. He never allowed himself to do better than his best friend Ron in classes, and didn't put any more effort into the assignments than when he was at the Dursleys.

On Halloween, Ron was making fun of a Hermione Granger for being a know-it-all; this only encouraged Harry to hide his true knowledge. When Professor Quirrell announced that there was a troll in the school Harry felt that he had to step in and find Granger. Ron chased after him so Harry was unable to use his full power while confronting the troll. Thus the Golden Trio was form that day. Since Hermione was with them and made Ron study Harry let his grades rise from an A to an E in most classes.

Christmas was a blessing when Harry received his invisibility cloak. Harry was first up that morning so when he found the cloak he tried it on, and seeing that he disappear in the mirror made Harry reluctant to share his new found treasure. From that day on, Harry went to the library late at night to read. Harry was well into third year spells and could do any potion having learned to follow every instruction while cooking at the Dursleys. Of course Harry purposely messed the potions up, however he wouldn't let any of them explode.

Harry soon learned the statement 'All Good Things Must Come to an End' in May when he was forced to stop a professor from stealing the philosopher's stone. Harry fought with Professor Quirrell and defeated Voldemort saving the stone. Having bought a small concealed bag in Diagon Alley Harry was able to hide the stone and claim its destruction.

Harry was able to procure several books from the library the night before leaving Hogwarts. These books were on magical theory and had a spell to block tracking charms on wands. They worked by putting a ward around the wand that blocked the trace so even muggles seeing magic wouldn't register with the ministry. No one had seen these books in hundreds of years as they were in a back corner of the library. Harry had scouted the library and noticed Madam Pince never went near that section. After getting home Harry was able to demonstrate to his family why they should ignore him. He proceeded to disappear into the guest bedroom and read through several books over the next few days.

Harry had come up with a theory that magic was an energy field that could be manipulated and that wizards were like batteries so they could discharge this energy with spells. Following this theory Harry began practicing wandless magic in his room. He found that emotions such as anger focused his ability to control magic and continued experimentation. Transfiguration and Charms spells were best focused through frustration to complete the spell, or forcing more energy into the spell. Defensive spells like shields were best controlled with fear to strengthen them. Offensive spells were easiest to control through anger or rage; this was the easiest emotion since Harry had been filled with repressed anger for his whole life. All spells were enhanced through determination to use them and focusing on the results.

Words were a means of focus for spells and any language could be used. However, wizards had decided Latin was the best language for focus as they weren't normal words to say. Wand movement was used for the same reason as many wizards and witches were unwilling to focus more on what they want. When Harry realized this, he decided never to use complicated motions beyond a wave or slash. He also tried to focus fully on silent spells as casting was much faster. Being that he had fought Voldemort, who was supposed to be dead, Harry was preparing for another confrontation.

With a warning from Dobby, who Harry took seriously but refused to make promises to, and stunning the elf before he could do anything to the muggles, Harry was on his way to the Weasley family for a month. Harry had read about flooing so one night he snuck out and went to Grigotts to get money from his account. Harry got a bottomless bag and filled it with twenty thousand galleons and a charmed wallet that contained twenty thousand pound. He planned to take a nice shopping trip at some point. Harry returned to the Burrow and went to bed, no one suspected a thing.

A week later the Weasley's were preparing to go one their shopping trip and Harry choked while saying Diagon Alley. Harry fell out in a store that he quickly realized was in knockturn Alley and thought he might as well take a look as he was already there. He found a bookstore and bought several interesting titles including one called parcel magic. When he headed up toward Diagon Alley, Harry spotted a wand shop. The shop was small and in a dark corner, but Harry felt like checking it out.

Inside the shop Harry found an old man that looked sick. The sides of the shop contained many odd items such as venoms, bloods, and feathers; as well as woods and precious stones. The man asked for a drop of blood on a parchment to create a custom wand. Harry did so and it listed several items for the wand.


Blood wood, Walnut



Phoenix Tears

Basilisk Venom

Dragon Heartstring

Focusing stone

Emerald with ruby center

The man pulled out a fifteen inch stick of red walnut and placed it in a small box. Harry was told to let his blood fill the box covering the wand and within five minutes the blood had all socked into the wood. Using magic the man placed a thin layer of mithril inside the wood leaving enough room for the core. The core was placed within magically and the wand looked finished. However, the man pulled a small emerald out and after drilling a hole for the ruby placed the stone in the front of the wand. He explained that his blood would help the wood be fully compatible and the mithril was a magical metal that would conduct the magic easily. The emerald would focus normal magic into a nice beam and not loose excess energy during travel. The ruby was useful for offensive spells as it focused powerful spells into a condensed beam of energy hitting a target at maximum power. The final part of creating the wand was using mithril to place runes over the wand. These runes would draw magic from the air to increase power as well as make Harry the only person able to touch the wand. This was followed by runes for indestructibility and automatic return to hand or wand holster with a thought incase it was lost in a duel.

Harry asked for a disillusioned wand holster before paying the man two hundred seventy galleons so he wouldn't say anything. The wand was unregistered, untraceable, and very powerful. The entire process only took an hour. Harry returned to Diagon Alley and found the Weasley's with Molly frantically searching for him. He told them he was launched out some fire place in the back of one of the side alleys. They meet up with the Grangers and Hermione quickly pulled Harry and Ron off to the bookstore. While Ron complained, Harry searched for useful books and found only three, shield spells, dueling charms, and battle transfiguration. He also picked up the necessary school books.

At the end of the day Harry went straight to bed so he wouldn't have to answer awkward questions. He awoke early in the morning so he went out and practiced his spells. When offered the chance to fly Harry refused to trust his safety to a stick. Harry had always wanted to fly but in fighter jets not brooms. Since Ron and his brothers wouldn't let their sister Ginny fly, Harry asked her to teach him to swim in their pond. They were quiet about it since Harry was embarrassed, but within a week Harry was swimming very well.

Once they returned to school, Harry returned to his normal routine of going to the library at night. He started to sneak into the restricted section and cast silencing spells so he could read. Harry found books on the mind arts so he read them and practiced occluding his mind. Harry also practiced legitimacy on unsuspecting students like Ron and some kid that kept taking pictures of him. Harry had to laugh at the fact he kept a slight glamour on at all times that would interfere with the pictures. Harry didn't want pictures to appear in the newspapers as he was famous. Draco Malfoy was being an annoyance throughout the first two months and Harry was ready to hex him, but then the attacks began.

At first some cat had been petrified soon followed by several students. One wall had writing on it stating the Chamber of Secretes had been opened. Harry didn't really care figuring one of the professors could take care of the problem or bring in the ministry. Instead of solving the problem mandatory dueling was set up for the students. Harry reluctantly went to it and found that the idiot Professor Lock-something or other was teaching it. Harry had never bothered paying attention as he realized the books were fiction with no knowledge.

Next thing Harry realized he was being called on to come up and duel. Malfoy stood at the other end of the platform, "Scared Potter?"

"Of what, you don't make me laugh."


Draco sent the first spell. Tarantallegra

Harry responded with several quick spells. Expelliarmus, Impedimenta, Petrificus Totalus

Serpensortia Harry found a snake coming toward him and said, "Stop do not attack or I will destroy you."

As the snake looked up at him Snape made his presence known by sending a spell to destroy the snake, Harry looked up and found everyone staring at him. "What now?"

Everyone stared until Ron yelled out, "You're a pacelmouth you're evil." Everyone else then seemed to realize they could start saying insults as well. Harry just walked out of the room and headed for his room. Hermione ran after him and joined him, "Harry are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine. I'm just pissed that everyone turns on me for telling a snake not to attack."

"That's what you said?"

"Yea what did you think I said?"

"All we heard was hissing. You are able to talk to snakes and with the Chamber open everyone is going to assume you are the heir of Slytherin and are attacking them."

"Great, just great, why did I come to this backwater group? They actually believe in all this magic and are so stereotypical."

"What do you mean by they believe their doing magic? What do you call shooting spells from a wand?"

"Simply put, there is an energy field that people can draw from to accomplish amazing things. Like when people can pull a door off a car and other impossible situations that occur. Wizards are like a battery; they don't draw the energy in usually but instead have the energy within them to send out. The greatest wizards are the ones that learn to draw on the energy surrounding us to recharge. That is why Voldemort is able to use killing curses in duels while others quickly become exhausted doing so. Dumbledore does so as well to do all his fancy transfiguration in duels. I doubt they even realize it as the whole lot of these people think that the two of them are just really powerful."

"So we are just batteries. Then how can we pull in energy around us?"

"Well, you first have to learn control of your own energy before you can control more. I learned by doing wandless magic."

"But only the most powerful people can do…"

"No anyone can but the wizards say it's impossible. They also say I'm evil because I can talk to snakes. Just because they believe so doesn't make it so. It only holds them back."

"Can you teach me?"

"Not here it's too dangerous to risk discovery at this school. I can teach you if you can meet me over the summer."

"My parents have been after me to invite friends over for years. Could you come for Christmas?"

"Isn't that time for family? "

"My parents won't mind they aren't going to be home this year. They plan on leaving me alone as always."

"Why would they leave you alone?"

"While they love me, they can't stand the idea of being around me with my powers. They want me to have someone but they won't stay with me."

"I understand, at least your family cares for you. I'm willing to come."

"Thank you so much. I haven't had a real Christmas for a long time."

"It will be my first, thanks for inviting me."

"Well I will go write a letter see you later."

Hermione ran off and Harry was left alone on his way to his room. He spent the next few weeks continuing to study as well as teach Hermione more spells. A week before break Harry snuck down to Hogsmead with the older students and picked up several gifts. Harry also went to the Hogshead and bought several cases of butterbeer and a few bottles of firewhiskey for himself. Soon the day came to leave. Harry and Hermione spent the trip talking and playing some games like hangman.

Once the train pulled in Harry and Hermione got in her parents car and the trip to the house was silent. They dropped the two off and said they were heading to visit Hermione's aunt. Harry was confused as to why they left two teenagers in a house alone but choose to not dwell, instead Harry began to teach wandless magic. They enjoyed Christmas together and Hermione was willing to actually have firewhiskey. The two of them had soon finished off a bottle and were heavily intoxicated as they had never drunk before. They soon found themselves kissing each other and some kissing before they fell asleep.

The next day was very tense and neither was sure what to say. Finally Harry said, "Were teenagers, it's expected for us to experiment. Let's just go with it was fun, might do again, and move on."

Hermione was shocked at first till she thought about it, "Your right, but could we experiment again it was fun."

Soon the vacation was over and they were forced to return to school. They had spoken to Hermione's parents about Harry spending the summer at the house and they had agreed without a problem. They returned to a schedule to only learn some basic spells nothing to powerful, at least in the open. They meet at night and were working on more powerful spells. By April several more attacks had happened and one night Harry and Hermione had been out late and found Ginny walking on the second floor. They followed quietly and soon found Ginny jumping down a pipe in a bathroom. They glanced at each other and agreed to follow.

In the chamber they were separated by a cave in. Harry continued on while Hermione cleared the rubble. Harry soon found himself fighting a basilisk and was fortunate to have a phoenix come to help. By transfiguring a rock into a sword Harry was able to kill the basilisk and stick a fang into Riddle's diary. Harry and Hermione placed Ginny outside the Headmaster's office with the diary. The next few weeks they worked on stripping the basilisk corpse and Harry got the skin turned into armor for the two of them. The new phoenix became Harry's friend and was named Ares as he had appeared during battle. He had dark red feathers that looked like blood. While he wouldn't stay, Ares was a nice friend to talk to for the next two years. Harry decided since he had a wand with phoenix feather to collect one as well as some tears.

Harry went into the forbidden forest and found a dragon named Norbert. The dragon was Hagrid's and was being raised secretly. Harry decided to help Hagrid with raising Norbert as he always loved the idea of dragons. Harry found a spell to collect dragon heartstrings and asked Norbert for one. Norbert seemed to accept so Harry was almost ready to get a new wand. He searched the forest for a red walnut tree and finally found one. He got a stick fifteen inches and magically prepared it in the shape of a wand; also when Norbert shedding his scales Harry requested to be allowed to keep them which Hagrid had no problem with.

Once summer came Harry and Hermione went to Diagon Alley and Harry led the way to the wand shop. Hermione was a bit upset with Knockturn Alley, but she soon accepted it. Harry went in and asked the man to make him another wand. When Harry gave him the wood already soaked in blood, phoenix tears, basilisk venom and a small emerald and ruby he had picked up in another shop the man was shocked. It was rare a person got materials already connected before being a wand. The second wand seemed nearly identical to the first, but Harry could feel a major difference in power. Harry also asked for a piece of Holly and gave the phoenix feather so it would look identical to his legal wand.

Harry kept his two powerful wands in disillusioned holsters on his arms, his new holly in a disillusioned holster on his leg, and his legal wand on a visible hip holster. Hermione soon got a new wand which was far less powerful but very easy for her to control. The two left the shop and went to an armor shop nearby. Inside they were measured for shirt, pants, gloves, boots, cloak, vest, and a jacket two for each. Harry also got a hoody made. They were able to were the armor in both wizarding and muggle worlds and made the armor with both dragon and basilisk scales. Dragon was better against physical attack while basilisk was more spell resistant. Harry asked for mithril runes to be placed in all the armor including runes so it would self clean, repair, always fit, elemental resistant, and nearly indestructible.

They picked several books up while they were nearby before going back to Hermione's house. Her parents were only there for ten hours a day and that was only to sleep and get ready to work. They didn't seem to care what the two teens did at all. The two continued to practice magic every day and Hermione was able to get the basics of wandless down; the two of them also experimented with firewhiskey and kissing several times over the summer since they were alone.

Returning to school they learned that Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban and wanted to kill Harry. To which Harry responded to with, "Why is it always me, why can't they be after Ron."

Dementors attacked Harry several times prompting Professor Lupin to teach Harry the Patronus charm. Harry read about animagus abilities and Hermione help him brew the potion. Harry had a form of bird while Hermione feline. The two continued practicing and near the end of the year Hermione found she was a black panther, and Harry was a black phoenix with green feather types and eyes. Harry also found he was able to control lightning and green flames thanks to his form. When he pushed more power the flames would turn into a beautiful blue. The two of them finished the year by rescuing Sirius after they learned he was innocent.

The summer was identical to the last with them learning and at the end they decided to date. They started the year great until Harry was announced a triwizard champion. Only Hermione believed him innocent so they were frequently disappearing in the evenings to calm themselves. During the first task Harry calmly walked up to his dragon and thanks to taking care of Norbert, he used a few charms to make him unnoticed. Harry was the first to get the egg and without injury.

Draco Malfoy had tried to attack Harry and was turned into a ferret. Harry always called him ferret afterward and Draco became angry. He became darker trying new curses secretly. He tried to turn the school even further away from Harry and was succeeding accept Harry didn't care. He tried to get on Harry's nerves but was easily dealt with.

The Yule Ball was fun as Harry and Hermione went together. Since they had practiced dancing in several ways including a time of Hermione trying pole dancing and strip dancing for Harry, they were easily the best couple on the floor. After the dance they decided to go farther in their experimentation with touching each other. The second task was extremely easy for Harry to finish as Hermione always had a tracking device on her thanks to the earrings Harry had given her for Christmas.

The third task soon arrived. Most of the school was uncaring as to whether Harry was competing or not at this point, but not Ron and the other Gryffindors. Harry had given up on sleeping in his bed so he had created his own hide out. Being an animagus helped a lot when he could flame there. Harry ran into the maze and was using a point me charm. He managed to make it to the cup before any of the others, but the cup turned out to be a portkey. Harry had disappeared.

Harry landed in the middle of a grave yard. He moved to get up but was hit with a stunner. The next thing Harry knew was that Voldemort was standing in front of him talking to death eaters. Harry also saw that Voldemort had both the yew and holly brother wands. Harry flamed to the cup and grabbed it leaving the grave yard behind. Harry landed in front of the crowd and saw Hermione running toward him. When she reached him all he could say was, "My arm," before passing out. Hermione did several rudimentary healing spells before levitating him to the hospital wing. It was ten minutes later that anyone realized that Harry had disappeared again.

When questioned Harry only told the minister that death eaters had gathered and were trying to revive Voldemort. He also stated that they had taken his wand and he hadn't been able to recover it. Fudge told the aurors to begin looking for death eaters that escaped. Once the ministry personnel left Harry quietly informed Hermione and Dumbledore that Voldemort had been revived successfully. Over the summer Harry trained harder than before and managed to successfully increase the size of his core by using more and more power.

Fifth year began well, Harry and Hermione had broken up deciding they were better as friends for the time being and others were talking to Harry now that he was obviously been set up. Harry refused to forgive Ron for the betrayal and Ron tried to get others to turn again but failed. Voldemort was quiet throughout the year; Harry was collecting a truck filled with an entire library of books from beginning to mastery of spells ever since Dumbledore told him the prophecy. Harry had also gotten a large supply of potion supplies and had made many healing potions and a few others already. Harry was prepared for the war to hit businesses and got what was needed early.

Harry had also removed his family jewels and much of his fortune into the truck. He had converted the galleons into pure gold and the sickles were converted to silver. Harry had left the Knuts which he had millions in the bank and willed them to Hermione incase anything happened. While the Goblins were unhappy with his removal of money and treasures they were unable to stop him. While he was doing this Harry remembered how powerful mithril was so he bought several blocks for future use.

Harry continued studying throughout the year and sent a few letters to Sirius and Remus. With Voldemort staying hidden, the order of the phoenix was forced to wait and prepare. He spent a good deal of time in the chamber of secrets and the room of requirements practicing powerful spells and learning how to allow technology to work with the energy his spells put off. He found the electromagnetic hardened computers were able to work in Hogwarts proving to Harry that magic was just another form of energy and too much gathered disrupted electronics.

In the Chamber of Secrets, Harry spent his time training with target practice. He started with long distance followed by moving targets at both close and long distances Thanks to the tri-wizard tournament Harry was friends with a Bulgarian muggleborn who sent him a Arcus 98DA Double Action Two Tone 9mm Pistol. The pistol was small enough to conceal and Harry charmed the magazine from only ten rounds to ten thousand. He also had a spare magazine just in case he ever ran out considering the trouble he had in life.

The gun was charmed to be more powerful, no kick back, fire farther, auto-clean, and to never jam. Harry also had to use real bullets so he went through a supplier to get him twenty five thousand rounds and used magic to place small runes in the rounds to give the different abilities. Some were elemental charged, while others were made to explode. Harry got a regular ten round magazine for stunners incase he had to capture some one but left the others mixed in the two big magazines.

Harry transfigured some bones into several magazines filled with regular bullets and proceeded to practice his aim on the targets. At first he was horrible until he compensated for the new angle his hand was at when firing. By Christmas he could hit any none moving target with deadly accuracy and also could hit human shaped dummies in hands and legs easily. By the end of the year Harry had his targeting down to be able to hit moving targets while he ran around dodging attacks with perfect accuracy. For long rang he could hit a target but couldn't guarantee survival or not.

When the end of the year arrived Harry completed his OWLs and left with Hermione to go home. Harry was keeping up his muggle knowledge and had a large book supply on the latest information. The summer was very quiet until a massive attack on the ministry had killed half of the aurors. Voldemort led the attack himself proving he was back without a doubt. The fools in the wizarding world turned to Harry to save them again.

The next few weeks were tense and when Hogwarts began the year many were worried about an attack on the train. Harry had proven with his owls that he was extremely talented so he gave up playing dumb. He worked his hardest and with his new holly wand he was able to do so much more easily than before. Over the next few months attacks occurred, killing many. Many students returned home for Christmas, but Harry and Hermione had stayed at the request of Dumbledore for their safety. Harry always kept his armor, three wands, and gun on at all times as well as keep his shrunken trunk with all his other possession in his pocket so he already felt safe but played along.

Unfortunately, that was when Voldemort had intended to strike. Christmas Day everyone was sitting down for lunch when the Dumbledore looked up in alarm. He rushed out of the great hall and was hit with a green light. Albus Dumbledore died. Voldemort walked into the hall and students screamed. Voldemort just turned his head toward Harry and said, "Hello Potter, I hope you are more of a challenge than dear Albus was."

Harry seeing where this was leading just said, "Let's get it over with already. We will know the result after the duel. There's no reason to prolong it."

Voldemort looked at Harry with interest before clearing an area for their duel. Harry hugged Hermione and walked over; the two bowed and the spells flew. Missing or hitting with no one knowing who used which.

Avada Kadavra, Prosterno, Reducto, Expelliarmus, Avada Kadavra, Incendio, Crucio, Avada Kadavra, Avada Kadavra, Pubsisto

The two threw spells back and forth beams of blue, green, and red were seen commonly with sporadic appearances of the other colors. Harry dodged the best he could and his defense stopped most other spells.

Stupefy, Incendia Offendo, Rememdium, Levitas Offend, Reducto, Stupefy, Crucio, Imperio, Attero, Petrificus Totalus, Ultio, Reducto, Serpensortia

Voldemort forgot Harry was a parcelmouth and was hit by Harry's next spell as he was surprised Harry had simply ordered the snake to stop. Harry pulled his gun and fired hundreds of rounds into Voldemort, but they were unable to kill him. Harry was forced to return to spells.

Vigoratus, Reducto, Reducto, Extermino, Wingardium Leviosa, Prosterno, Subsisto, Praemium, Pondero, Texi, Texi, Declino, Res Publica, Pulsus, Seorsum, Sepulchrum, Proventus, Incendia Levitas Offend, Stupefy, Efflixi, Ultionis

The next spells were becoming more powerful elemental spells and most were getting through causing both fighters to heal themselves.

Effrego Armo, Frendo Compages, Effrego Crur, Ingenero, Senium, Morior, Intereo, Caries, Castigatio, Poena, Piaculum, Livor, Infortunium, Erado, Perdo, Obruo, Prosterno, Erasum, Erasi, Efflixi, Aduro, Exussum, Ardeo, Senium Somes Compages

The last spell hit Voldemort and was beginning to decay his muscles and bones. They both sent their most powerful spells at the other.

Lux Lucis Exuro Lemma, Atrum Attero Lemma

Both spells crashed together create an intense bright light followed by a hole of darkness. So Harry tried sending a spell that would burn Voldemort apart forever while Voldemort choose to send Harry to a place that he would be no threat. Voldemort sent out one last Avada Kedavra which hit Luna Lovegood, while she wasn't a great friend she did hang out with Harry from time to time. Harry just wanted Voldemort to burn for the death of Luna, and he sent a powerful and completely unblock able elemental spell.

Eternus flamma orior oriri ortus quod exuro is res quod aufero suus inficio in is universitas

Voldemort wanted Harry to suffer. He had finally realized that he could not kill Harry, so he concluded that it was necessary to remove Harry from the war. He also felt like causing Harry even more problems and de-aging Harry to age three. He quickly thought of the two spells he needed and combined them. This ability was the true reason he was the most powerful dark lord in history.

Fio parvulus ut vos es sent ut alius universum per vicis quod tractus ut nunquam reverto

Both spells were finished at the same time and flew into each other. Unlike the last spells these two flew straight on hitting their intended targets. Bright blue flames rose from the ground consuming Voldemort. At the same time a vortex formed around Harry and you could see him de-aging. Fortunately, Harry's clothes automatically resized and Harry didn't lose his holstered weapons. However, the holly phoenix feather wand was dropped on the ground. Harry could feel his body shrink and quickly translated what the spell had said: become a child as you are sent to another universe through time and space to never return. Harry disappeared into the vortex lost forever. His last thought before darkness consumed him was that at least he took Voldemort down with him.

Back in the Great Hall, Hermione watch Harry disappear and swore she would find him one day. The next year, Hermione graduated top of her class, and she was quickly accepted into the unspeakable. Hermione studied unknown spells and tried to determine their effect. Her biggest project was to learn Voldemort's spell and go to Harry. Knowing Harry would want a copy of spells and their uses, Hermione kept two journals; one journal to turn into her superiors and the other to save for Harry. Thus, Hermione began her path to return to Harry's side.