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Chapter 7

Harry woke up alone and looked out over the valley. He was unwilling to step into this world as every time he tried to help, no one had listened. He heard Hermione, his first friend and now second wife, yell for him. He walked into the living room and saw a news broadcast. The President was calling for anyone with ships to stand and fight will Earth was evacuated. Hermione asked him to fight, but he didn't see the point. Earth had gone to the stars and was already in its second war. Earth had started the Minbari War and was now paying for it.

When it later turned out Earth had won and started to build a space station to encourage negotiations rather than wars, Harry was impressed. While the first three stations had been sabotaged the fourth was nearing operation. Perhaps they had learned their lessons and would be willing to be more peaceful rather than constant war. Hermione chose to stay on Earth while Harry flew out into the galaxy on his x-wing fighter. The fighter was most likely able to destroy anything he came up against. As old as the two of them were, a few years separation would hardly be noticed.

Harry added a jump drive into the fighter using magic to shrink the engine. Jump drives were found to launch ships into a sub dimension rather than an upper dimension. Ships could become lost in 'hyperspace' unlike what Harry was used to using. He decided to travel around Earth routes for a while and discover how the galaxy had changed since Hermione had he had first explored during the first quests through the jump gates.

A few days later Harry was really considering how he had the luck he did. He could not die and would always manage the impossible, yet he was constantly attacked or placed in a situation calling for battle. When he had jumped to normal space he found a transport ship under attack from raiders. He instantly prepped for battle and by the time the raiders turned to attack him he was firing into them. Using the Force, he was able to aim with perfect accuracy with every shot. He linked his four lasers so that he would destroy fighters in one shot and blasted one after another. One raider managed to shoot his fighter; thankfully his fighter had shields, which were thought impossible in this universe. The hit did no damage so Harry continued firing on the raiders. Once they were destroyed he offered to assist the transport to its destination.

Two days later Harry arrived on Babylon 4. The station was massive easily the size of a super star destroyer being miles long. He landed his fighter and was thanked by the station commander for protecting the transport. It seemed that the station was to be brought online in another day and Harry agreed to stay for the ceremony. That turned out to be a mistake, while the party had been fun, twenty-four hours after operation the station seemed to phase into another dimension. When several people came to evacuate the station Harry escorted them in his own fighter. Once the evacuation was complete the station disappeared completely.

The convoy was led across the system to Babylon 5. It turned out that they had been shifted through time and this five mile long station which was the smallest of the Babylon stations was completed and remained in operation. Harry remained on the station for several weeks learning about the current times as well as sending Hermione a message about what had happened. When he received a reply it seemed she had been thinking he had gotten caught up in someone else's fight and was out of communications. Considering his life, that was actually perfectly plausible. While he was on the station several fighter pilots including Commanders Garibaldi, Ivanova, and Sinclair all wanted to look at his fighter. The x-wing was far superior compared to a starfury; though the starfury could do a 180 degree turn unlike the x-wing. Sinclair actually asked if he could get him several of the fighters, which he had to reply that it was a one of a kind and the designer had died unable to build another.

Harry decided to remain on the station for a time and witnessed Sinclair move on while John Sheridan took over as the commander. He took my being there without much question and during several battles with raiders was very glad I was there to help.

When the Shadow war began, Harry once again found himself on the front lines. When more and more systems fell Sheridan decided to go to their home world. Harry offered him a ride and on the way learned that he wanted to destroy as much of the planet as possible. Harry smiled and offered to blow the system. Sheridan thought he was joking and accepted so when harry did so he was shocked. When they returned to B5 they found a small fleet of shadow vessels attacking. Harry began firing missiles and torpedoes as well as sending laser blasts at the vessels. Unlike the starfuries attack, Harry's attack actually destroyed the vessels. They began to fear him. A week later they attempted to kill him on the station so he drew his saber and struck them down using the Force to protect himself.

When the Vorlons started destroying planets, Harry was flying beside Sheridan in another attack. Harry sent attacks against both Vorlons and shadows including using the Force against them. Harry was pissed when they began to destroy life on the planet's surface and sent a massive thought bomb into the middle of the two fleets. While the Alliance under Sheridan was unaffected, the Vorlons and Shadows lost a good third of their fleets to the bomb. Because they were telepathic, they could sense their brothers' souls trapped and surrendered. They along with the other first ones which were the ancient races in the galaxy left beyond the rim. Harry continued to help out with other attacks and was easily the most feared person in the galaxy.

However he returned to Earth and began to find the muggleborns and began to train them as both jedi and wizards. Slowly the wizarding world was reformed with technologically advanced jedi who were willing to fight throughout the galaxy. They had the best equipment thanks to Harry rebuilding tech from the other universe. After doing all he could for the galaxy, Harry took Hermione back to the other universe where they had seven daughters and five sons over the next three hundred years. They were all trained as both wizards and Jedi, four to each Order. Hermione and Harry continued to live for another thousand years before becoming one with the Force, without their deaths necessary. Harry was reunited with his old family and was forced to endure Steph and Hermione comparing stories of their husband, but at least when Padmé joined them he had the company of Anakin. Sometimes eternity just sucked for those who are married.

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