Project Drive Sammy Crazy

Summary: Title kind of sums it up nicely… Dean's just being his awesome big brother self.

Disclaimer: Still don't own 'em. Still don't own much of anything actually, huh.

AN: Silly little drabble for SFTCOL(AR)S weekly drabble challenge. The prompt was book.


"Sam." Nothing.

"Sammy." Nope.

"Sammy, Saaammy, Sam-my... SAMMY!"


Dean grinned. "Whaaatchya readin'?"

Sam rolled his eyes with a huff of annoyance. "A book."

"No shit, Sherlock. Anything good?"


"Sam... Sammy?"

"Dean..." Half hour of this and Sam's patience were already long gone. Dean, of course, ignored the warning.


Sam help up his hand, refusing to look away from his book. "Say it again and I'm going to punch you."

Dean's grin only widened. "Samantha, I'm boooored."

Sam groaned, slamming his book. "Kill me now."