Never Let You Fall

Summary: Sam's always trusted Dean to not let go. Wee!chesters.

Disclaimer: I am the owner of nothing! Well, almost nothing... I do own this laptop, heh.

AN: Second SPN drabble for the weekly challenge over on The Writers Guild. The prompt was fall.


"Dean," Sam gasped, "Don't let me fall. Please, don't let me fall."

Dean grunted and tightened his hold on his brother's wrists. "I won't. I've got you."

It was a promise, and Dean never broke his promises. Sammy squeezed his eyes shut, a rebel tear escaping and trailing down his cheek, but he nodded. He trusted his brother, there was never any doubt.

Dean braced himself, and pulled.

Sam's body came over the edge and finally onto solid ground.

Dean wrapped his arms around his shaking little brother and whispered, "I didn't let you fall… I'll never let you fall."