Oh Severus

Oh Severus!

Severus sat with his face like thunder, a glass of Firewhisky gripped tightly in his hand. He had already broken one glass in temper; throwing against the wall and watching it shatter in tiny pieces. His eyes were black, and his wand hand was itchy. He wanted something to hex and was tempted to call a house elf into service.

He had woken in the hotel room after half an hour, and had expected Hermione to come back. He had waited, read his book, and then he had started to worry about her. He had left the room, and walked around the small town twice looking for her. Then, he thought he may have missed her and she was probably in the room, worrying about where he had gone, and so he went back to the hotel, only to find she still wasn't there.

Severus had thought over their time in the suite, and in particular last night. He had wondered if she had really enjoyed it as much as she had said, or if she had just said that for his benefit? Had he scared her so much that she decided to end things and return to Ron? He was sure he hadn't mistaken her feelings for him, and that she really did love him as much as she said. And yet, he wasn't happy. He wanted her to himself and he knew, deep down, he wasn't prepared to share her with Ron any more. And he needed to tell her that. She had to choose. Severus had an attack of panic and sudden fear that she wouldn't choose him. So he had gathered their belongings and left, believing she wasn't planning on coming back to him.

Severus stood up and drained his glass, then walked into his bedchamber and pulled the bedclothes back. He removed his clothes and climbed into the bed, shivering under the cold covers. He missed having Hermione's warm lithe body to curl up against. He tried to sleep, but his chest was tight and his throat constricted. He needed her, and gods, he wanted her.

Hermione sat in the Three Broomsticks and finished her Firewhisky. She stood and walked to the Floo. She had been waiting for a quiet moment. Taking a small handful of powder, she said 'The quarters of Severus Snape,' and Flooed directly into his lounge.

There were a couple of candles burning, and she noted the broken glass on the floor and sighed. She slung her holdall off her shoulder, threw it onto the couch and put her head into the lab to see if he was in there. The lab was empty and she frowned. It was still early, and she wondered where he might be.

'Severus?' she called out softly. She walked towards his bedchamber and pushed the door open. She could see he was there sleeping, the covers were moving up and down with his breathing.

She walked slowly over to the bed and took off her clothes. She hesitated a little, not knowing how to gauge his reaction. But she needed to feel him against her skin. Slowly she lifted the covers and climbed beneath them, and then slid over to where he was curled up on the far side of the bed. She snaked her arm around his chest and laid her cheek against his shoulder, kissing him softly.

Severus wasn't sleeping. He held his breath a little as he felt her climb into the bed, and closed his eyes as she wrapped her arm around him, her soft breasts pressing into his back. He wanted to turn and hold her close, but something had changed between them. Their affair had become something much bigger, and it frightened him.

Hermione was kissing him again, with light, feathery kisses, tracing the scars on his back.

He sighed deeply.

'Hermione,' he spoke softly.

'You're awake,' she smiled against his skin.

'Why did you leave me?' he whispered, his voice breaking as he spoke the words he didn't really want the answer to.

Hermione smiled. 'I didn't leave you, silly. But I did leave Ron.'

Severus stiffened, then turned in her arms to look at her.

'What did you say?'

Hermione smiled at him. 'I said, I left Ron. And when I came back, you had left me,' she pouted a little.

Severus searched her face with wonder. 'Why?'

Hermione sighed a little. 'Because I just can't pretend anymore, Severus. I can't share myself with someone I don't want to be with, it's just too hard. Every minute I'm away from you is too painful. I just need to be with you, no hiding, and no more sneaking about. I don't give a flying fuck who knows about us to be honest. I'm proud of what we've got, and I want everyone to know I love you. That's why.'

Severus closed his eyes as her words sank in. She was his, no one else's.

Hermione watched his face. His eyes were closed but he was relaxing, his creased lines smoothing softly. She smiled and moved her face to his, kissing him firmly on the lips, wrapping her arms tightly around him and slinking her leg around his waist a little. She pushed her body against him and he moaned as he felt her nipples press into his chest. Hermione could feel his cock throbbing along her inner thigh and wriggled down the bed a little, letting her labia caress him and her juices slide of the head of his cock. Her tongue was in his mouth, exploring and tasting every inch of him.

Their kisses became suddenly more frantic as they felt their passion rise. Severus's hands were on her breasts, caressing her flesh and running his fingers deftly across her erect nipples. He bent his head and took them into his mouth alternately, licking over the pebbled aureole and flicking her nipples with the tip of his tongue before drawing them gently into his mouth and sucking only them firmly. She tasted so sweet. With a low growl he pushed her onto her back and rained kisses onto her throat and breasts, moving rapidly down her body, his hands roaming where his mouth couldn't reach, fondling her breasts and pulling at her nipples.

Hermione ran her hands through his hair as he ventured downwards. Gods he felt so good, his mouth was setting her on fire and her skin was tingling with lust. His face was over her pussy, and without warning he ran his tongue the length of her labia, stopping to delicately tease her clit. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked hard. Hermione screamed his name, and he resumed his work with his tongue, licking her clit then plunging deep into her soaking hole, tasting every drop of her. Hermione was starting to shake, her release was so close. He wanted to feel her, and he moved quickly, rising above her then laying his body onto hers, his cock nestling by her entrance. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and with a sharp jab, his cock thrust into her tight vagina.

'Oh fuck!' Hermione moaned, her head tipped back and her pelvis jerking to meet him.

'I intend to,' he gasped. He wrapped his arms under her shoulders for support and nuzzled his head in her breasts as he started to fuck her quickly. He bit and sucked at her nipples, and felt her trembling.

'Gods, Merlin, I'm coming Severus.' Hermione cried in his ear.

Severus felt his orgasm too and moved faster, his arse a blur as he forced himself into her over and over. His balls tightened as Hermione felt him go rock hard.

'Oh gods, harder Severus, harder,' she gasped 'so fucking close,' she whimpered.

'Oh fuck!! Oh Yes, yes Hermione, come for me, my love, NOW!' He shouted out as he bucked hard and shot his load into her tight pussy. He grunted, and hot thick streams of come pulsed out of him as he felt her clamp down hard on his cock.

Hermione wailed long and loud as his come hit her cervix, and she came over and over, shuddering and bucking underneath him. She felt herself drift off to another place and realised she must have fainted for a moment, because Severus was calling her name softly as she came around, his eyes full of concern.

'Hermione, my love, what happened?' he asked her gently.

'I fainted, I think. That was quite intense, it happens sometimes,' she lifted her head upwards and kissed his lips. 'I'm fine. More than fine,' she smiled.

Severus smiled at her and hugged her to him tightly. 'I love you, Hermione.' He mumbled into her hair, then kissed her lightly and gently rolled off her.

Hermione smiled at him. She hadn't felt so happy in a long, long time. Severus put his head up on his elbow and smiled down at her, his fingers lifting her soft wavy hair and letting it slip through like silk as he looked into her eyes.

'You always surprise me, witch,' he murmured.

'Wait until you see me move my stuff in, then you'll be surprised,' she looked around his small room. 'I will need a wardrobe, but goodness knows where I will put it,' she bit her lip.

Severus smirked. He wasn't going to make it that easy for her now he had her.

'Surely your wardrobe will be in your own quarters? Minerva is sure to be able to sort out some sort of accommodation for you,' he looked at her seriously.

Hermione's face fell. 'My own quarters? Oh, right. I see.'

She looked at him with her wide amber eyes sadly, and Severus couldn't keep up his little joke. He laughed out loud at her.

'Gods, witch, you are going to be fun to live with if you can't even take a joke! I don't want you to live anywhere else, of course you will be with me,' he grinned at her.

Hermione's eyes hardened. 'Severus Snape, that wasn't funny. Just for that, I am going to sleep on the couch,' she spat at him.

Hermione threw back the bedcovers, before marching out of the room and slamming the door closed. Severus smirked as he got up to follow her. He loved a good chase.

In the bowels of the castle, the house elves were finding safe places to be, away from the dungeons.

The End