He didn't understand why it kept happening. They were just little flashes—

She was twirling in the rain.

She was trying on silly hats.

She was grinning at him in a way she never had when she was there.

She was crying.

She was kissing him.

She was lying in the street, in a puddle of her own blood (surprisingly this image didn't bring him as nearly as much joy as he figured it would).

None of it made sense. These moments hadn't occurred during their time in Hueco Mundo, so why was he seeing these things?


A/N: Okay, well, this is sort of a 'what if' for Noitra and Neliel. What if they knew each other when they were human? It's just for fun. There will be seven more chapters after this, most of them are pretty short, so don't get your hopes up or anything.