The blood began to seep through his fingers slower, mingling with his already dark suit

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'My Immortal'

The blood began to seep through his fingers slower, mingling with his already dark suit. Gritting his teeth, he pulled himself up into a sitting position and watched through dark eyes as the two bodies in front of him fought harder, listening to their grunts of pain echoing in the otherwise quiet night. Straining his ears, police sirens came into the air and he smelt incoming rain. Just what he needed.

Using the window ledge behind him, Matt lifted himself up; tearing off the helmet Elektra had placed back on his head. He dropped it to the floor and lifted his face to the rain momentarily, inhaling deeply as his 'vision' began to focus on the rooftop surrounding him. Blinking several times, he made his way towards the edge, where Bullseye was now dangling Elektra, her feet kicking wildly at the empty air in desperate attempts to connect with his chest.

Bullseye extended his arm, one of Elektra's sai's held firmly in his. He began to toy with her slowly, stroking the sai's tip against her exposed belly, watching as her eyes widened and as she began to choke in his clasp. Not wanting to spoil the fun too soon, he delivered a firm head butt to her face before dropping her to the wet rooftop.

"Get… away…" Matt managed to gasp as he approached Bullseye, "Me… you want… me."

"Well, actually," Bullseye kept his eyes fixed on Matt as he snatched up Elektra by her hair, smiling as she screamed from the pain. "It's the young lady I want." His thick Irish accent filled the air between them, his tone playful. "You want to see what I swiped from the morgue?"

Both Matt and Elektra looked up at what Bullseye produced from his jacket. A deep red stick, a devils emblem encrusted on the tip. As he turned it slowly in his fingertips, Elektra tried to swipe up, in a feeble attempt to snatch it from him. Delivering a swift knock to her head with it, Bullseye stood firm again, knowing she wouldn't be trying to grab it again.

"I had better be on my way," Bullseye dragged Elektra to her feet, her body swaying from his last attack. The blood ran steadily down her face from several cuts, the rain destroying Matt's last memory of them in the rain. Dropping the bloody weapon to the floor, Bullseye snatched up the sai and launched it towards Matt, unaware of just how much 'vision' he had in the rain. Ducking swiftly, pain tearing through his body from his earlier wound, Matt raised a feeble hand and caught the sigh with his fingers, before throwing it back with as much force.

Through her blurry vision, Elektra saw the sai approaching and realising the dignity that Bullseye had, she would be destined to be thrown on the end of it. Kicking out her leg, she connected hard with Bullseye's shins, feeling his grip relax on her just enough to use his weight against him. Spinning, she pressed up against his back and felt his body tense as the sai hit him square in the chest.

For a moment, he stood struck dumb, his hands tracing the object that protruded from him. "I…" He managed to get out before stepping back into Elektra, who moved swiftly out of the way, and gave him a forceful push to the edge of the rooftop. "I never miss…" His legs connected with the low wall behind him and he tumbled helplessly into the dark rain, his jacket billowing as gravity pulled him faster down.

Satisfied with the THUD she heard resounding, Elektra moved towards Matt, who was now crumpled on the floor, the rain running down his scarred face and into his empty eyes. Kneeling beside him, she cradled his head and murmured softly into his neck, feeling his cold hands caress her face.

"I wish I could see you…" He exhaled shortly and Elektra looked up, just in time to see a single tear mingle with the rain. Feeling her own eyes begin to water, she pulled him closer, feeling his body shudder with the cold surrounding them. "I wish-"

"I wish you'd stay with me… please, matt, stay with me." She slowly unzipped his leather jacket and placed her hand over the gaping wound in his shoulder, a sob escaping her for her sin. "Stay." His eyes fluttered shut shortly after, his breathing growing shallower. "Please…"