Well, I suppose I'll start this off by stating that this is my first attempt at a story in this fandom –or rather, my first more reasonable attempt at a story in this fandom. It might not make much sense now, at the beginning –maybe especially in this first chapter- but things will get better. This chapter is a sort of...feeler, I suppose, for me to gauge certain things, such as whether I am heading in the right track or not.

As for the story itself...well, I suppose that it will be AU, but only because I will be introducing a handful of original characters. Since the manga is not over yet, whatever I decide to write will most probably be contradicted when the more recent chapters come out. The storyline will pretty much remain faithful to the manga of 'Vampire Knight' but with the introduction of this new character (and a few others), I will have to change a few of the events.

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She was running. Her breaths, rushed and pained, came out before her in briefly visible huffs. Her body ached, and each movement caused breathless whimpers to escape her lips. But she didn't stop. She couldn't stop, not unless she wanted...she wanted to end up like her father...

Pursing her lips together, she managed to hold back the sob that was building up in her throat. Lilac eyes filled with tears despite this effort, and yet she continued with her mad run, her innate instincts telling her that the key to her survival was to put as much distance as she could between her and the wrecked, violated house and its...occupants.

As the cold winds bit at her cheeks and every other bit of her exposed skin, she bit on the inside of her mouth, hearing her father's words in her mind; her father's words that urged her on even if she couldn't feel her legs anymore...even if her nose had gone numb.

'Run, Yuzara!' he had said, what seemed like years ago, as he shoved her away, 'Whatever you do, keep running... You must stay away from these men for as long as you can... you must not let them catch you...' He had said more, she knew, for she heard him, but it had been muffled as she had begun her run. And she had had enough sense to refrain from halting and asking him what he had said.

Her cold and tired legs gave out from under her, sending her tumbling onto the snow-covered ground with a strangled cry. She ached all over, but the thought 'I must run...!' ricocheted around in her mind, and she didn't allow herself the luxury of staying still. No, she pulled herself first to her knees and then to her feet, wobbling all the way, as she continued forward.

Four steps later, she was back on the ground, face buried in the soft, cold snow. Strands of her silvery hair were splayed around her on the ground, uncomfortably absorbing the dampness of the snow, but she remained unmoving. Tears of fright and exhaustion slipped down her cheeks, slowly freezing in the harsh winter weather, but she could not find the energy in her to lift her face and use her hand to wipe them away. All that she knew was that she had stopped running.

It was cold, her body ached, and she had stopped running.

The bad men were coming, and she had stopped running.

'P-Papa... help me... p-please...' was the last coherent plea in her head, before her body went slack and her eyes slid shut.

Chapter One: Discussions All Around

The car travelled at a reasonable speed, providing its passengers with a comfortable enough ride –except for when the elderly chauffer failed to avoid the potholes on the rarely used, dilapidated road. Seated in the back of the roomy vehicle was a bespectacled, fair haired man. The ever present smile was indeed still on his lips as he stared out of the window, absently taking in the scenery that was being passed. His companion, who in contrast was dark-haired and looking rather bored, sat with an elbow resting against the car door as he leaned his head against the propped up hand.

"Alright, I'm going to ask you this just once more, Cross," he grumbled, as he fixed his one blue eye on his companion. "Where the hell are we going?"

The bespectacled brunet's smile widened slightly; and with good reason, as this latest inquiry was the sixth that he had received from the man.

"You did not need to tag along, Touga-kun," he said, cheerily. "I certainly didn't ask you to come..."

"Yeah, but I chose to come anyway," muttered dark-haired Yagari Touga. "So...?"

Cross Kaien shook his head as he turned his eyes away from the scenery outside, so he could look at his friend –and current staff member.

"It's nowhere important," he said, after a moment's pause. His smile widened some more as he saw Touga's eyebrows twitching.

"You're telling me that the reason you cancelled all your 'other appointments' for the day is merely because you wanted to...check out some random place that's far from civilization?" The disbelief in his tone would not have been evident to anyone who did not know him well. Having worked with him in the Hunters Association for many a year, the brunet was, unfortunately, someone who turned out to know him well.

Kaien nodded.

"Yup," he said, cheerily. "Even a wonderful Chairman like me needs a break, you know, Touga-kun!"

"You're unbelievable..." muttered the dark haired Hunter, shaking his head. Silence fell upon the pair once more, as they each stared out of the respective windows they were seated by. "Fine. Keep your secrets then, Cross," said Touga, after a minute or two, when the Chairman continued to remain quiet. "I just want to know one thing; does this...trip have anything to do with the Vampires? With Kuran and whatever the hell he's planning? With what you know he's planning?"

Kaien blinked, his eyes large and innocent as he turned to his friend.

"Planning? Ahaha, Touga-kun, I'm afraid you're mistaken... what on earth could Kaname-kun be planning?"

"I don't particularly care what he's planning, Cross, and you know this. But I warn you, do not take my indifference for a lack of intelligence," barked out the dark haired Hunter, his one eye flashing slightly as he stared hard at his friend.

Kaien pouted.

"How rude! To think that you think Kaname-kun is up to something, and that I would know about it!" The pout deepened, "Especially when all Kaname-kun has done is ensure that the Night Class remains under control and behaves appropriately..."

The renowned Hunter snorted as he rolled his single eye.

"As I told you before, I don't care about whatever it is that you and Kuran are planning..." he trailed off, a grim expression appearing on his face. "Just as long as it does not involve Zero getting more involved than he already is." The silent threat in the statement did not go over the head of Cross Academy's Chairman, who sobered immediately.

"Touga," he started, a small frown on his lips, "we never intended, that is, Zero was never meant-" He stopped when his friend waved a hand casually.

"Like I said," he repeated, "I don't care. And that means I don't want to hear excuses or anything of the sort."


"Save it, Kaien."

Silence reigned in the back of the car once more, although this time, it lasted for a bit longer than it had before.

"I would never intentionally put Zero at risk, Touga." The Chairman's voice was quiet and serious as he spoke. "He may not believe it or even approve of it, but I do think of him as family." He narrowed his eyes at the derisive snort that left the dark-haired Hunter's lips.

"Is that why you've allowed him to get so close to a certain little princess? Knowing how he hates her kind?"


"-No need to worry, I haven't told anyone about it." Cross Kaien leaned heavily against the back of the seat, closing his eyes for a brief moment.

"What do you know of the events that took place nine years ago?" he asked, his voice low. He sensed his friend's gaze on him but said nothing further.

"That depends on what events you're talking about." There was a brief pause, before the dark-haired man spoke again. "You're speaking about the events concerning the younger branch of the Kiryuu family?" Kaien nodded. "Long story short, well-respected Hunter Kiryuu Ryo and his family were attacked by rogue Vampires. They were murdered, brutally, leaving us with almost nothing to identify their remains with."

Kaien, who had opened his eyes and glanced at him, saw the grimace on his face as he recalled memories of that day, nine years ago. Choosing to say nothing to acknowledge his friend's reaction, he nodded absently instead.

"There were no survivors, according to the reports...right?"

Touga, on the verge of nodding his affirmation, suddenly glanced at the brunet out of the corner of his one eye, a questioning expression on his face.

"You believe otherwise...?" It wasn't an incredulous question, neither was it mocking; no, it was a simple question laced with mild curiosity, and Kaien nodded in reply.

"Something does not add up with the reports that were filed," he murmured, eyes taking on a far-away look. Touga eyed him carefully before he brought himself to speak up.

"You think the kid survived?"

The Chairman cringed slightly.

"I don't think she was murdered with her parents," he countered, softly.

There was a closed expression on the dark-haired man's face.

"The best of the Hunters' Association scouted the area for weeks, Kaien," he said, reverting back to his habit of using his friend's first name when he was serious. "Although they found no evidence to suggest that she was killed with her parents, there was also none to suggest that she escaped."

"And therefore, it cannot be determined that she did die, can it?" questioned Kaien, "Based on such evidence?"

When his companion spoke again, there was something akin to disapproval laced in his deep voice.

"If she was alive we would have found her... heck, do you think Kiryuu Hiro would have reacted the way he did if he thought his niece still lived?" Touga shook his head. "Do you think I would have given up looking for her if there was the smallest chance of her being alive?"

There was a sympathetic expression on the brunet's face as he heard the dull tone in his friend's voice. He remembered how his companion had taken the deaths of the Kiryuu family; true, he had been occupied with the care of Zero and Ichiru when it had happened, but he knew that their cousin had been just as important to the gruff, dark-haired Hunter as they had been –no, as they still were.

"You did all that you could do, Touga," he said, bringing himself out of his reverie. "Like you said, there was a lack of conclusive evidence. You did what you could, and rightly stopped when nothing more could be done."

His friend snorted again, tossing his head back and causing his unruly mass of dark hair to fall into his face.

"I could have been there with them," he muttered. "As experienced as Ryo and Sakura were, we should have realized that the fact that they had to go into hiding meant that there were some pretty dangerous folks after their blood..."


"Meh, doesn't matter anymore," he continued, lightly, as he waved a hand. "I was -the Association was remiss in their actions and that caused them to be easily killed... And five years later, the Association continued to fail to live up to expectations, allowing...the remaining Kiryuu adults to meet an unfortunate end...and as for their kids...well, we all know what happened to them..."

The bitter smile that had tugged Touga's lips upward pained his brunet friend, but he said nothing –simply because he knew that there was nothing left to say, for he had said it all during the days and weeks that passed after said events had taken place. If it hadn't worked completely then, then it certainly wouldn't do much now.

With an inward sigh, he turned to gaze unseeingly out of the window once more. It was at that moment that he resolved not to inform the dark haired Hunter about the curious reports he had received, reports of sightings of a silvery-haired young girl who looked suspiciously like someone thought to be dead. For even though he had looked into this matter for years now, ever since the...oddity of the attack on Zero's aunt, uncle and cousin, he had wondered if the little girl had truly been finished off with her parents, or if she had somehow managed to escape. It certainly wasn't easy to kill a Kiryuu, after all. And adding to that the fact that he was beginning to suspect the motives of the Hunters' Association...well, it didn't make for a very pretty picture.

Let's hope then, he mused, that, just this once, my hunches are proved correct. That just this once, the reports hold a grain of truth...for the Association would rarely classify false reports as 'highly confidential', would they?

Clearing his thoughts, he looked at the elderly chauffer when he announced that they would be arriving at the village in just less than half an hour, before he returned his attention to the scenery outside.

Meanwhile, at Cross Academy:

"Ah, Kaname, you wanted to see me?"

The mahogany haired Pureblood slowly raised his head when he saw his golden haired classmate's head peeking out from around his room door. Naturally, he had sensed the aristocrat's approach minutes ago, and in truth, he did not need to acknowledge him in anyway –given his superior status- but he did so all the same, nodding slightly at the cheerful male.

"The Chairman has left the Academy, has he not?"

Ichijou Takuma, the Vice-President of the Night Class, nodded, as he shut his friend's door behind him.

"Yes, he has," he confirmed. "Yagari-sensei left with him." He paused as the Pureblood lowered his gaze to his hands, or rather, to the hand that was twirling the silver letter opener that was held in it. "Is something wrong, Kaname? I don't mean to pry into your private affairs, but you seem...troubled."

The almost devastatingly handsome brunet gave a lazy shrug in reply, choosing to keep his attention fixed on the letter opener. Ichijou stared at him for a moment longer, half-wondering if he would get some form of verbal reply, no matter how improbable that was. When he didn't get any other reply, he sighed before taking a few steps towards the Pureblood's desk.

"I get it, I get it," he said, striking a rather dramatic pose as the Pureblood looked up upon his approach, "you don't want to tell me. It's alright, Kaname, it's not like I'm going to get angry with you for doubting me or anything." He beamed down at his friend's distinctly cool expression. "But since you don't feel like being much of a conversationalist today...may I ask what made you want to see me at this early hour?"

Kuran Kaname stopped twirling the letter opener in his hand as he moved his gaze towards the top of his desk, looking up once more only to quirk an eyebrow at his friend when he plopped himself uninvited down on one of the chairs opposite him. Ichijou smiled brightly at him, knowing that the Pureblood wouldn't hurt him for the act –he had only being behaving in that manner for as long as he had known the brunet after all.

"Before he left, Chairman Cross requested my presence in his office," said the Pureblood Vampire, softly. "He had a few...intriguing things to discuss with me. Things concerning a...possible new entry, here at the Academy..."

Ichijou's green eyes widened at that.

"Really?" He leaned forward slightly. "Night or Day class?" He tilted his head to a side. "Male or female? Not that it matters, of course, because either way, they'd either be another enthusiastic fan or devoted follower..." He laughed when he saw the expression on his friend's face. "Ahaha, sorry, Kaname...please continue."

Kaname was quiet for a moment longer, seemingly pondering on what he should say.

"From what he said, he could not confirm the fact that we would have a new student," he said, slowly. "But I gathered that he was speaking of a female student. One whom...he must care for."

"Care for?" echoed Ichijou, seeing the way his friend's face darkened for a moment as he nodded. "The Chairman cares for all of his students, Kaname. There is no reason to be fearful of-" He stopped when he saw his friend's ruby-tinged eyes fix upon his emerald green pair.

"There is something different with this one," he said, his voice coming out as a hiss, "I cannot say why, but he seemed a bit more...concerned than usual. It was almost as though he was afraid, as though he was nervous of something."

"Perhaps it was a matter pertaining to the Hunters' Association?"

The Pureblood shook his head.

"He does not work for them anymore," he said. "And in any case, he would have informed me of whatever it was, if that was the case."

"He does not have to tell you everything, Kaname," reasoned Ichijou, raising his hands up in defence when the Pureblood narrowed his eyes at him. "Unless it is something that concerns you or Yuuki-chan –or us Vampires, of course- the Chairman is under no obligation to inform you of the Association's business, is he?"

"He would not betray me, if that is what-"

"-Kaname, Kaname, of course he wouldn't betray you. Chairman Cross is too good for something like that." Ichijou frowned. "Why are you so worked up about this, Kaname? It does not seem a serious matter to me."

"The last time we had a new student was when Hiou Shizuka was...around."

"Ah, but Maria-san was not purely evil, was she? Besides, Shizuka-sama is dead now, as you very well know."

"Do the 'dead' truly stay dead?"

The golden haired Vampire's expression hardened when he understood what exactly, or who exactly his friend was speaking of.

"If they are indeed dead, then yes, they do stay dead. But the one whom you speak of is not exactly dead, is he?"

"I do not wish to speak of that matter, Takuma."

Ichijou nodded quickly at the sharp command.

"Of course, Kaname," he said. "Forgive me."

Silence fell between the pair, as each allowed themselves to be lost in their own thoughts.

"I asked to see you to give you two tasks," said the Pureblood President of the Night Class, breaking the silence. Ichijou nodded, sitting straighter in his seat. "First, I wish for you to see to it that one of the spare rooms is prepared, should we need it. Preferably a spare room on one of the upper levels of this dorm."

Ichijou nodded, although his brows were furrowed together.

"So the new student will be a Vampire?" He looked slightly more puzzled when the Pureblood shook his head.

"No. The Chairman was not sure himself, but he seemed to think that it would be a normal human." He knew what his friend was wondering, and sighed once more. "He apparently wants to ensure that this...person's presence remains hidden –for what, I do not know." He paused. "He was being very vague about the whole thing, Takuma...and while it is not unusual for him to, it is intriguing. Especially when you tell me that Yagari Touga has chosen to accompany him..."

Ichijou shifted in his seat.

"Uh, I wouldn't be too worried about Yagari-sensei's involvement, Kaname. He seemed to just want to get away from the school for a bit, you know?"

But the Pureblood was not appeased –and the golden haired Vampire had expected that much.

"What is the other task that you had for me, Kaname?"

"I want you to tell Seiren that I wish for her to inform me when the Chairman gets back. The moment the Chairman gets back."

Ichijou nodded, grimacing at the thought of having to wake up a usually grumpy Seiren, when he happily remembered that she didn't sleep much anyway, as of late; not when Kaname was awake and she was scouting the area around them to make sure he was safe. The short-haired Vampire, who posed as a bodyguard for the Pureblood, was dangerous enough as it was...but she was most certainly not a morning person; as Aidou had unfortunately found out firsthand –much to his dismay and horror; and anyone who dared disturb her regretted it quickly.

As though sensing what his friend was thinking, Kaname managed a small smirk at him. "Seiren headed off to get some sleep about an hour or so ago, I believe...After her usual rounds."

Ichijou's eyes widened in comic horror.

"O-oh..." With a pout at his friend, he saw the curt nod that was sent his way and immediately recognized it for what it was -a dismissal. Standing up, he smiled at his brunet friend. "Well then, I had best be off. If I do not make it through the next few minutes Kaname, the task of informing my endearing grandfather of my early and completely unwarranted demise will land on you. Please see to it that it is done." With a cheery wave, he headed towards the door, closing it softly behind him when he was through.

Kaname stared after his friend for a long moment, before he began twirling the silver letter opener in his hand once more, as he wondered what the Chairman had intentionally gotten himself involved in this time. Whatever it was, as long as it did not hurt the Night Class or his dear girl, he would not have anything against it.


And there you have it –that was chapter one. Weeell, I hope that was alright. As I said before, it's my first time delving into Vampire Knight fanfiction, but I just had to get the idea out of my head –it was literally killing me! If things seem confusing right now, I apologize. I can only say that they will improve as the story progresses. Sigh.

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