Chapter Fifteen, The Order of the Phoenix

Harry woke up slowly, safely tucked in his Master's arms. He wriggled sleepily back against him, rocking against the hard length pressing into his lower back. He murmured softly to Draco, feeling him wake as well and begin to rock back into Harry. A few moments later Draco was pushing inside Harry, riding on the leftover slick from their activities the night before. It was too little, too dry, and the burn as Draco settled fully inside him was intense but Harry relished it, it had been too long since his Master had made love to him properly.

The thought brought him fully aware, remembering in a rush that they weren't in Draco's Manor any more, that it wasn't his Master pushing into him, it was his Husband. He groaned loudly and pushed backwards into Draco's body. "C'mon Draco, harder than that, I won't break!" He hissed. Draco laughed into his neck, and pressed a kiss there.

"Relax, Harry mine," Draco murmured, and rolled his hips leisurely. Harry wiggled and clenched, but Draco just gripped his hip and pushed him over a little more, took more of his leverage off of him and continued to set his own pace. It was maddening the way Draco was stealing all his control and forcing Harry to go at his pace, absolutely maddening. Harry loved it so much he wanted to cry.

Draco seemed to tire of the slow pace now as well, because he pushed Harry onto his front, canting his hips up to protect the swell over their child, and plunged deeply into him. Harry moaned loudly as the thrust caught him just right, and gripped the pillow under his head tightly as Draco continued in a series of deep, hard thrusts, gradually increasing the pace and strength as his precome slicked the way. He buried his face in the pillow and screamed against the fabric as Draco wrapped a hand around his cock and pushed him over the edge. Draco kept his hips pulled up, continued to milk him through his orgasm and into oversensitivity. Harry sobbed quietly and tried to squirm away, clenching around Draco compulsively. Draco pulled him tight and held him in place as he came.

They relaxed in bed for another half an hour or so before mutually agreeing to get up and face the world. Harry picked his clothes up from where they had been scattered across the floor, and blushed when he realised he would have to wear the same clothes again. Draco looked him over and smiled wickedly. Harry threw his shirt at him. "Shut up, Draco!" He cried, laughing. "Lend me some spare underwear and a shirt."

Draco looked him over again and pulled out the clothing, holding his tongue on the question of whether Harry would actually fit into the clothes. They were roughly the same size, but the baby bump made Harry bigger. He snorted through his nose, trying to hold in the laughter, when Harry turned to him with an affronted expression, trying to hold the ends of his shirt closed. The top was too tight to fit over the bump, leaving a long swathe of skin exposed.

"I'll run up to your room and bring down one of your tops." Draco offered graciously, fighting back a laugh at the look on Harry's face. Harry flopped onto the bed sullenly, and ignored Draco as he fled the room and hurried to Harry's own bedroom. He wanted to laugh, but he also felt a shiver of pleasure coursing through him. Harry was getting bigger because of their child, their little girl growing inside his womb.

He grabbed the first large clean shirt he could find, grimacing at the shapeless design that Harry had returned to once he'd returned to this house. At least it served a purpose for now, but once his husband had given birth, they had to give his wardrobe an overhaul. He returned to his room and handed the shirt over to Harry, who was smiling now as he cradled his bump.

He pulled the shirt on and stood beside Draco, visibly steeling himself to leave the room. "Come on, Draco. Time to face the masses."

Much to their surprise, when the walked casually into the kitchen for a late breakfast, no one paid them any notice. The room was full, but mostly with people they considered family. Severus, Sirius and Remus were sat at the table, while Molly stood over the stove stirring pots and cooking up breakfast. Arthur Weasley and several of his children were also sat at the table, along with a familiar-looking Auror that Draco suspected was blood related. They had thought that Molly, at least, would have made a fuss about them spending the night together, but apparently she had forgotten about the events of the previous night. Draco shot his Godfather a suspicious look.

"We told Molly Harry had already gone to bed and you were being stroppy and locked her out." Sirius murmured lowly to them.Harry H "No one knows you spent the night together."

"Thank you." Harry replied softly, smiling at the older man. Sirius smiled back.

"It disturbs me, a bit, thinking of you two together. Mostly I can't believe you're old enough to be doing that, and there is a part of me that has reservations, but… for better or worse, you're married, and you're having a child together. It's your decision how you want to make your relationship work, my job is to support you."

Harry nodded, his smile growing bigger and a little watery. Draco had to admit that he'd been worried, everything he'd heard of his cousin had indicated he had a mercurial and sometimes cruel temperament, and he had been expecting him to interfere with their relationship and try to push them apart. But, he realised, Sirius was in a fairly unconventional relationship with Severus and a Werewolf. He probably understood far better than most the trouble Harry and Draco faced, and was more likely to support them both. It was a relief.

After so long feeling miserable in the house, and creeping around the edges, it was a surprise and a let down from the adrenaline rush they'd felt leaving the room. They had half expected there to be a huge uproar when they came into breakfast together, and when Draco stayed close to Harry, but instead no one was paying either one of them any attention. Draco grasped Harry's hand gently and smiled when he looked over at him.

"I think we're going to be OK." He said softly. Harry opened his mouth to respond, but before he had the chance a strident voice broke in.

"Get your hand off him, Mr Malfoy!" Molly Weasley cried, brandishing a wooden spoon at him like she intended to hit him with it. He flinched away from her instinctively, then shot her a defiant glare.

"Mrs Weasley, he isn't doing anything wrong." Harry said placatingly. She continued to glare at them, puffing up in anticipation of a huge rant. Draco felt Harry tense up beside him, and as she began to screech at them, Harry tensed further. Finally he snapped.

"Mrs Weasley! Stop shouting at us! Draco is my husband, and if we want to hold hands and… and share a room together, then that's our business, not yours! Imagine how you would feel if we started nosing into your and Arthur's private business!"

"That's completely different young man!" She replied angrily, still brandishing the spoon. She should have looked ridiculous, with her hair frizzing everywhere and her cheeks reddened with fury, but Draco couldn't find anything to laugh at. She was genuinely upset, he realised.

"Harry, love, stop. Mrs Weasley, please don't be upset. I know you're all less than thrilled about my part in Harry's life, but he is right. We are married, and the officiate was very thorough in checking that neither one of us were under any compulsion at the time. Harry has made the decision to try to build a proper marriage between us for the sake of our daughter and… and as the closest thing either of us has to a mother figure at the moment, it's your job to support our decisions, even if you don't like them."

Mrs Weasley gaped at him speechlessly for a long moment, and Draco could see Sirius looking perked up and overly pleased in the corner. Harry, however, was frowning at him.

"Do you really think that? That I'm only doing this for our daughter?" Draco looked at him in surprise, and hope. Harry bit his lip. "I love you, you silly man. I want to try to make our marriage work because I want to be married to you, not because I'm carrying your child."

Draco looked down, sure his cheeks were red with pleasure. He couldn't stifle the smile stretching across his lips, and didn't even try. "I love you too." He offered quietly back, and they ended up just looking at each other with slightly goofy expressions for a few moments.

"Oh, Harry." Mrs Weasley sighed, still looking unhappy. "You're sure about this?"

"Yes, Mrs Weasley, I'm sure." Harry replied firmly. She nodded in acceptance.

"Okay, then. But you both have to realise that we're your family, Harry. We can accept things that others might not." She looked Draco over, assessing. "He'll do, I suppose. At least he'll make pretty babies."

With that, the last of the tension broke, and everyone in the room laughed. Arthur stretched over and shook Draco's hand, as if his wife's acceptance was all he'd needed.

The Auror moved down a few places to sit across from him, and smiled. It took him a few moments to realise her hair wasn't just catching the light, it was actually changing colour, until it was a mix of black and pale blonde that was very reminiscent of his mother's hair.

"Nymphadora Tonks," she introduced, sticking out a hand. "Your Mum was my Mum's sister, so you'd be my little cousin."

He took her hand automatically, a little baffled. "We have an Auror and a metamorphmagus in the family and I didn't know?" He queried. Her smile turned a little brittle.

"I was never really part of the 'family', seeing as how my Mum was disowned before I came along. Married a muggle, you see." Draco flinched, and nodded.

"Oh, I do see. My grandparents died when I was very young but, from what I remember and know of the family… I'm not surprised I've never heard of you. Is your Mother…" He trailed off, not sure how to ask. His own Mother was dead, Aunt Bellatrix was in Azkaban and as far as he was aware the only other surviving member of his maternal family line was a third cousin who had married into the Notts. And Cousin Sirius, of course.

"She's still around, lives out near Glastonbury with my Dad. I'll see if she wants to come and visit, if you'd like?" Draco nodded graciously, feeling unaccountably shy. It would be nice, he thought, to meet his Aunt.

The other shoe dropped later that afternoon, when Draco followed Harry into one of the large reception rooms he'd never actually been in before and stumbled into a meeting. The room, which had been filling with all manner of people who were talking in small groups inconsequentially while they waited, fell slowly silent. He saw faces start to twist angrily, and he was more than grateful to feel his Godfather step up to his other side when the first protests began to break out.

"He can't be here, get him out!" One of them shouted, and Draco felt Harry's hand curl back into his palm.

"Draco is my husband, and I want him here." Harry replied sharply. Draco shot him another smile, but someone else was shouting before he got the chance. He heard the word Death Eater and flinched.

"Draco is no longer a Death Eater, he defected to our side and brought Harry back to us safely." Severus defended.

"Only after he raped him! It's bad enough we let one Death Eater in here, never mind two!"

Draco felt Severus stiffen, knew things were going to turn ugly any moment, but luckily that was when Dumbledore finally deigned to arrive. He was unsmiling, looking decidedly grim as he walked through the now-silent room to the front.

"Severus and Harry are right, Draco is here because of his actions and I have no doubt that he will not betray our confidences. And the matters we have to discuss here today involve Draco and Harry, it is only right he should be here. Please let's have no more of this, and everyone take a seat. I have grave news to impart."

The others sat quietly, and while Draco received several vicious and unwelcoming looks, no one else was willing to argue against Dumbledore when he said Draco could stay. He waited silently until everyone was sat, and Dumbledore could step forward with his news.

"I have just come from the Auror office," Dumbledore began. "A body was found yesterday, beaten and tortured beyond recognition and dumped in Knockturn Alley. If it hadn't been so close to Diagon Alley, it is doubtful the discovery would have even been noticed. As it was, the Aurors have investigated. They were able to identify the remains this morning." He looked over all the faces in the room, seeming to make eye contact with everyone at the same time as he prepared to make his announcement.

"Mundungus Fletcher is dead."