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Riddick's Boy (Beginnings)

Riddick was getting tired of listening to these idiotic necromongers complain about the changes he had made. He was about to crack and tell them all to go fuck themselves when they got a really big surprise. A young boy with brown hair and a swimmer build fell out of thin air to land in the middle of the room. Riddick motioned to the guards and other necromongers to leave the boy alone.

Riddick watched as the young boy slowly started to awake and move. Riddick was slightly startled by the shiver of possessiveness that flashed through him when he saw those chocolaty eyes that the boy possessed. He licked his lips when the boy wasn't looking as thought of what he wanted to do to this boy began to play around in his head.

He didn't know how he had come to be on a spaceship in the middle of another galaxy. But then again, he couldn't remember much of anything except his name, and that was only his first name, and the fact that he shared his body with a Hyena spirit. He looked around him, his eyes wide as he took in the odd metal walls and the even odder people that surrounded him.

Xander shivered as his eyes locked on those of the man sitting on the throne. The man was lounging on the throne-like chair, staring at him behind goggles. Even in nothing but a skin-tight black wife-beater and black leather pants, he looked like a predator stalking its prey. Xander felt a shiver once more travel through his body as images of all the things that man could do to him assaulted his mind.

He was about to say something when a beautiful woman approaching him in a really clinging dress. He looked her up and down before scowling, he reminded him of a snake. He was about to go back to observing the man on the throne when the woman started speaking.

"What is the meaning of this intrusion?" She demanded as she stalked closer to him.

Xander raised an eyebrow, but didn't answer. He just went back to looking at all the weird people. His eyes once more locking on the predator king, at least until he was knocked over from a slap. He whimpered as he fell to the floor, his hand covering the stinging flesh of his cheek as he turned his eyes to the suddenly angry female.

Madam Vaako could not believe what was going on. She and the others had been trying to convince the Lord Marshall to stop the changes, though she was more interested in getting the man's attention. She knew he would soon call her to his bed. After all, who could possibly resist her beauty and grace? All she needed was for him to call her to his bed and then kill her annoying husband, than she 

would be able to claim her destiny as queen of the Necromongers. That is if the Lord Marshall would turn his attention back to her instead of the man who had just appeared in the middle of the meeting hall.

She growled when she noticed the Lord Marshall looking at the man and licking his lips. She knew what that meant. She approached the strange man and demanded to know what he was doing. After all, she had a right to know, she was the future queen!

Her anger grew when the boy ignored her. She slapped him as hard as she could; smirking cruelly when he fell with a whimper. She was about to slap him again when she felt a hand wrap cruelly around her wrist. She turned and saw the Lord Marshall standing behind her. She gasped when his grip tightened around her wrist almost to the point of breaking. She flicked her eyes at her husband to see him shaking his head at her. Madam Vaako growled softly at what she saw as her husband's betrayal. 'I'll deal with him later,' she thought as she turned her attention back to the man now growling at her.

Riddick watched as the beautiful wife of his commander approached the deliciously mysterious boy. He knew the woman thought she would be his mate, his queen. Too bad she didn't have a chance in hell. He growled when she looked away from him to Vaako. He wouldn't help her; he knew who was in charge here. Riddick growled deepened when she finally looked at him once more. He tightened his grip on her wrist and threw her away from the man still on the floor.

Sweeping his eyes around the throne room at the other Necromongers in the room he growled out just one word, "Out." He watched, satisfied as everyone left in a hurry, Dame Vaako being dragged out by his commander. He smirked, pleased, when Vaako lowered the light in the room so he could take off his goggles.

Riddick turned his now uncovered gaze to the man who had shifted until he was on his knees. The man shook his head, as though to clear it, before looking up at him.

Xander groaned inwardly as the man who had been on the throne, growled out the order for the other weird people to get out. The voice sent a fiery heat straight to his groin. He struggled to stand, but only made it to his knees. Shaking his head to quiet the Hyena, who was growling at the dominate man in front of them, he looked up. Only to gulp lightly at the silver eyes staring back at him. He shivered when the voice started speaking again.

"Who are you?"

Xander swallowed the smart remark that was just bubbling to get out. Something told him it would only lead to punishment. He once more met the smoking silver eyes, "My name is Xander."

"Were do you come from and how did you get here?" The man asked as he entwined his hand into the brown locks and pulled his head back sharply.

Xander groaned at the feeling of the hand and the burning of his neck. "I don't… I don't remember." He answered truthfully as he felt the fire in his body getting stronger as the man pulled him to his feet by his hair.

"You had better not be lying to me." The strong man growled into his ear, before forcefully turning him so his back was facing him.

Xander groaned as his back made contact with the other mans shirt. The contact made him realize that he had been completely naked the whole time. He shook his head that he wasn't, listening to the Hyena; he revealed his neck to the hunter holding him trapped, only to whimper again when he felt the man lick the exposed flesh.

Riddick couldn't believe the feelings coursing through his body, but he ignored them when he saw the beautiful brown eyes were tinted with an emerald green color. He smirked inwardly when he saw the boy gulp slightly. He delighted in the shiver his voice caused when he asked who the strange boy was. The reply made lust surge through his veins.

When he asked where the boy had come from and found out that the boy couldn't remember, he grabbed his head by the hair and pulled the naked boy against him. His instincts telling him to take this man and take him hard the need to take him got stronger when the boy bared his neck to him.

Riddick growled and licked at the pale flesh in front of him. Riddick decided to take the boy then and there. He wound his arms around the nude body, one arm around his shoulders and the other around his middle, and pulled the body closer to him. He chuckled at the shiver then raced through the limp body.

"Memory or no," Riddick whispered into Xanders ear as the arm around the boys waist trailed down to the budding erection. "Your mine now," Riddick stated as he grabbed the boys hard flesh causing the boy to groan in pleasure.

Xander blushed when the man stated his claim. He had a feeling he should be fighting this strong man, but he just couldn't find it in him to stop the man. All he could do was gasp and groan as the strong man continued to play with his exposed flesh.

He moaned when he felt the man start to bite at his neck. Twisting his arm back to gab the back of the predators' neck, and the other was moved between his bare bottom and the leather pants of the still unnamed man to toy with the button and zipper of his pants.

Xander couldn't contain his whimper when the man chuckled and let go of him long enough to force him arms behind his back.

"Tsk tsk," the man chuckled into his ear, bringing a moan from his throat. "No touching until I say." The man growled and bit the lovely neck hard enough to draw blood. Xander gasped and his eyes became completely green as he growled back and started to struggle against the strong mans hold.

Riddick growled darkly when the boy, Xander, started struggling. He held on tighter and growled, "You can't beat me, my little submissive."

"I'm not a submissive," Xander growled. Riddick laughed when he heard Xanders' response. "Only to me," Riddick said as he tightened his grip once more. He chuckled and started dragging the struggling and whimpering boy towards the door behind the throne. The door led to a spacious room with a chair and a special fireplace just for him.

Riddick growled in pleasure when he felt the boys struggles escalate. He did love a good fight. He let go of the boy once he had made sure the door was locked. He smiled with a light growl when the boy turned to him and fell into a fighting crouch. Riddick laughed and smirked when the boy launched himself at him, his green eyes blazing.

Riddick flipped the boy over his shoulder and into the door. He turned and smirked again when he saw the boy pick himself up with a growl and stalk around him. Riddick watched as the boy glared at him before launching at him once more.

Riddick allowed himself to fall to the ground with the gorgeous boy on top of him. Only to twist so the boy was underneath him, his hands being held above his head. He grinned at the growl he received, before giving a growl of his own. Riddick's growl escalated when Xanders refused to stop struggling.

Xander couldn't stop the instincts that overtook him. Even with the strong man holding him down. He couldn't stop fighting the strong hold, until the man growled even deeper. Xander went limp with a whimper and exposed his neck once more, this time in submission.

He gasped when he felt his new Alphas lips attach themselves to his. He groaned when an agile tongue came out to play with his. Xander groaned in disappointment when the mouth on his left. He blinked up at the hungry gaze staring at him. Those silvery eyes seemed to blaze as they stared down at him.

He groaned when he was released, only to be hauled up once more by his hair. 'God, that feels good,' he thought as he was dragged through a door he hadn't noticed when the hyena was fighting the strong man. He gulped when he was thrown roughly on to a black satin bed. He stared at the big man before whimpering, 'I wish I could stop whimpering,' he thought as he once again followed his instincts and spread his legs for the grinning man.

Riddick smirked as the prone form spread his legs for him. 'He looks so very beautiful naked and waiting for me to fuck him.' Riddick grinned as he took off his shirt and threw it to the other side of the room. He grinned when he felt a pair of soft, uncertain hands start to play on the hard flesh of his chest.

Xander groaned as he felt Riddick's hard chest. He bucked into the body above him when he felt Riddick's fingers playing with his nipples. He yelped when those talented fingers pinch and pull at his aroused nipples.

"Do you like that baby?" Riddick asked huskily as he continued to torture the reddening buds.

Xander just groaned as the hands that had so quickly taken control earlier continued to play with his body as much as the man wanted. He yelped when the fingers on his nipples tightened. "I believe I asked you a question," the voice rumbled above him. Xander just whimpered out a 'yes.'

Riddick grinned at the response. He trailed one of his hands down towards the hard flesh that was poking him in the thigh. "Aren't you a lovely pup," Riddick growled as he stood, not letting go of the hard cock twitching in his hand.

Xander groaned in disappointment when the man got off of him. He was just glad that Riddick hadn't let go of his aching arousal.

Riddick grinned evilly at the reaction of his boy. Not even questioning the fact that he thought of him as his, he pulled Xander to the edge of the bed using his cock as a leash. Riddick shivered at the loud keening sounds the chocolate eyed boy made as he was dragged off the soft bed. With a growl Riddick wound his free hand into the brown locks of the boys' hair and pushed him to his knees, his second hand going to caress the soft neck and pale face.

Xander groaned when he was forced to his knees. He raised his hands and undid the leather pants holding the treasure he so wished to see. He licked his lips when he felt the bare flesh underneath the black pants. His new Alpha went commando. The thought sent another shiver up Xanders spine.

Riddick tightened his hold on Xanders hair when his rock hard prick was released. He smirked at the gasp from Xander.

Xander stared wide-eyed at the large penis in front of his face. It had to be at least 6" long and 3" wide. Xander licked his lips and whimpered as the hands in his hair tightened and pushed him towards the large cock. He whimpered one last time before sticking his tongue out to give the hard flesh a tentative lick.

Riddick growled when he felt the innocent touch of the sweet tongue. He pushed the head roughly and thrust his hips until he hit the back of the boys' throat. He moaned as the boy gagged. He pulled out slightly before pushing back in making the boy gag again. He repeated the action a few more times until the boy started breathing through his nose. Then he started to really fuck the boys' mouth.

Xander couldn't help but moan as the man above him continued to use his mouth. He knew in some way he should be fighting or at least frightened. He felt like if he still had his memory he wouldn't want this, that someone, somewhere was waiting for him and that they wouldn't understand how he could want to be dominated, violated by this strong man. As soon as the thoughts and feelings came to him he suppressed them if having his memories meant leaving his new Alpha then he didn't want his memories.

Riddick growled as his climax came closer he forcefully pulled his boys head from his groin, groaning as his cum coated the dazed face. He smirked down at the panting boy now covered in his seed. He licked his lips when he heard the groaning, "Like that, don't you boy?" He whispered as he pulled Xander up by the hair again, "You like being covered in cum." Riddick chuckled when the boy flicked his tongue out to lick the sperm from his fuck swollen lips.

Xander couldn't help but keen at the taste of the sticky liquid that covered his face and laced his hair. He looked into the lust filled silver eyes of the smirking man pleadingly, "please," was the only word he could moan out threw the heat of the pleasure that raced through his body.

Riddick smirked and threw the boy once more on to the bed. He watched as Xander once again spread his legs for him, cum still coating his face. He grinned evilly as he grabbed a silk tie that was wrapped around the bed post and tied it easily around one of his boys' small ankles; soon he had his boy tied spread-eagled on his bed. Xander looked decadent laying there, Riddick decided. 'I may just have to keep him tied to my bed. Waiting for me to come and play with him.' He thought as he trailed a finger over the shivering flesh of his boy.

Xander struggled as he was tied to the bed, but a warning growl calmed him. He whimpered as he felt a long, strong finger trailing down his body. He groaned when he felt the finger plunge into his virgin entrance, or at least he hoped it was. He didn't want to belong to any one other then the man who was now petting his prostate. Xander thrashed and moaned as pleasure erased all thoughts from his head, except for the need to climax.

Riddick smirked at the hungry look coming from Xander as his eyes once more became tinted with an emerald green. "What's the matter pet?" He said, drilling two fingers into the bundle of nerves that was driving Xander insane.

Xander bucked as much as the silk ties would allow. He almost screamed when three fingers started battering his prostate, he would have cum from just that if it hadn't been for Riddick's quick thinking. He had taken a bit of silk he had found when he was tying Xander to the bed, and tied it tightly around his prick. Now he would have to both beg to be fucked, and beg to be fucked. He did scream when a fourth finger joined its friends in his tight canal.

Riddick quickened the pace of his fingers, he was glad he had released earlier when he heard the screams and moans escaping his captives still swollen mouth. If he hadn't, he would have shot his load then and there, but he had other plans for his boy. He grinned in pleasure when his boy started begging for more.

Xander could stop the words from dripping from his mouth. All he could do was writhe as his Alpha continued to use his body as he wished. He knew he shouldn't want to give himself over to a strange man that he didn't know, but damn did it feel good to be owned in such a way. The thoughts that had crept into his mind fled with the scream that escaped him when he felt the rest of Riddick's hand slip into him. 'Damn,' Xander thought as Riddick held still, 'this would hurt a lot if it weren't for the Hyena.'

Riddick watched as Xander lay panting, he looked where his hand was encased in the tight channel. With an evil grin, Riddick started moving his hand in deeper. He sped up the thrust as Xanders 

screams reached a fevered pitch. After a few moments of his hand in the boy and hearing him scream and beg to be fucked, Riddick couldn't stand it anymore. He took his hand out roughly, smirking at the groan of loss his boy released.

Xander was delirious with pleasure by the time he felt Riddick's hard cock pushing into his stretched tunnel. He groaned and arched when he felt the large prick attacking his prostate. "Please," he groaned. "Please…" Where the only words Xander could force from his abused throat, he closed his eyes and just let the pleasure take him, frustrated though he was at not being able to cum.

Riddick grinned evilly as he plundered the very willing body beneath him. No matter who this boy was before, he was Riddick's now! Riddick sped up his thrusts and forced two of his fingers into the boys begging mouth. He growled when Xander started sucking on the fingers in his mouth. Riddick smirked, "Eager little pet, aren't you?" He said as his other hand started to play with the still bound dick.

Xander moaned and sucked harder on the fingers exploring his mouth. He bucked his hips, groaning after a particularly hard thrust. He groaned and sucked and bucked, begging with his body since his mouth was otherwise occupied.

Riddick growled, his climax approaching, "Agree to be mine, and only mine, and I'll let you cum." Riddick groaned when Xander whimpered and licked the fingers in his mouth his head nodding. Riddick gave a feral growl and undid the silk that tied the swollen cock. He watched in fascination as the amnesiac boy came all over his chest and stomach, a little of it joining the Lord Marshalls seed on his face. With another growl he pulled out roughly and came on the still bound boy. Riddick chuckled evilly when he noticed his captive had fainted. "I think I'll keep him." He muttered as he untied the silk and carried the boy to the bathroom to clean him.

Xander groaned as he slow came back from the blackness that encased him, only to groan when he felt the hard body behind him and the cool water surrounding him. He relaxed into the body with a happy sigh, his breath hitching when he felt a cloth graze his sensitive nipples. He opened his eyes completely when he heard the body start to speak.

"You really have no memory of where you come from, or who you are?" The gravelly voice asked as he continued to wash Xander.

Xander nodded, "The only thing I remember is my name," 'and that I was a virgin,' he thought, 'not that I'm going to tell him that.'

Riddick just grunted before answering, "It doesn't matter who you where," He growled, "you're mine now, my boy!"

Xander couldn't help but smile at the exclamation, he didn't mind. He liked the idea, whoever he had been didn't matter now. Now he was Riddick's boy.

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