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Chapter 14

Giles groaned as he felt the cold metal of cuffs binding him to the bed posts. He watched as Ethan moved around the room. He was almost worried about what his old friend had planned. It didn't take long for the chaos mage to return with a black box held out in front of him.

Ethan smirked at the sight of his old friend tied and at his mercy once more. "It has been far too long my dear pet," he whispered as he trailed a hand over the bared flesh. It really had been far too long since he had had any fun like this.

Giles groaned and watched as Ethan strapped a cock ring around his aching erection. 'I should have known,' he thought dryly as he struggled against the bounds, only to feel the sharp SLAP of a whip licking at his exposed nipples. He gasped at the feeling, looking up at his master, 'Well, it didn't take long for me to fall right back into old habits',' he thought before all thoughts left him when he felt something pushing its way into his tight channel.

"It seems you haven't had the pleasure of a proper Master for quite some time my old friend," Ethan laughed as he pushed the vibrator deeper into the writhing body that graced his bed. He was going to enjoy playing with Rupert again.

Giles moaned as he felt the invasion, no matter what happened now he didn't want Ethan to stop. He had forgotten just how good it felt to be used in such a way.

Ethan smirked when the last bit of the large vibrator was buried into the hot channel. He wasted no time on turning it on to its highest setting, smirking at the scream that came from his darling pet. "I do love the sounds you make," he sighed as he cast a spell to make the vibrator thrust in and out of the writhing man, making sure to cast one to make sure that it hit Rupert's prostate head-on. He groaned at the screams of pleasure coming from his special little toy.

Giles had lost all senses besides those being forced on his body. It wasn't just the vibrator pounding in and out of him; it was the feeling of the chaos magic flowing over his skin as Ethan continued to spill his magic over him. Suddenly he was glad for the cock ring, if he hadn't he would have shot himself far too soon.

Ethan growled as the last of his control snapped at the sounds his man was making. He pulled the vibrator out and thrust his own aching erection in, in one move. Growling at the scream that came from Giles as he used the man for his own pleasure, he leaned down to bring Giles into a harsh kiss that made said man whimper and beg.

Ethan just smirked and cast a spell that would multiply the pleasure his toy was feeling tenfold, it also would release the cock ring when and only when Ethan had cum inside of the tight heat. He just loved the feeling of his old friend wrapped around him.

Giles didn't know what was up and what was down, all he knew was that he desperately needed release. He begged and pleaded with the man currently fucking him brainless. He writhed and begged with all he could, until he felt Ethan stiffen and the sudden feeling of his hot release flooding his body set him off. He groaned at the feeling of his new Masters cum leaking from his ass and his own coating his chest.

Ethan chuckled at the sight, "I don't think I will ever stop loving the sight of you covered in cum."

Giles just groaned and pulled at the restraints. "Are you ever going to let me go," Only to growl in frustration when he felt a spell once more flowing over him. The spell released him just as the Lord Marshall came storming in, smirking at the sight in front of him. "Come, You will be sending the intruders back, Now."

Ethan nodded and bowed as he helped his friend up and conjured up a pair of ceremonial robes that looked like what the other guards where wearing, but not. Giles just gulped but decided to trust his friend and followed him to where his girls where being held.

Buffy looked up at the sounds of approaching footsteps. She thought it must be Xander coming to apologize to them for that disgusting scene from earlier. She was surprised when she saw Giles approaching with Ethan close behind him, each one wearing something that resembled the uniforms she had seen earlier, but different. Buffy shook herself from those thoughts as she took a breath prepared to start chewing out her watcher for siding with the enemy.

Giles just smirked when Ethan spelled the girls silent. The last thing he wanted to hear was his former Slayers prattling. He had finally seen what his girls had become, Selfish brats who seemed to think that the world couldn't run without them. Little did they know that those they considered theirs were far out of their reach now.

Ethan looked at the girls he had once cast a spell on, 'If only they had stayed that way,' He thought as he felt his Leader approach from behind. He wrapped one arm around his companion and pulled him out of the way of the two storming down the hall. Lord Marshal Riddick and First Commander Vaako did not look happy with their 'guests.'

Giles didn't know what to do, on one hand he was worried about his girls, but on the other he knew they would just cause problems here for Xander, and now him, after all, he wasn't going to leave Ethan now.

Buffy narrowed her eyes at the man who had forced Xander to stop liking her. He was supposed to always want her, that why she would always know that she was desirable. After all, Angel wasn't enough for her. 'Besides, I'm sure I can get this man to like me more then Xander.' She smiled in a way she thought was sexy, but it just made her look sour.

Willow was wondering where Xander was. There was no way he would leave her, she was all he had. What would he do without her there to make sure he never got into to much trouble? Willow looked up confident that Xander would be there to get her out. She looked confused when she didn't see him. 'Oh well,' she thought, her confidence never leaving. 'Oz won't let anyone hurt me, besides no one can beat my magic, not even Giles, and especially not Ethan.' Her cocky thoughts showed on her face as the men all looked at them.

Riddick stared down at the girls who had dropped in on him. He really didn't like the smell of them. Especially the shorter girl, she looked like something from the Slam. He couldn't wait to get her as far from him and his precious pet.

Vaako's thought where much the same as his Lord's, only about the red headed bitch. He growled at the look on her face. How he wished he could slap that look off her face, He was glad when Riddick motioned to the resident sorcerers.

"Get them out of here." The growled command made the two girls jump and glare at him. Neither one could believe that they were being dismissed.

Ethan smirked, "Gladly My Lord."

Giles shook his head and joined hands with his lover as they started to chant. He could faintly hear Buffy screaming about him being a traitor as he watched them being engulfed by a white light. When the light finally settled he fell to his knees, his breath coming out in sharp pants. "That was a rush," He whispered as Ethan helped him up. It had been awhile since he had used magic like that.

Ethan smirked at the power his friend still had. It would be fun to re-teach him all he had forgotten about chaos.

Riddick and Vaako smirked at the two before leaving, making there way back to their waiting boys.

Things progressed rather well after that, there were a few more attempts from the girls to get Xander and Giles back, but after the third failed attempt Ethan and Giles eventually just cast a spell that would stop any attempts to cross worlds.

Though Riddick and Vaako shared occasionally, Oz remained Vaako's special pet while Xander would forever remain Riddick's boy.

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