The moon shone bright and full over the Nevada desert. The night sky was clear and a hundred thousand stars twinkled with their own light. The air was still and silent the occasional call from a coyote or insect cutting through it, only for it to go silent again seconds later. This night was peaceful, for the most part: only the deserted land of dirt and stone was safe. The forest's that surrounded the small group of lakes however, was far from peaceful. Fierce growls filled the air. Large paws of varying colors pounded like drums against the earth.

Fangs and claws were exposed and ready to tear into anyone or anything that stood in their way. Be they man, animal, or machine. God forbid any that willingly crossed their path on this night. Howls tore through the air seconds later. They had found their prey and they would feed that night on the creatures that were beneath them. For none were above their kind. Loud screams tore through the air as the hunt for dinner began.


"Now Sam, I want you to remember your cousin Kale will be arriving this afternoon so I need you to come straight home after school today."

Sam sighed as he grabbed a piece of bacon from the plate next to the stove. God, he hated his cousin so freaking much. And not just him: it was his girlfriend and his other friends, who came with him every time he'd come to visit.

"I know mom. You forget you've only reminded me four times this morning and fifteen times last night." Judy stopped and looked at her son for a moment before smiling. He was right of course-- she had reminded him several times that morning and the night before. Judy laughed and kissed Sam's cheek as he headed toward the door backpack sling over his shoulder.

"Morning Bee." Sam called as he walked up to the Camaro. Bumblebee was silent for a moment.

"Hello. Hello." The radio sang as the driver's side door opened. Sam smiled as he sat down placing his backpack in the passenger seat. The door closed with a snap and the engine rumbled to life before Sam had even put on his seatbelt. Bumblebee was eager to go, as always.

"Now remember, Bee we have to come straight home this afternoon. Mom's orders."

A very military 'Sir yes Sir' sounded from the radio, the actual phrase was spoken by several people. The drive to school was the same as it usually was. Bumblebee would find songs on the radio and play them, the music only broken by their talking.

All in all, it was a very comfortable ride. Rides now were so much different than the terror filled ones that they had experienced after they had first meet. The horn sounded as they pulled into the parking lot, alerting Mikaela, Jazz, Miles, and Prowl of their arrival. Poor Prowl had been forced to change his alt mode slightly. The sirens and other marking that had identified him as a cop car were gone, but stored in memory in case he needed them, so now he was simply a black and gold Saleen.

Why Prowl, of all the Autobots, had been assigned to Miles he'd never know. He supposed though, that it was that for some strange reason the two of them got along quite well. They seemed to balance each other out. Prowl inserted some logic into the really stupid things Miles would come up with, this often meant that he'd stopped him from doing some stupid but cool sounding stunt and hurting himself, in return Miles was able to help keep the poor bot from going on the fritz when he heard something that didn't click with his processor, like the tooth fairy or Easter bunny, which saved him from having to see Ratchet several times a day.

Sam shrugged. It didn't really matter to him. Miles was like a brother and so long as he was happy, then Sam was happy too. So, waving at them through the window as Bumblebee pulled into the parking space in-between them, Sam let his random thoughts go and hoped they would stay away. Not likely, but he could hope. Sam hoisted his bag over his shoulder as he got out of the car and kissed Mikaela on the cheek; he wasn't willing to kiss her on the lips at school due to Trent related threats on his person and car. He really didn't want to find out how bully resistant Bumblebee was.

"Morning 'Kaela."

"Morning Sam"

"Hey Sam. Sam. Sam. SAM!"

"What, Miles?"

"Morning." Sam scoffed at Miles, who had a Cheshire cat grin on his face, and smacked his arm, not hard enough to hurt, while Mikaela laughed at Miles.

"What did you eat for breakfast Miles?"

"I had a donut," The way Miles said this Sam knew he was lying. Sam laughed as he looked at his friend.

"I know you Miles. You just didn't have a donut you had several didn't you?"


"Don't you lie to me Miles or I'll tell your mother." Miles head snapped to attention blond hair moving into his face as he did it. So giving Sam the most pathetic looked he could, he dropped down to one knee and clasped his hands together like he was praying.

"Please don't tell my mom. Please, Sam, please." Sam laughed, an almost bark like sound, at his friends antics as he pulled him to his feet and told him to grow up. Only stopping to wave back at their cars, Sam, Mikaela, and Miles made their way into the school. Minutes later when the bell had rung and the parking lot was empty, the Transformers in the lot began talking amongst themselves.


"Did you guys hear?"

"Hear what?"

"About the wolves."

"What about wolves?"

"Apparently a couple of people were killed by wolves last night. Their names haven't been released, but still it's kinda scary."

Sam sighed as he sat in his second period. He'd heard people talking about the attack in first period too. Rubbing his hand across his face Sam slumped further down into his seat. The teacher droned on in front of the class. Not that anyone but a select few were listening. Mr. Neil had a reputation for being one of the most boring teachers in the school and at the moment he was living up to his reputation.

God damn, he was bored, but he didn't really want the day to end. He really wasn't looking forward to seeing his cousin and the three or four friends he'd bring along with him. A silent thank you ran through Sam's head as the bell rang and he jumped out of his seat. The halls were crowded as he moved toward his third period.

Stopping at his locker Sam cringed as he herd Trent's voice behind him. Opening his locker to replace one book with another, Sam prayed that Trent wouldn't notice him. His prayer was shot down before it reached the roof and torn into a million pieces.

"Hey Witwacky." Sam cringed as Trent threw his arm over Sam's shoulder. He could feel Trent's breath on his cheek and fought the urge to shudder.

"So Witwacky. I have a question for you." Sam let out a slow sigh as he turned his head a bit. Now he was staring at Trent's face almost eye to eye.

"Yes, Trent." Trent gave him what would have been a winning smile, to anyone else, and tightened his grip on Sam's shoulder a bit.

"So Witwacy how much are you paying my little bunny to go out with you?" Sam fought the urge to hit him then and there but he knew better. Trent would beat the shit out of him before anyone would be able to get to the fight. So he'd settle for his personal way for fighting.

"Nothing, man. Why, did you have to pay a lot?" Trent growled and the next thing Sam knew, his back was pressed against a locker, the lock pressing against the space between his shoulder blades.

"Watch it, Witwacy." Trent spat as he let go of Sam's shirt turned and walked away. He was facing suspension already and he couldn't let that skinny little nobody get to him. Besides, he'd get what was coming to him in due time.

Sam rubbed at his back a little and then started running toward his next class as the warning bell sounded. Sam sighed as he sat in his seat, in front of Miles and to the left of Mikaela. He'd made it and just before the tardy bell rang.

"What took you man?" Miles asked as he leaned forward in his seat.

"I'll give you three guesses, but you'll only need one."

Mikaela sighed as she looked at her boyfriend."So what did Trent do this time?"

"He wanted to know how much I was paying you to go out with me." Sam said as he pulled his notebook out of his bag. Mikaela rolled her eyes and shook her head. She was too used to such questions to get mad anymore.

"So what'd you tell him?" Sam smiled as he looked at Miles.

"I asked him why and if he had to pay a lot for you to date him." Miles laughed as he sat back in his seat.

"Sam, you're going to get yourself killed if you keep this up." Sam looked over at his girlfriend and smiled. Her voice was serious but she was smiling.

"Wouldn't be the first time he beat the crap out of me and it won't be the last." Mikaela shook her head and went back to her book. Sam was right, Trent had beaten the holy hell out of him before and it was bound to happen again. The class quieted down a bit as the teacher entered the room and sat down at her desk. The class was quite for a minute or two before the whole room broke out into chatter.

The teacher eyed the class for a few seconds and then went back to her book. She was a sub, she wasn't planning on doing jack squat.

"Have you guys heard about the wolves?" Mikaela asked as she pulled her desk closer to Sam's.

"Yeah, a few people in my first period were talking about them."

"Miles, the people in your first period will talk about anything. Even if it isn't true." Miles opened his mouth to reply, but stopped dead not being able to think of anything to say.

"Sam's right Miles, but it's still kinda interesting. I mean, come on, wolves." Sam shook his head. Wolves weren't really all that interesting not when one of your best friends was an alien.

"Hey you guys know what we need to do?"

"What, Miles?"

"We need to have a scary movie marathon. Our theme can be werewolves." Mikaela perked up a bit. She loved scary movies.

"Oh, can we Sam?" Sam leaned back in his chair for a moment before realizing something.

"Why the hell are you two asking me? What am I, your keeper?" Miles and Mikaela looked thoughtful for a moment before Miles answered.

"I don't know about Kaela, but you're mine, and besides, we're having this at your house in your room."

"Oh no we're not. You forget Miles, that Kale arrives today."

"Oh god, that ass."

"Wait, who's Kale?" Mikaela asked as she looked in-between the two.

"He's my cousin, and he's a dick. Every time he comes he brings friends and trouble." Mikaela looked at him for a moment.

"So do I get to meet him?"

"Knowing Kale, you'll meet him whether you want to or not," Sam said this with an aggravated voice. He really didn't like his cousin. Every time Kale came he'd cause trouble and more often than not it was bad.

"So, that's a no go for your house?"

"At least for now, Miles. I think he may be stay at a motel this time around. So with any luck we won't have to worry about him as much this time." Miles nodded in understanding. The rest of the hour went by without much of a fuss. The wolf attack was the hot topic in almost every class and at lunch. Almost everyone was talking about it. So come the end of the day no one noticed that Sam pulled Miles to the side as the bell signaling the end of the day sounded.

"Remember Miles, no matter what happens don't move against him."


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