Endings and Beginnings

The order rang through every mind with such power that even the Autobots stopped moving. Every head turned towards the source of that voice and all knew why the order had taken such a hold on them. Standing before them were three of the most powerful beings that the shape shifter species as a whole had to offer.

The Elders stood before the warring packs and in the center was the first alpha. The alpha that had so long ago bested his brother and sister on the night of their first transformation. His white fur stood out against the black of his brother's and the gold of his sister's. The first alpha alone was a grand sight but the three of them together standing calm in the mist of a battlefield was something that not even the most long-lived of their group would ever forget.

"I said that enough. Kale call your pack off you have no right to declare war on you cousin's land." A piercing yet stern gaze was directed at kale and the black wolf tucked his tail and back off. The rest of his pack following an instant later. "Sam if you would."

This time his voice was far more gentle. For the first alpha understood the reason that he and his pack were fighting. Sam nodded and turned so that he could get a good distance away from his cousin. The only one's who didn't go anywhere were Mikaela and Jazz. Mikaela because she wasn't sure where she should go and Jazz not wanting to leave her.

"Sam who is he?" Optimus asked. His gaze as well as most of the others was locked on the three wolves that now stood in front of them.

"He's the first alpha Optimus. He's the one that dominated his siblings after they changed the first time." Of course Sam had a different name for the white wolf. "You know if you'd gotten here about three or four hours ago things would have been a lot better gramps."

Joshua Taylor gave his grandson what one could only assume was an amused look before shaking his head. "I'd have come sooner but I thought it wise to wait for the other to get back so that we could take care of this together. Besides I would have had to tell them everything before I left anyways."

The voice of the golden furred wolf echoed softly in their heads as she spoke. "We wouldn't have let him come alone anyways young one. Besides all of us will be needed to clean up Kale's mess."

"Kale has much to answer to. He has broken many of the rules we set in order to keep ourselves hidden. I think it best brother that we deal with this situation here as swiftly as possible. You have much to do while we're here do you not?" the voice of the black wolf was smooth and clear but it held such authority that it was almost like someone had gone and combined Optimus and Prowl into one being.

Joshua nodded his head in agreement before he turned his head back towards Sam and the Autobots. "I know that you have many questions just like I do but can they wait for a few more hours while I make sure that Kale and his are dealt with."

It took Optimus a moment to realize that the question wasn't directed at Sam but at him. "We can wait for a few hours. Take as much time as you need we aren't in a rush but there's one thing I'd like to take with us." Joshua tilted his head to the side.

"And what is that?" he asked his voice curious.

"Mikaela." Joshua turned his head towards the tan and silver wolves that hadn't moved back to their packs. His gaze was intense on Mikaela for a moment and the result was for her to cringe and whimper. Joshua took a few steps towards Mikaela only to have Jazz bare his fangs and growl at him when he got too close.

"Jazz." Optimus scolded his voice slightly shocked.

Jazz was never one to be rude to someone who wanted to help. Then again Mikaela had been through so much in the past two days that he wasn't really surprised that Jazz had gotten protective.

"I give you my word that I won't hurt her. I'm merely curious. I can fell the bond she shares with another but it feels wrong."

"Kale forced her to imprint." Sam said.

Shock radiated from Joshua and his brother and sister. The next one to speak was the female. He voice was nothing but soothing.

"Ah, false imprints are nasty things. They unravel quickly and usually do more harm than good. I can fix some of the damage. Come dear and lets get you fixed up shall we."

Mikaela looked around for a moment before climbing to her feet and making her way towards the silver wolf. Jazz was right behind her. He wasn't letting her out of his sight again unless he absolutely had too. Neither Optimus or the old wolves said anything against what he was doing. They thought it better to let him have his way. Besides none of them really wanted Mikaela alone with Kale's pack even if one of the elders was with them.

Joshua nodded to himself as he watched Kale's pack turn and start to leave with his sister and brother. Only kale seemed to be fighting against his orders. Kale as moving slowly as if he wanted to hang around and find out what was going to happen it was either that or he was going to try and attack somebody. The anger that rolled off of him in waves made it feel like he was going to.

"Get going Kale." Joshua barked. Kale gave him a low growl before he slunk off into the tree's and joined the rest of his pack. With that done Joshua turned towards Sam's pack and the Autobots.

"Now lets get down to business shall we? Only lets do it some place a little more comfortable." Joshua offered the group before him a wolfish grin.

"Your more than welcome to come to out base. It is a bit far away though." Optimus said as he watched the white wolf.

Joshua nodded. "Well alright then. I don't mind a walk and when were out of the forest I can tell you how to turn back into whatever it is you guys are exactly."


It was strange how something so life changing could end so quickly. It was, Sam reflected as he stood under a warm spray of water, just as it had been when the Autobots had come into his life. Two days all together and then his life was different. Though this had many major differences. This had changed more than the Autobots had.

The events of the past week or so had taken his life and torn it apart and there was no changing it. He wasn't even sure if he wished it had never happened. There were of course things that he wished he could change or do differently but that happened with most things in life. Sam sighed and ran a hand through his hair. It had taken him forever to was all the blood off of his body and out of his hair and he only felt a little better for being clean.

Maybe it had something to do with what being clean had revealed. Kale had given him scars. It was possible with their kind of course but it almost never happened. They weren't very bad scars in fact they probably wouldn't be visible to anyone but his kind and the Autobots. But still they bothered him. The scars Kale had given him were like a sign that he screwed up.

He had screwed up of course and the reproductions would go on for a long time he was sure but there was a small part of him that hoped that everything would turn out alright between him and his parents and him and Mikaela. Well, him and everyone more or less. He'd lied to some of his best friends and he knew that they expected him to continue lying.

He was going to try not too. He knew that stopping was going to be hard because he'd gotten so good at it and he was used to having to lie. But still he was going to try and that was all that really mattered. All he could do was try. Sam yawned and shook his head. He'd hoped that the shower would help wake him up but it hadn't. He still felt bone tired. With some luck he'd be able to sleep after Ratchet had his way with him.

Because despite all that had happened all he really wanted to do was sleep. Pounding on the door to his bathroom made his head jerk and the muscles in the back of his neck tingle then burn slightly.

"SAM? YOU DIDN"T DROWN IN THERE DID YOU?" Miles voice assaulted his ears from the other side of the door and Sam was thankful that he'd decided to lock it. The last thing he needed was for Miles to come running into his bathroom while he was still in the shower. Sam knew that the blonde would do it too.

"I'll be out in a minute." Sam called in his normal tone of voice as he turned the shower off. The warm spray of water was sorely missed as he stepped onto the cold tile floor.

"Well hurry up. Ratchets getting impatient." Miles said from the other side.

"What's Gramps doing?" Sam asked as he towel dried his hair.

"Talking to Optimus and the others. He explaining all the crap we either couldn't or wouldn't." Sam nodded in understanding. There had been things that he hadn't told Optimus and the others about that might have helped if they didn't have the no killing thing going on.

"So basically their playing twenty questions." Sam smiled a bit as he heard Miles laugh through the door.

"You done in there yet bro?" Miles asked.

"Almost." Sam said as he pulled a shirt on over his head. He was about to open the door when a flash of green caught his eyes. His necklace was laying on the sink form the night before. Sam hesitated for a moment before reaching out and picking it up.

The stone at the end was cool to touch but something about it felt right when it never had before. The necklace was a sign of rank and of responsibility. The responsibility of being a pack leader. A responsibility he'd never really taken because he hadn't really wanted too. Sam blinked and kept looking at the necklace for a moment more before he placed it around his neck and tucked it under his shirt where the stone fang rested against his heart.

Responsibility accepted.


The night was silent. The storm had passed and for the moment all was peaceful. Things had settled down at least for the moment. Optimus Prime stood alone the pale light of the moon reflected softly off of his armor. He had a lot to process. It wasn't just the events of the night or what Joshua had told him that kept running through his processor. It was the words of The Lady that he pondered now. How desperate had Sam's plea been for her to hear him above the prayers of millions of other creatures across the galaxy.

How willing had he been to die? How willing did one have to be to catch the attention of a being of higher power? It disturbed him greatly to think that someone as young as Sam was so willing to die if it meant that others would live. Most bots he knew while willing to sacrifice for the good of many were afraid of being killed in battle. It was one of those things that drove some of his more cowardly mechs to do what needed to be done.

Even he'd been like that when he was young but it was something he had grown out of quickly when he'd taken his role as Prime. In order to do what needed to be done for his kind he'd had to sacrifice much and he'd done it willingly. So seeing Sam so willing to die or if need be kill to keep those he loved safe both awed him and left him worried. He hated seeing that willingness to die in one so young. It was funny in a way.

While he had thought of Sam as a friend they'd hadn't truly been close though that might have had something to do with the fact that he wasn't as willing to goof off as some of the others were. But still he had thought he'd known the boy fairly well and he'd been proven dead wrong. The Sam he knew know was different. While not completely it was enough to make him wonder if even now if the Sam they were seeing was the real Sam or not because Sam was good at lying and hiding things.

Though he had promised that he stop lying as much as he was able because he'd spent three years having to hide and lie and it wasn't going to be very easy to stop. He had faith that Sam would be able to given enough time. All they had to do was wait and help him along. The sound of approaching footsteps caused Optimus to turn and look down at the ground.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping? I think ratchet gave you a direct order about sleeping untill you couldn't sleep anymore." Optimus asked. Sam looked up at the mech with a tired smile. Ghostly scared pale in the moonlight and visible to few.

"Yes, Ratchet ordered me to sleep and I tried and it didn't work. I mean I feel tired enough to sleep but once I lay down I feel like I'm wide awake." Sam shrugged as he looked skyward. His eyes finding the moon where it hung in the sky.

And while he watched the moon Optimus watched him. Such small and brave creatures humans were. Their world was full of myths and legends about creatures that might or might not exist and there were those who believed and those who didn't. It made Optimus wonder about how many of those fictional creatures were real and hiding in a human skin like the wolf that lived in Sam hid.

"Was gramps able to answer all the questions I wasn't able too or you know wouldn't?"

Optimus nodded despite the fact that he was sure that Sam wasn't looking at him. "Yes, though there were things he wouldn't tell us. He said that we had to learn some things for ourselves."

"He can be like that sometimes. We talked before I tried to go too sleep." Sam said. Reaching up he ran a hand through his hair before resuming his earlier position.

"What did you talk about?" Optimus asked. It wasn't really any of his business and he was sure that it was rude of him to ask but he knew that if he didn't then they'd lapse into an uncomfortable silence. Sam smiles.

"We talked about what's been going on since Kale got here and about my parents. He wants me to spend Christmas with him. I'm not sure if I will but mostly we talked about you guys."

"Did you?" Optimus sounded intrigued. Then again who wouldn't be if they were about to be told about something someone else had said about them.

"Ya, he told me that he was happy I'd made such good friends. What he was really grateful for though was you?"

Optimus was so taken aback by Sam's comment that he couldn't find it within himself to reply.

"Wanna know why?" Sam asked as his gazed shifted up towards the Autobot leader. Optimus merely nodded. "He said that he was happy that there was someone here to teach me how to be a good leader. I happen to agree with him wholeheartedly."

For the life of him Optimus couldn't think of a thing to say. Maybe he didn't really need to say anything at all. Optics and eyes shifted up towards where the moon hung in the sky and for a time they stood in silence simply enjoying each others company.


The screen door screeched on it's hinges as Ron Witwicky exited the front door carrying a suitcase. The trunk of his car was as fool as he could get it and so was the back seat. Whatever he wasn't able to get out of the house now he'd come back for later. Ron sighed as he looked back at the house that currently held his wife and son. He wasn't staying he couldn't.

He didn't know the woman in there anymore and he'd never really known his son. He wasn't leaving Tranquility, he had a small apartment waiting for him, but he couldn't bring himself to stay in his old home any longer than he had to. He needed time away to process what was going on and though some small part of him didn't want it he was quite sure that by the time he figured things out him and Judy would be getting a devoice.

He couldn't take the lying and the acting anymore and he doubted that he'd be able to handle how his wife had started treating Sam now that their big secret was out. The screen door screeched again as Sam exited the house and started in his direction. Ron Witwicky looked at his son and for the first time in a long time realized that he hardly knew his son at all.

It was the whole turning in a wolf thing either and it wasn't that they didn't have much in common it was just that he'd never really tried to get to know the young man in front of him. Sam stopped a few feet away from his father and looked at the loaded car.

"Did you get everything?" he asked in a quiet voice.

"No but I can make another trip." Ron said as he twisted his hands. Sam shook his head.

"I'm sure that Bee won't mind taking it over to your new place for you. That way you only have to make one trip."

Ron watched as Sam swallowed and he knew that his son was probably fighting back tears. And for a moment he wondered how he could leave.

"Sam you know that I don't blame you for this right. I can understand you hiding the whole wolf thing from me. I mean you're a teenager so it's to be expected. It your mother that I'm mad at not you."

Sam nodded. "I know. It doesn't stop me from feeling bad."

It was Ron's turn to swallow. Ron knew that it was the fighting and leaving on bad terns that was bothering Sam so much. There had been a few times throughout his Sam's that he and Judy had fought and he'd left but they'd always made up.

"You can come with me you know. You don't have to stay here. My apartment has two rooms." Sam seemed to consider it for a moment before shaking his head.

"I can't. If I leave there won't be anyone here to be sure that mom doesn't drink herself to death. It doesn't matter if she hates me or not I can't leave her alone." Ron sighed and shook his head. He didn't want to leave Sam alone. The soft sound of an engine running caused him to look over to where Bumblebee sat in their driveway.

A small portion of the guilt he felt for leaving left him then. Sam wouldn't be alone. He had Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots to look after him. And he could always invite him over for a visit and he'd try to keep up with any news Sam might have for him in the future but truthfully Sam was probably better off with the Autobots and Lennox and the other solders than he was with him. Ron nodded his head grimly accepting that his son wouldn't be coming with him.

"All right then. Why don't you help me get the rest of my stuff and then you and your car can follow me." Sam's agreeing smile was small and sad but it was a smile and he'd take what he could get for leaving his son. Besides they'd have a good proper talk before Sam left his place and he'd be sure that Sam knew that he could come to him if he ever needed anything.


Monday morning dawned cool and grey and it stayed that way all day. The threat of rain hung in the air but it never fell. Sam sighed as he sat on Bumblebee's hood. Bumblebee had gotten word that morning that Mikaela would be coming to school despite what had happened. And it was Mikaela that Sam was waiting for. Miles sat nearby on Prowl's hood eating mini powdered doughnuts despite the fact that both Sam and Prowl had asked him not too.

"So how are we going to do this Sam? I mean it's not like you can look at her and ask her to forgive you and then go running off into the sunset together." Sam growled low and shot Miles a look that wasn't very nice at all.

"Okay, Miles here's the deal we ,together, aren't doing shit. I'm going to talk to Mikaela and your going to be a good boy and let us talk alone. I don't care if you go into the building or sit in Prowl. You've had half a bag of those doughnuts and I don't currently trust you to not burst into hyperactive song."

Miles cringed a bit a Sam's tone realized that he kinda deserved it and shrugged. He couldn't help it that he liked sweets and got hyper really easy. Though it would probably be easier for Sam to talk to Mikaela by himself he already sounded kinda nervous.

"All right then. I'm off man. Miles said as he hopped off of Prowl's hood, threw his now closed doughnut bag into the passenger seat through the open window and grabbed his bag. He was headed off towards the school building a few seconds later.

"Prowl if I were you I'd hide the rest of that bag." Sam said as he watched Jazz pull into the parking lot. Prowl gave a silent affirmative as Jazz pulled into the space on the other side of Bumblebee. Sam watched as Mikaela gave Sam a look from Jazz's interior and said something to the bot. Apparently Jazz had a reply waiting because Mikaela was out the drivers side door just a few seconds later.

"I have nothing to say to you Sam." she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

"Mikaela please. I swear I'll leave you alone just let me say what I need to say first."

Mikaela glared a t him for a moment before giving in and nodding. The pair began walking towards the entrance a few seconds later.

"I was going to tell you, you know. The day after you were taken. I'd spent all of the day before trying to figure out how to tell you."

"You should have told me sooner Sam. If you had then maybe I wouldn't have been kidnapped and bitten and forced to be some guys trophy." Mikaela said her voice both mad and hurt. Sam sighed.

"I know. I should have but I was scared about how you'd react. I didn't want you to think I was a monster like my mom did." Mikaela huffed and fixed Sam with a stern glare.

"Do you really think I'm that narrow minded. God, Sam. You'd have rather put me in danger than tell me the truth. I know that your mom had a lot to do with it but you still should have told me." Sam nodded his head in agreement.

"I know and I don't think anything I could ever do or say will fix but for what it's worth I'm sorry you found out that way and I'm sorry for what happened."

"I know your sorry Sam and to tell you the truth I probably would have been scared of you. I don't really remember much of my time as a ….. well you know." A group of students passed the pair by as they entered the school. "Your aunt said it was natural. I'm not really all that mad I'm just majorly confused and I don't think I ready for any of the wolf stuff yet."

The word wolf had come out of Mikaela's mouth strained and Sam as sure that because of what had happened Mikaela would probably never turn again. He could understand what she was going through and he sympathized. Sam sighed as he placed a hand on Mikaela's shoulder and turned her so that they were facing eye to eye.

"I know that we'll never be what we were before again but if it's okay with you I'd still like to be friends. That and I want you to know that if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask me because I want to help if I can. I'll leave you alone until you figure everything out. I know what it feels like but more than anything Mikaela I want you to remember that your not alone. You have me, Miles, Will, Sarah, the Autobots, and half a dozen other people who're willing to help you if you need it."

With this said Sam let go of Mikaela's shoulder and walked away. Class would start soon and he need his book and Mikaela would need her space. Leaving her there alone by herself hurt more than he cared to admit but whatever happened next was her choice and he couldn't influence it in any way no matter how much he wanted to.

Mikaela sniffed as she watched sam walk off towards his locker. It was hard to watch him walk away but he was right about one thing. She wasn't alone in this and she had a group of people and mechs that would support her no matter what. A part of her knew that she and Sam would never be together again at least not as a couple but she did love him. He was one of her best friends and she wasn't going to let him go but she needed space for awhile and she was sure that neither Sam nor Miles nor any of the others would mind.


A crescent moon hung low in the sky casting ghostly shadows upon the freshly fallen snow. The wind was gentle and carried with it the soft sound of music. It was almost as if someone was softly playing a woodwind instrument. Large beast ran through the forest that night their paws adding to the music of the wind. Loud drumbeats of sound. The only thing lacking from the music of the wind was the sound of song.

That was filled in a few moments later by the sound of howling. Two packs as different as could be ran through the forests together. One pack held only three while the other held six. It didn't matter to them that they were of different packs for in their minds they were all truly one. Two wolves trailed behind the rest of the pack.

They were as different as could be as well. One wolf was huge, majestic and powerful. While the other was small, common, and fast. There differences didn't matter however as the both of them tiled their heads back and filled the night air with wolf song.

The Lady listened to the wolf song as if it was the most beautiful music she had ever heard. Perhaps it was. As the song continued she looked down upon her children both old and new and smiled. It was the beginning of something new for the packs below her and she knew without a doubt that their destiny was a grand one.


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