Title: Out Of The Blue - Epilogue

Author: Stormy1x2 (travelingstorm)

Rating: G

Word Count: 500 approx.

Spoilers: for Pokemon Heroes

Summary: An old friend pays Ash and friends a special visit. Latias' POV.

Notes: Set during Diamond and Pearl. Third fic in the 'RaiS' universe. Can be read as a stand-alone as well.



Latias soared up into the air and let her special cloaking powers sweep over her. Hidden from sight, she did one more flying pass over the very special boy who stood there below, her egg held protectively in his arms. It hurt, leaving her egg behind, but she knew that it had to be done, if she wanted to save her baby.

Latias was an intelligent Pokemon, more so than the more common varieties that abounded everywhere. She was capable of rationalization, and logical thought – and over the last two years she'd lived in Alto Mare without her brother, she'd come to some conclusions.

She and her brother had been strong together, that much was true. Labeled Legendaries, they possessed natural strengths that greatly surpassed those of other Pokemon. But both her brother and her parent had given their lives to save the city because they weren't strong enough. They were limited, because they lacked the ability to go past what they were given. Latias had decided a while back that if she and her brother had been properly trained, if their powers had been encouraged to grow and change, then maybe, just maybe, her brother would still be there with her.

She knew her egg was a Latios. As the male, with the naturally stronger powers, he would be expected to save the city as his uncle, and grandparent before him. Latias didn't want to see that happen. She would not risk the life of her offspring so easily.

Which was why her thoughts had turned to the daring young trainer she'd befriended two years before. Bianca was, and always would be her best friend, but she was not a Pokemon trainer, and there was no other human besides her grandfather (also not a trainer) and Ash Ketchum that she had revealed her true self to of her own free will.

Ash was the perfect choice to raise her baby. He would love and care for her egg, and help it hatch properly. And then he would raise Latios to be a strong and adaptable Pokemon, able to surpass the limitations she and her brother had been trapped behind and maybe, just maybe, provide him with the tools and abilities her baby would need to survive, should someone ever disturb the Soul Dew ever again. In the moment she had shared with Ash, using her Sight Sharing ability, she had done her best to convey her hopes and wishes to Ash, and she believed with all her heart that Ash had understood.

Latias rose even higher into the air, letting out a cry as she wheeled sharply and aimed in the direction of Alto Mare. The pain of being parted from her egg was lessoning, as she realized more and more that she had been correct in making her decision, and she knew their goodbye wasn't forever. She and her baby would one day be reunited. Then she'd know for sure.

Latios gave one final glance behind her at the faint dots that she knew represented Ash and his friends, and then looked firmly ahead towards home.




Notes: Here's the epilogue that hopefully clears up any misunderstandings from the first chapter. :D As always, feedback is always greatly appreciated.