I know Stephenie Meyer was talking about making her own story for Leah, but I just had to try my hand at writing her side from after Breaking Dawn and how her life should end in her own little happily ever after. At least how I think it should be.

Caution: There are Breaking Dawn spoilers inhere

So I'm finally free of Forks. I am free of Bella and the stupid leeches. I am free of changing in front of a bunch of guys. And I am free of Sam. Free of Sam and his love for Emily. I am free of Bella's baby. I couldn't bring myself to say her name. It's like she took away the one person who still knew how I felt. Jacob. I still couldn't gain control of my anger, and I was still changing forms. I've been trying so much to stop, but there is just way too much anger inside me these days.

Leah, I know you're mad at me, but you can't stay mad forever.

Jacob was constantly checking up one me. I know he's worried, but does he really think I would do something rash? Ever since he imprinted on that stupid half-breed, he's been at the parasite's crypt every day. He actually likes them.

Want to bet?

Leah, you know I can't control it.

Someone phased as I thought about the reason why I was mad at him. I could see the trees flying by him quickly. I didn't care. All my anger was bottled up and I so badly wanted to hurt him.

Come on. You know Jake's not trying this. He only wants to help. You're the one who wanted to be in his pack. Besides, it's not that bad.

Seth knew I was being irrational. I knew I was being irrational. I just couldn't understand it. Why couldn't I imprint on someone? Was I premenopausal? Maybe Sam was right - maybe we imprint to carry the genes down the best. If he was, then I must be the reason I haven't imprinted. I am a genetic dead-end.

You will imprint some day. You just haven't met that person since you've changed. And you're not a genetic dead-end.

Of course he would believe that. He had his true love now. My pain didn't matter to him any more, only hers. Jealousy burned through me. Not because I wanted Jacob, but because I wanted to imprint on someone like he did. I wanted to feel that love saturated through me. I wanted that guy to be the only one holding me and comforting me, not Jake and Seth.

Leah, you can't wallow forever, you know, Seth said.

I phased back to human, knowing that I couldn't have them in my head anymore.