"You…" I finally began angrily, struggling for the right words

"You…" I finally began angrily, struggling for the right words. "You…"

"I know! And I'm really sorry!" Billy said hurriedly, fixing me with this soppy big sorrowful look and coming to sit down in the chair next to me at the table.

I jumped out of my seat and moved away from him "stay away from me" I hissed, which was surprising since I don't think I have ever hissed at anyone in my life and I can tell from Linn's shocked expression that I'm not the only one surprised.


"No!" I snapped "I don't know you anymore Billy, the Billy I knew never pranced around in his mother's underwear, he never acted like a git, he never invaded my privacy and he never bad mouthed anyone"

"Ally, I'm sorry" Billy said looking at me pleadingly.

"Sorry isn't good enough" I said "because what's going to stop you acting like this the next time? Or the time after that? You've been acting like a jerk and not the sweet berk I knew and loved. I don't want to ever see you again. Goodbye Billy"

"Ally, ple-"

"GOODBYE BILLY!" I bellow loudly before storming up the stairs (and disturbing some cats that weren't Colin) and slamming my door shut. I threw myself onto my bed disturbing Colin (who yowled and jumped of the bed) and buried my head into my pillow.

I, Alexandra Love had broken friends with William Stevenson, my oldest and dearest friend. It felt weird…it had always been Ally and Billy and now it was just Ally. I never felt that I needed Mum more than I do now. I felt tears burning in my eyes and falling down my cheeks, I can hear the front door shut and I know that Billy and probably Kyra were gone.

I can hear muffled whispers and footsteps on the hallway. My door is slowly creaking open and the jingling sound of Rowan's bangles could be heard. I felt my bed dip down as two people sat on it.

"Ally?" Rowan whispered.

"Go away!" I snarled into my pillow.

I can hear a frustrated sigh and I know Linn is also there. My bed squeaks as the pair of them lie down besides me. I snuggle up close to the pair of them and listened to their breathing (and in Rowan's case jingling) as I slowly fell asleep. Before sleep took me completely I knew that I didn't need Mum as much as I thought I did, not when I have Rowan and Linn here.

Authors note: I really felt that Karen McCombie could have made the Ally/Billy confronting scene in Boys, Brothers and Jelly Belly Dancing a bit more dramatic. It would have made the ending a lot more emotional and I thought Ally gave in far too easily.