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The journey back to Hogwarts had always been a nightmare. Harry always felt sorry for the little first years, they must be so terrified of the hustle and bustle of platform nine and three quarters, it was the same every year, a trolley to the back of the leg here, someone walking backwards into you there, finding that you're cramped into a compartment with people you may have once met, that seem to know your name, but you cannot recall, and all of that hassle simply because there were no compartments left.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were making their way through the crowd easily; everybody moved out of the way so Harry and his friends could pass, well, they owed him that at the least, he'd saved all of them during the summer holidays. For once in his life Harry couldn't be modest, it was no piece of cake slaying a near immortal megalomaniac.

The trio got themselves safely seated on the Hogwarts express before they started to chatter about their seventh, and final, year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

"I'm going to miss it" Harry stated absentmindedly, he was watching the parents on the platform, some crying as they waved goodbye 'Must be parents of the first years'He thought, scanning the crowd for a second time.

"I'm sure if you so wished to, Dumbledore would let you stay to teach, you could teach defence against the dark arts, you're brilliant at it! And you've already had practice since Dumbledore's Army"

Harry smiled to himself, still gazing out of the window. Hermione often knew what to say to make Harry feel better; this was most definitely one of those times. Thoughts of what he could do when he left Hogwarts had been nagging him all summer, and yet there was the answer, plain as day, from one of his best friends. He turned to Hermione and grinned.

"I guess you're right, I'm pretty sure Dumbledore would appreciate a teacher that would stick around"

Harry relaxed into his seat, placed his forehead against the cool glass of the window and watched as Platform nine and three quarters flashed before his eyes in stages before he was finally on the way to Hogwarts. He thought about this year, he had to work hard, thanks to the so called Dark Lord; Harry's education had been somewhat disturbed. He was glad not to have the threat of possible death hanging over his head as he studied anymore.

Voices came from outside the carriage they were in, the three friend's heads turned to face the door as they listened intently, the voices grew louder, and they could now make out what was being said.

"Are you sure? Seriously, that could be really dangerous! No joke, I know it sounds stupid mate, but I'm not kidding." The teens looked at each other for confirmation of who it was standing outside, obviously having a somewhat private conversation, Harry stood up to see if it was anyone they liked. You couldn't tell the boys from the sound of their voices anymore, they were deep, gruff and completely different from the voices Harry recognised from the early years at Hogwarts, where most males in his year sounded like Disney characters come to life. Harry slid the door open and spoke to one of the people outside.

"Oh, it's just you Malfoy, what's up? No Voldie to tell you who to kill? Shame, we thought we'd got rid of you!" Hermione rolled her eyes, but Ron sniggered at the fact that Draco Malfoy could no longer hold the threat of his father or his dark master to them; Blaise Zabini didn't seem to find it funny.

"Shut your mouth, or at least find out facts before you go using it" The tall, dark haired Slytherin stepped up towards Harry, eyes narrowed dangerously.

"If you choose to speak so loudly and openly outside where I am sat about danger, I'm going to guess it's about Voldemort, after all, you were his slaves" was Harry's smug retort.

Blaise was about to say something but Draco stopped him, "Leave it, lets just go find a compartment," the blonde said quietly, his eyes avoiding Harry and co.

The two Slytherins walked off and had just gone into a carriage when the Golden trio's friends came to find them, Ginny beamed at Harry and sat next to Hermione whispering in her ear and giggling. The compartment became packed as along with Ginny was Neville, Luna, Seamus and Dean. The friends had little time to talk before the whole train was silenced by a deafening scream.

"What do you mean you want to break up? Drakey, we've been together for three years and we're not going to split up now!" Pansy Parkinson cried in distress.

"Anybody up for seeing the ferret get murdered?" Ron said excitedly. Everyone shook their heads and continued; no-one could be bothered with Malfoy now that the war was over. Harry stood up, clapped Ron on the back and followed him loyally along to where Malfoy was sat.

Harry had to giggle along with his friend as he saw the escapade before him, Draco Malfoy being held by his shirt collar against a wall by a desperate and furious Pansy Parkinson.

"She's possibly the scariest thing in Hogwarts, even next to fluffy the three headed dog" Ron muttered under his breath.

"She's every self-respecting Slytherin boy's nightmare" Harry whispered, wondering why Malfoy had suddenly decided he didn't want his play toy anymore.

Everyone went quiet as the white haired boy spoke.

"Well, Pansy, If I'm completely fair here, you are a money-grabbing pig-headed slob of a girl who refuses to do any work because you believe your looks will get you the cash you need even though you aren't much to look at, and your actually the biggest bitch I've ever had the unfortunate displeasure to meet." Draco finished talking to her as if it was a four year old before him and not a teenager.

Pansy sobbed and screeched again "You're so arrogant, just 'cos you're a Malfoy you think you're so great, but you're not, I hope Potter makes you're life hell this year, you arsehole, that's completely unfair Draco, I'm the best looking thing you'll ever get, I hope you know that."

"Well then if you are I am pronouncing myself Asexual this very minute, and this has nothing to do with my social status although yes I do hold myself in higher regard than you." Draco pushed the crying girl off him. Harry had to be fair, if it was honesty anybody wanted they could rely on Draco Malfoy. He'd practically just proclaimed himself a God in his own eyes.

The girl narrowed her eyes to slits, stared at Draco for a while before storming out of the compartment to find comfort from the sweets trolley.

As the door opened a seventh year slytherin boy pulled Harry inside.

"You don't want to go talking to Draco like you did before Snotter, or you'll have a lot of trouble on you're back this year" The boy snarled, Harry had seen him a couple of times before at the Slytherin table, he was tall, well built and was bearing his gravestone teeth very close to Harry's face.

Harry just nodded, trying to turn his nose away from the awful breath ghosting over him.

"Selven, Just drop it alright, I'm fine, I can take petty insults from petty minded boys who wont move on in life" Draco had turned round to see Selven, the seventh year slytherin, holding Potter off the ground.

"Okay Draco, but if this guy gives you any more crap I'll beat the living daylights out of him." Michael Selven finished and gave Draco a wide smile. The blonde smiled back, before turning round to face Blaise. Harry could swear on his life that he saw Draco roll his eyes and Blaise tut in agreement to the exasperated manner Draco was taking.

Harry shuddered, feeling almost sorry for Draco that he had such a deranged fan. Selven turned back around.

The vicious boy grunted and dropped Harry to the floor, watching him closely as if daring him to say something about Malfoy.

Malfoy spoke next "Now get out of here Potter" His eyes were directed away from Harry, looking at the countryside that lay beautifully beyond the window.

"I said get out, what are you, a retard?" Malfoy said, turning round to look at Harry. It was meant quite bluntly but everyone took it as a joke and burst out laughing Harry just exited trying to hide his blush shamefully, how could he let something Draco Malfoy, his sworn Hogwarts rival, make him turn red? That was what Ron did in such situations; Harry knew he had to remain cool and fight fire with fire when it came to Malfoy, but with Selven as his personal bodyguard, there was little the raven haired boy could say or do to defend his case.


Harry was safely seated at the Gryffindor table when the Slytherins sauntered in, dishing out dagger-like glares to anyone who dared to look at them in the wrong way, Harry had to admit, there was a air of importance and power about them, it was something in their stride and the look they had on their faces, business like, void of any emotion. However, he would never admit to thinking this to any of his friends.

Malfoy sat himself down, the green-eyed saviour watched as Selven tried to take the seat next to him but was pushed to one side by Blaise who sat down and started talking to Draco. The seventh year pureblood boys situated themselves around their ice prince and glared around the great hall. Selven caught Harry's eye and pushed both his eyebrows upwards in a swift movement as he snarled. 'That's Draco's thing'Harry thought, then realising what his inner voice had just said, his eyes widened. He had not just called the slytherin git by his first name…had he? He shook the thought out of his mind and scanned the slytherin table some more, Crabbe and Goyle were sat with a very unhappy Pansy, she was watching Draco like a hawk, tossing her hair, folding and unfolding her arms whilst sighing and puffing to try and get his attention somehow, but the blond just ignored these attempts and continued his conversation with Blaise whilst waiting for the start of year speech to begin.

The hall fell into silence as Dumbledore stood up beaming; he began to talk about how glad he was to see the smart seventh years, back safely in Hogwarts, to do their final year in peace. He held up a golden envelope to the students and his eyes twinkled mysteriously.

"It is now time to announce the head boy and head girl of this year. If your name is called please stand and come to the front to collect your badge and receive a round of applause" His eye's scanned the room, even as he got older, Harry noticed that Dumbledore forever possessed the eyes of a young man, they were electric blue, startling but warm. The headmaster opened the envelope carefully before pulling out a small piece of parchment; he beamed once more and paused for effect.

"This year's head girl is…"

Hermione bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut; Harry smiled at Ron and shook his head. They both knew it would be her, all her life she had worked hard, did anything she could to stop her two friends breaking the rules, and now was definitely her moment to shine.

"Hermione Granger"

Hermione looked up and smiled from ear to ear, timidly she stood, cheers exploded from the Gryffindor table as she walked to the front, Professor McGonagall pinned the black and gold badge to her front and congratulated her before the eyes of students and teachers turned to Dumbledore once more, awaiting the next name to be called.

Harry was stumped; he looked at Ron, who merely shrugged. Who could head boy be? Harry looked around the hall, trying to spot someone worthy. He turned his attention back to the front to hear the name called.

"To some of you, this may come as a surprise, to others, it was foreseen, Hogwarts head boy this year shall be…"

Ron was playing with his robe sleeve, Harry nudged him and the red headed boy looked angrily at Dumbledore, anyone could tell when Ron needed food, he got so grumpy and impatient that you had to be extremely careful with anything you may say to set of his flaming temper alight.

"Draco Malfoy"

Harry's head snapped towards the front so fast his neck cracked, his jaw dropped as the blond boy got up, received a pat on the back off Blaise and walked confidently towards the front, cheered on by the rowdy Slytherin table, Snape stood and shook Draco's hand before handing him his badge. Draco smiled at his head of house and said something inaudible to anyone except Severus Snape.

Hermione and Draco nodded politely to each other and Draco congratulated her before extending his hand to shake hers. Hermione's eyes widened, in her third year at Hogwarts she had dished out one hell of a punch to Malfoy and had expected nothing but grief when his name was announced, she shook his hand and grinned, she seemed happy to be working with the boy this year. Hoping he'd changed she went to sit back down.

Draco was once again cheered as he sat down with his peers; he smiled at them as they reached to look at his badge. Harry watched Draco's smile, he had never seen the boy smile like that before, it was genuine looking, and the golden boy was intrigued. He studied the smile some more and found himself wishing he could receive a smile like that, not necessarily off the slytherin boy, off anyone really. 'He's a dentists dream'Harry had wondered into a world of his own, blind and deaf to the sorting and the chatter among his friends. 'God his teeth are straight, they're perfect, I wonder how he got them like that'

"I would like to announce that this year at Hogwarts two new lessons have been planned, it is the first time within 100 years that new changes have been made to the usual time table, the first to be introduced this year is Magical Business Study, the lesson will be run by the one and only set of Weasley twins, Fred and George, as I'm sure most of you will know them and be pleased they have returned" He held out his hand in a sweeping motion, bringing everybody's attention to the two stocky red-headed boys who were stood up waving at the crowd.

Fred and George took Dumbledore's place at the front and George began to speak.

"Well what can we say, we've made our fortune, we've made a hell of a lot of it, more than we expected if I'm honest, and now we would like to teach you how. We'd like to thank Hogwarts for giving us the aim and knowledge we needed to successfully push our dreams to reality, and of course Harry Potter for giving us the funding to do so" Fred and George simultaneously winked at Harry and Fred continued their speech.

"We're not going to ramble on at you, but the class is going to be ace, we hope you'll enjoy it!"

The students cheered and clapped as the twins sat, looking confident and happy.

"Why didn't they tell me this is what they had planned next!?" Ron whined, Harry and Hermione shrugged him off and continued to listen to Dumbledore.

"We also have the new lesson, Extreme Magic, this will be for seventh years only and a select few have been chosen to take it" the Seventh years started talking, some outraged the option was not open to all. Dumbledore coughed and once again regained control of the hall, "I have handed a copy of everybody's OWL results to Miss Granger, who will give them to you if you wish to possess it, your time table for this year will be with it also"

Dumbledore sat back down, so the students started talking once more, some discussing the Extreme Magic class, others chattering about the holidays.

Ron turned to Hermione "What did he get then?" He asked grinning.

"Who?" The girl asked lazily, as if she was bored and already knew what was coming.

"Malfoy" Ron said the world crinkling his nose.

"Oh, erm… lets see" She flicked through the papers and stopped when she found what she was looking for, her face paled and she looked up, "I need to study more"

Harry laughed but Ron looked puzzled.

"He got higher than you?" The red head asked in shock.

"Yes, He got an outstanding in everything, how could this be? It's not possible, no-one can study that much" Hermione gulped and her hand shot in the air, Professor McGonnagle stood up and walked over to her.

"What is the matter miss Granger?" She asked with a small smile.

"It says here that Malfoy got outstanding in everything but there's no such possibility is there? Even I didn't get that Miss. Is it an error?" Hermione was determined to prove she had the highest level in the school.

"Miss Granger, Malfoy is not only naturally intelligent, but his father has friends in high places where Magical tutors are concerned, he worked very hard last year with determination to get the best grades he could, there has been no mistake or error, Mister Malfoy had the best OWL results since Professor Dumbledore sat his own exams" She smiled proudly in the direction of Malfoy.

"But, But, How does he know so much, what's he taking this year?" Hermione asked frantically.

"If you look, you will see a copy of the list of lessons the students are taking clipped to the back of the sheets you are holding" McGonnagle answered before sweeping away to the head table.

"Oh my god" Hermione read out what Malfoy was taking in distress " Potions, Transformation, Defence against the dark arts, Charms, Magical Business Study, Divination, Care of magical creatures, Ancient Runes and extreme magic" She looked up at the two open-mouthed boys next to her.

"Divination!?" Ron looked appalled that anyone with more than two brain cells would want to take such an absurd lesson.

'No wonder he's head boy, that's fantastic'Harry thought to himself turning his attention once again to the slytherin table. 'What the hell why do I keep thinking nice things about him? This has to stop; he's pure evil, just look at him, the aristocratic git.' Harry wished he hadn't looked at the blond boy, his eyes were dazzling and his smile was breathtaking. The Gryffindor turned away and blushed deeply for the second time that day. 'That has to stop, why do I keep blushing? It must be because I'm tired; yes. That's it…tired.'

Harry dug into the food that had appeared in front of him, laughing inwardly as he watched Ron shovel as much from his plate into his mouth as possible.

"Only five people are in extreme magic" Hermione's brow was furrowed as she looked at who was in the class, "Harry, you're in. So am I, Draco's in it, Ron, you're not in…" Hermione looked up and grimaced at the red head who merely shrugged.

"Who else?" Harry pressed.

"Blaise Zabini, that's Malfoy's friend isn't it? And Theodore Nott, he's in Slytherin too"


Two whole days had passed and Harry, thankfully, hadn't had any strange feelings of friendliness towards Malfoy.

The golden trio were sat in a long, boring Potions class; Hermione was the only one listening from the Gryffindor side of the room. Ron appeared to be asleep and Harry was ignoring Snape's constant droning.

"Potter!" The potions master hissed.

"Yes sir" Harry groaned, he really wasn't in the mood for Snape, he had recently been nervous, just in case Malfoy smiled that perfect, infectious gleaming smile of his.

"What did I just say," Snape asked in a patronizing tone, the master knew Harry had not been listening and leaped on the chance to deduct points from Gryffindor.

Harry made a guess, he was quite confident it was the right answer, but if it wasn't, he was going down with style and a snigger "Fifty points to Malfoy sir?"

"Incorrect Potter, move you're stuff and sit next to Draco," He turned to look at the front row Slytherin table, "Nott, if you would be so kind as to move up one space" the scrawny boy scurried up the bench to make room.

Harry sat down but Malfoy didn't look up at from his notes, Harry couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, he looked left. 'So that's Nott'The small boy was frantically scribbling down notes from the board 'he must be clever, he seems eager to learn, not much muscle on him, couldn't bully a fly, wonder why he's in slytherin…'

Harry half listened to Snape in case the hook nosed man decided to pick on him again, all the while keeping his eye on a certain blonde. He felt repulsed with himself as he looked at Draco and found himself thinking about how it would feel to be the best looking person in Hogwarts.

Malfoy finally looked up, and much to Harry's disappointment Draco looked straight through him. Harry went make to his notes to hide his disappointment, but when the Golden boy looked back all he saw was the sparkling smile, unfortunately not directed at him, but at Blaise on the table behind. Harry's heart skipped a fair few beats but he quickly regained control of his feelings and almost immediately began to think 'Stupid Malfoy, I wish I could kill him, what's he doing to me, what just happened, that was weird, my heart, it…leapt'

Harry Potter spent the rest of his potions lesson staring full on ahead at the board, using all his will not to look at the boy next to him for fear of the strange feelings he was getting, it was starting to weird him out but at the same time, he felt so excited at these new emotions and effects. It was a strange condition Harry had, but whatever it was, it was growing, and soon, he'd have it bad…


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