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Harry rushed around the house, cleaning up and spelling everything into place. He had been struck with such a wonderful idea he could barely contain his excitement. He delegated work to all the members of the house hold and they began their day under Harry's dictation at precisely 5am that morning. Even the house elves were scared to linger any place for too long, not even daring to take a five minute break.

Before too long the Manor was gleaming and decorated from floor to ceiling. The damage done by what was now referred to as 'the incident' was so far behind the friends, it was as if it had never happened. A grand tree graced their room with its presence, glittering in all its glory. Harry had decided the Hogwarts students had not exactly had a Christmas, and so he had called a late one – so they could open their presents and eat dinner and do just what they would have done on the real Christmas day. It was mainly for Draco – Harry had realised he had never given the boy his present, and also that the boy had wanted Christmas to be so perfect for Harry.

Well, Harry would make it perfect for his Draco. The blond had been sent to a nearby village in search for the muggle item 'beetroot' it was the first thing that came into Harry's head, and he knew Draco would know nothing of it. He had been vague in his description in the hopes his lover would be gone all day. And he had been. The other occupants of the house had enough time to put the feast on the table and get changed the awful Christmas jumpers Blaise had ordered them as a joke – a joke which reminded Harry far too much of Mrs Weasley's yearly present. They huddled in the living room excitedly as they saw Draco's enchanted car screech up the drive way. Harry's heart leapt as he saw the familiar blond head duck out of the door.

He entered the room rosy-cheeked and looking moody until they jumped to him, chiming 'Merry Christmas' simultaneously.

"You all conspired against me..." he muttered breathlessly.

"Yep!" Blaise grinned.

"So I could have a Christmas after all?" He undid his scarf and coat and raise an eyebrow.

"That was the desired effect, yes." Harry bit his lip nervously.

Draco's cheeks became a shade deeper, his eyes found Harry's and he chuckled softly.

"I love you, Harry James Potter" he jumped onto his lover, wrapping his legs around Harry and letting his hands find the tousled hair he found so adorable. He kissed the Gryffindor with the ferocity of the snow storm adorning the sky outside, not wanting the moment to end.

"Yeah, okay we get it Dray. Now let's open some presents." Blaise interjected with a small laugh, shaking his head at the pair.

Draco laughed into his kiss and slid down from Harry's waist, taking the boy by the hand and sitting down to watch everybody open their presents.

The few weeks they had spent together had impacted the friends, they knew each other well. Harry received Quidditch accessories from Blaise and Hermione and new gloves from Theodore and Amelia. He watched in delight as they opened their gifts from him, Hermione fondled the rare book excitedly – unable to resists opening it and reading a few paragraphs. Her eyes lit up as she opened Blaise's gift.

"Plane tickets, to Italy?" She looked at him, puzzled.

"Yeah, I thought you might like to see where I'm from," he chuckled, "I also thought you might like to do it the fully muggle way, since you don't like Dray's cars."

Draco laughed as Hermione shook her head and hugged Blaise hard.

The two kissed briefly before turning to watch Draco and Harry exchange gifts.

Harry had wrapped the cauldron awkwardly, but as soon as it was opened it shone and lit up the room – its crystal pattern sending pretty flecks of silver across the room.

"Wow." Draco looked breathlessly at his present. The cauldron meowed softly and he looked confused at it before peering inside. His face radically changed to an expression of pure happiness as he pulled out a tiny black kitten from within the cauldron. "Harry," he breathed, "how did you know?"

"Blaise told me." Harry laughed at the animal trying to paw at Draco's hair.

"I would kill you, Blaise. But I'm just too distracted." He held the creature close and scratched it behind the ears.

"What will you call him?" Hermione quizzed.

Draco thought hard and long before coming to his answer, he paused, looked at Harry and smiled.


The Gryffindor boy grinned at his lover, who sat down next to him, with the newly named kitten pawing at his jumper.

"I hope you don't think this is cheap, I had no idea what to get you – I wanted something I knew you'd like. This is all I could think of, I saw a few other things, but I thought this might be a bit more personal." He pulled a small black box from his pocket and handed it to Harry with a nervous smile.

Within the box was the same necklace Harry had complimented Draco on the night of the Christmas Ball, the sleeping serpent with a diamond encrusted spine. Only now it was different, a silver loop wound around the snake and from the top of this circle to the bottom, striking through the tail – was a lightning bolt. It was the most elegant piece of jewellery Harry could have asked for. He looked at Draco and beamed, "it's perfect. I could never say this is cheap."

"I'm glad you think so, Harry." Draco took his hand, "I just wanted something to symbolise us – me and you, together. As one." He leaned in and nuzzled Harry's ear, "turn it over."

On the other side of the pendant, the words 'the snake withholds the tongue that opens' were engraved around the edge. Harry read them, confused.

"My room at Hogwarts," Draco whispered to him, "the password to the door is 'open' in parseltongue."

Harry grinned at him, "I bet not many people could break in."

"Just me and you, this way we can be alone whenever we like." Draco replied in parseltongue.

"Good." Harry replied in the same way, kissing the boy, "I want as much time alone with you as possible."

"Oh come on you two! That's not fair!" Blaise interrupted their private conversation.

"Sorry Blaise" Draco apologised before fastening his chain around Harry's neck – admiring it as he did so.

The friends made their way to dinner, tucking in to their turkey meal and Christmas pudding until they were too full to eat one more bite. The copious amount of food left over, was of course put to good use by Blaise – throwing a sprout at Draco. Who in return threw potatoes which hit Theodore. The occupants began to hurl food all around the dining area until it looked like the table had exploded.

"This isn't fair! My poor house elves have to clean this!" Draco shouted, his hands outstretched in surrender as Harry hit him in the face with a handful of carrots. "Potter!"

"Okay, Malfoy – let's take this outside" Blaise opened one set of French doors and chucked a snow ball at Draco's head.

"Right! Get here you Italian prat!"

Snow fell heavy and the sky darkened as the Hogwarts pupils played into the evening, enjoying teasing each other and building snowmen in ridiculous positions. Soaked and freezing they let their numb limbs carry them by the fire and all promptly collapsed.

"Best. Day. Ever." Blaise panted, grinning at the other people in the room.

"Most definitely," Draco agreed, rubbing his frozen nose warm and pulling a blanket around himself and Harry.

Returning to Hogwarts was not something anybody wanted to do, so travelling to London to catch the train with their peers was a depressing journey for all leaving the Malfoy Manor.

"This was a brilliant Christmas, I didn't want to leave." Harry sighed, sitting across from Draco on the train.

"Well, since you don't particularly love your guardians and I don't enjoy living alone – why don't we just collect your things at the start of summer and you can spend it with me?" Draco's eyes fixed on Harry, a small hopeful smile playing at his lips.

"Are you being serious?" The boy replied.

"I never joke about living arrangements, Potter." The blond smirked.

"Good because I was moving in whether you were or weren't."

"I'm glad you feel that way." Draco teased.

"You two should really pretend to hate each other again if you don't want people to know about your relationship" Hermione interjected.

"Why?" Harry asked

"Because it will be easier than pretending to just be friends! You two will never do that without wanting to be all over each other."

"She has a point." Draco sighed, "I guess I need to go back to being the Malfoy you hate."

"I'll know the truth" Harry shot a small smile at his lover.

"Oh Wow!" Hermione laughed, re-reading a line of the book she had been given by Harry.

"What?" Blaise peered over her shoulder, she pointed to the page. "Merlin's beard!" he exclaimed, "that is freaky!"

"What?" Draco snapped.

Hermione read the passage, "Throughout the years that the founders lived within the castle walls, there were various rumours concerning the relationship of Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. The two spent time together in private so often they were thought of as lovers. The only piece of evidence to support this was a ruined page of Gryffindor's diary with a poem describing the appearance of Slytherin and tender feelings towards him" she looked at Draco and Harry, "you two are nothing new, you're just following history."

Draco looked ready to explode. He looked at Harry for support.

"Me and Draco are nothing like that!" he protested.

"Oh let's see, the two most powerful boys from Slytherin and Gryffindor fall in love – hmm, the castle must just have a way with these things." Blaise teased.

"It can't just be because of the history of the castle, I was meant to be in Slytherin in the first place!" Harry was worried about how Draco was looking, his anger creeping into his storm coloured eyes.

"You'd make a terrible Slytherin, you know tha-"

"Maybe this is why you were put in Gryffindor!" Hermione interjected, "Don't you both see! You were both put here for a reason, to find each other. I think you're soul mates."

Blaise snorted at this. "Soul mates?"

"Not the kind you know about!" She sounded exasperated as she closed her book, "In the Wizarding world, soul mates are people who can combine their powers. They have attributes of each other and can see into each other's minds when they need to. This book says that Gryffindor and Slytherin would speak in Parseltongue." She looked back at Harry and Draco.

"Well, what exactly does it mean to have a soul mate?" harry had to admit, it did sound like him and Draco. When Draco was a wolf he entered Harry's mind until the boy went and found him. Something had drawn him to that clearing where he first found Draco, too.

"It means if you stay apart for too long, you die." Draco sounded scared. He looked down.

"That's why you've just invited me to come live with you." Everything fell into place for Harry.

"That's why I did everything I've ever done." Draco looked down at his knee.

"Excuse me?" Harry watched him.

"I could never leave you alone, I wanted to be your friend in first year and even when you rejected me I would torment you and practically follow you everywhere." Draco muttered, not sure what to think.

"Salazar and Godric died soon after they left Hogwarts." Hermione added, "You two never hated each other, you needed each other!"

"That is," Draco stuttered.

"Incredible." Harry finished for him, looking at the boy across from him. He felt it, there and then, something that blocked out anything else from the world. Something that was more powerful than magic and wizards and witches, his tie to Draco. A tie that had been there his whole life and only now did he realise it.

"That's why I didn't die. When I said it was your love, I didn't really know what I was saying. But it was your love. Soul mates cannot die without each other." He gulped and looked at Harry. "And why I ended up in that clearing – that was where I went to think about you. To think about joining you. During the war. It was a place that connected us."

"But why turn into a wolf?" Harry wondered.

"It's my animagus. My stronger form."

"I see." Harry breathed out hard, not knowing what was right or wrong anymore.

"I think it's going to be hard to pretend to hate each other." The blond smiled at him.

"It's going to be more than hard" Harry chuckled.

Pretending to hate Draco was, in fact, a lot harder than even Harry could imagine. They had tried to find somewhere private near each lesson in order to talk and kiss and be together, but there was nowhere private in Hogwarts. They had landed in detention too many times after having to pretend to be fighting when walked in on.

Tension cut between them, their lack of contact was wearing thin on both of them. They argued and bickered and both ended up in tears every time. Feeling exhausted from the stress of it all, harry was glad when the distraction of the Quidditch season came; especially when he could take it out on a match against Slytherin. No matter who he dated he would always be furiously competitive with the house team.

He did his usual pep talk before leading the team onto the pitch, showing off his new broom. The red quarter of the stands roared with cheers of excitements whilst the green and silver side hissed. Harry ignored it; there was only one Slytherin he truly cared about. That particular Slytherin was heading towards him now, striding across the pitch in his emerald robes which Harry had to admit looked very good on him.

"Nice broom Potter. Didn't want a gold and red one then? Never thought you were that honourable anyway" Draco leant on his very own Arcus Storm, the silver stick and green tail matching his half of the pitch.

"I don't feel the need to rub my house in everybody else's face to be honest, Malfoy. Anyway this brings out the colour of my eyes." He prepared himself to kick off from the ground and soared vertically as soon as the whistle was blow, circling the grounds once to get a feel for the weather conditions.

He kept a look out for the Snitch as he whizzed around in circles, grinning at Blaise as he passed the Slytherin Chaser.

"Harry!" Katie Bell screamed, "Watch out!"

He turned his broom to see Draco hurtling towards him, the boy stopped dead in front of him and grinned mischievously at him.

"What do you want Malfoy?" he grinned back, unable to help himself.

"You, Potter."

Before Harry knew what was happening, Malfoy was straddling both their brooms and wrapping his arms around the other seekers. The blond kissed him slowly and tenderly with purpose, the crowd went silent and for a few moments Harry and Draco seemed to be alone in the air.

The dark haired boy pulled away, "What are you doing?" he hissed.

"I'm sick of avoiding you, it's hurting and it's really distracting. And I don't want to live a lie like I used to. I want people to know that I'm yours, and you're mine. You're my soul mate, and I love you. Why should we be ashamed to show people how happy we are, Harry?" Draco exhaled and looked deep into the emerald eyes he loved so dearly to lose himself in.

Regardless of how many looks he would get when he walked into the great hall later, ignoring the remarks Professor Snape would make constantly in potions, and oblivious to the way he would be treated at Hogwarts from this day on – Harry Potter kissed Draco Malfoy back, so softly and sweetly he felt his heart plummet deeper in love than it already was. Their tenderness hung in the air for long after the match had ended. The atmosphere around the castle changed, as if Gryffindor and Slytherin themselves were walking the halls once more. The houses became more united than ever and even though both Harry and Draco had no family left – they had one at Hogwarts. They lived out history within the walls openly, instead of keeping it a secret they did as Draco had said – they shared their love and that love lit up the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, even after the boys had graduated.

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