Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the fourth gazed with wonder at the bright meteorites streaking across the darkening sky, long rainbows of white light falling through the layers of colored sky, the crimsons, azures, golds, violets, periwinkle, and honeyed yellows of the setting sun.  She giggled happily and reached over to stroke Ein's shaggy fur, making a mental note to get the dog's fur trimmed in the future.  She had always known that the earth was still beautiful, especially on nights like these.  Before she had joined the crew of the Bebop she had watched the sun setting by herself, daydreaming about having a family to call her own, wondering whether her father was alive out there and searching for her, speculating on what the other children were doing back at the orphanage place she had stayed for a while.  It was different now with Ein and after her experiences on the Bebop, for while she had always been comforted by the brilliance of the dying sun, she felt worlds better with a companion such as Ein. 

                She had given the dog the chance to stay with the ship and Ein had opted to remain with her and she still hadn't gotten over how privately relieved she was.  It made the days seem brighter and the nights less empty when you traveled with a friend.  She took a deep breath and her face contorted as she encountered the hollow pit within her chest again, right where her heart was.  Spike-person was gone, gone for good.  She wasn't sure quite how she knew this, but she did, and Ein appeared to know as well, for the dog wasn't as chipper as normal.  It hurt some, but even she, as crazy and energetic as she knew herself to be, even she knew that it was for the best.  Spike-person was a troubled man, she could see the past paining him deep inside, and within the depths of his miscolored eyes.  He had brooded a great deal, and even when he laughed it sounded a bit forced.  She hoped he was at peace now …but still she felt the anguish of loosing him, and her family on the Bebop …a solitary tear slipped down her face as she remembered giving Spike-person her pin-wheel, and she had seen the look of confusion in his eyes, as if he could not recall the simple joys of life and how much fun it could be to just watch the wind blow the brightly colored wheels. 

                She felt a damp, saw-papery tongue lick her face, wiping away her sorrow and she smiled shakily before moaning and throwing her slender arms around Ein's neck.  "Oh, Ein!"  She wailed, sobbing into his fur.  "Edward misses Bebop Bebop!  Edward is sick of trying to find father-person …besides, father-person tried to beat up Spike-person …and Spike-person is gone …" Ein whined in sympathy and nuzzled her face.  "Edward wants to go home to Bebop Bebop, Ein.  Edward doesn't feel right here.  Ed does not belong.  Faye-Faye told Ed to find where she fits in …but Edward felt at home on the ship …Ed is confused."

                Ein whimpered again as she pulled away and wiped at her eyes, her gaze shifting once more to the sunset enhanced by the meteor shower.  She bit her lip, and sighed, flopping onto the dusty ground on her back to watch the stars appear in the navy sky above.  The stars made her long even more to be back on the Bebop, cruising to another world to try and pick up the current bounty.   She wondered where the ship was …where Faye-Faye and Jet-person were …she could feel it, deep inside her, they were alive at least.  She could almost imagine feeling their grief, as if it could be transmitted through space like a tangible object.  Perhaps it was her own sorrow that she was feeling and indeed that was most likely.  She was so confused and sad …father-person was out there somewhere, probably in the midst of all the falling rocks on the horizon …

                "Ein, help Edward.  Ed needs to know where to go.  Father-person is out there somewhere on this planet …the Bebop Bebop is elsewhere …but father-person …well, he doesn't feel familiar.  Faye-Faye and Jet-person are on the Bebop, they are at our home …but is it still Ed's home?  She wonders."

                The dog snuffled against her arm and sat down at her side, deep brown eyes watching her as Ein cocked his head to the side and barked once, before lifting his snout to the heavens above.  Ed sighed again.  "That was what Edward was thinking.  But Ed is not certain, Ed needs to find the father-person again before she knows for sure where she belongs." She paused and looked at the dog again.  "Does Ein still want to stay with Edward?"

                Ein yipped an affirmative and stood, licking her face in a sloppy dog kiss.  Edward, laughing, sat up and wrestled with the stocky dog for a time, tumbling over the earth's dusty surface as the stars winked down on them from above.  Ed felt happiness welling from inside her heart and she stood up straight and flung her arms out to the sides before twirling around and around, giggling and laughing as Ein dashed around her, barking up a storm.  She felt giddy and anticipatory, and she was much more pleased with those emotions than with the darker ones that had consumed her thoughts before.  She had a plan in mind and all she had to do was to set it in motion and then she would finally know where she stood in the grand scheme of things.

                She did a spin-jump and shouted out to the world in tones of mirth and glee,  "Edward is on her way!  Father-person, Bebop Bebop …Faye-Faye and Jet-person, soon, Ed will know where to go to go home!" She laughed again and bent down to scoop up the dog.  "C'mon, Ein, we've got a mission." And she spun before setting Ein down to pick up her computer, dubbed Tomato, and to balance it atop her head.  She wasn't certain where she was going or how she was going to get there, but at least now she had her purpose back in mind.  Her thoughts however refused to stay buoyed to the future, and she found herself wandering amongst her memories as she walked along, Ein dancing at her heels and with the meteors still shooting across the sky.

                Her brow furrowed as she pursed her lips and considered her abrupt departure from the Bebop a few weeks back.  After talking with Faye-Faye she had been almost positive of what to do, and so she had paid one last visit to Spike-person before writing her goodbye, along with her signature smiley, on the launching runway of the Bebop.  If she had stayed long enough to give her friends a real goodbye, she might have never left, and to find her destiny, she had to leave.  But …supposing that her place was not with her father …what then?  Spike-person was gone from the Bebop …things would be different there, of course, they couldn't help but be …Jet-person would let her stay, her and Ein.  He was nice, he had always been there for them, unlike father-person, he had taken her under his wing and treated her like a real person …well, most of the time.  He made sure she ate – though she was practically the only one who ever enjoyed the meals – and he had taken her places sometimes.  She looked down as Ein rubbed against her ankles and smiled.  Well, best to deal with things one step at a time, she could sort everything out at a later date, once she found where she belonged.  For a moment, tears burned anew in her eyes, and she did not bother to stop them from falling as she began to hum her little song and she smiled up at the sky, filled with twinkling lights and the meteor rainbows.  "Edward will miss you, Spike …I hope your dreams now do not torment you as the ones in life did."