Story: 100

Chapter One: Introduction

Summary: Allen and Lavi meet for the very first time. Slightly AU

Genre: General/Romance

Rating: PG

Content: Cuteness.

Author's Note: Part of the 100 Themes challenge on DeviantArt. 100 chapters about Lavi and Allen as a couple. Don't like it, don't read it.

Legal Disclaimer: I don't own D. Gray-Man or its characters. They all are property of Katsura Hoshino and I make no profit off these stories.


The first time he met Lavi Allen couldn't help but think there was something odd about him. Although he wore the clothes of an Exorcist, his bright red hair and clashing orange scarf made Lavi look ridiculous, and his green headband was a glaring distraction to all those who tried to look at him. The somber uniform was nearly drowned out by uncharacteristic colors. Allen wasn't sure if he liked it or not, but rather decided that it was very strange indeed and did not comment at all.

It was only when Lavi turned to look at him fully that Allen saw the eye patch, like an angry black mark on his smiling face. Having a strange eye himself, Allen couldn't help but wonder what had happened. But just as before, he remained silent about the situation and took on introductions as normally and gracefully as possible.

Despite learning who this person was and why he was there, Allen was still a little wary of Lavi for some reason he couldn't name. It wasn't that he distrusted the brightly clad Exorcist—or was he a Bookman, or both?—but more like Allen was shy and didn't quite know how to approach someone of his nature.

But it seemed that fate pushed him toward the redhead and Allen soon found himself outside building a snowman with Lavi. He was a talker (that was for sure) but appeared genuinely kind. Allen didn't have much social skill and he could tell that Lavi was taking care of the conversation so it didn't fall awkward between them. How he knew, Allen wasn't sure, but he appreciated Lavi for it nonetheless.

It was only when he could tell that Lavi's smile didn't quite reach his eye and when something borderline cruel came from his lips that Allen had to leave. How strange that someone could shatter his perception of them so quickly.

Lavi tried to lighten him up a little, but the damage had already been done and Allen would have no more of his teasing. Stalking away, he left Lavi behind in the snow and didn't look back. It was strange to have someone try to call him, pleading for his return, but Allen moved forward nonetheless.

It was only when he was in the middle of a crowded street that Allen came to the sudden realization of how dark it was. He felt a chill run up and then down his spine. Never before had he felt so…frightened. It was like being alone out at sea, completely open to an enemy he couldn't see or hear coming. They all wore human faces but, who was to say that there wasn't another face underneath? He suddenly wished he was back with Lavi, back with those bright colors and that smile, no matter how fake it was.

It was only when he heard the muffled words of "Die, Exorcist" and then an explosion that made him nearly fall over which caused him to come back to reality. There were screams and the sounds of people running. But when the smoke cleared, there wasn't an akuma there. It was Lavi standing on what looked to be a huge…hammer?

Allen blinked once, then twice at the redhead. Even with his bright hair and colorful accents to the normally somber uniform, he truly looked like an Exorcist. But there was something else there, his eye strangely dull when someone cried out that he was a murderer. Sadness, if only for a flicker of a moment. Forced cheeriness for the rest, as if he were some sort of weary actor in a long-running play. Allen didn't know what to make of it, but Lavi was a familiar face and his bright red hair was like a beacon of comfort in the gray landscape around them.

Then began the fighting, something that Allen knew all too well. At least it wasn't as foreign as all these feelings, thoughts, the smile that didn't reach that single green eye…

He and Lavi made a pretty good team. Allen was surprised to see how Lavi fought, as each equipment-type user was different and Lavi's Innocence was something to behold. It was also frightening, to see how Lavi tore through his enemies without even so much as a second thought. He didn't think twice or feel remorse as he eliminated akuma. Allen wondered how he could do that, when some of the akuma still wore human form. What kind of person could not feel a flicker of hesitation before swinging a death blow when they saw a human face before them?

"Lavi…how did you know?" Allen asked, glancing over at his companion as they ran through snow covered streets.

"I didn't. I just suspect everyone who comes close to me. Someone I knew yesterday could be an akuma today," Lavi said, for a glance looking so much older than he should. Allen wondered if he looked like that too: a child thrown into a war too young, dealing with the death and destruction with a false wall of confidence and happiness. "That's the kind of war we're in right now; the kind of enemy we're fighting."

That's why I wear this coat: it's a challenge. Allen heard his master's voice in his head, the image of another red haired man coming before his mind's eye. A challenge to an enemy that we can't see…His eye was the same way as Lavi's. It was the look from too much war, too much fighting….But then again, you have it easier, don't you? Allen…?

They exposed themselves, became decoys, bait. They had eyes that were hard and lonely, suffered, but they wore the coat to do their job. To save the very humans they distrusted…

"How many did you get?" Lavi asked, from somewhere below him, lying on a broken piece of concrete.

"About…thirty," Allen answered.

"I won. I got thirty-seven," Lavi replied.

"I don't really count," Allen said, finding it almost inhumane to do so. Lavi started to move from his spot, and Allen could hear his boots scratching on debris as he climbed up over them.

"I keep a mental record of everything," Lavi explained, and his red hair lit up the white sky in front of Allen's eyes when the other boy leaned over him. Allen didn't know how to reply to something like that and kept his silence, staring at the snow falling down on them. Flakes landed on him, his cheeks and lashes damp when they melted. "Hey, are you all right?" Allen turned his head towards Lavi, good eye taking in his roughed up appearance. A part of him thought it suited him, while the other preferred him cleaner, as his vibrant colors were muted this way.

"Fine," Allen said, his arm sore and hurting as he rubbed it with his right hand.

"Still hurts, huh?" Lavi asked, his eye softening for a moment. Allen wondered beyond wondering what happened to his other eye. Black was such a harsh color on Lavi and Allen knew it didn't compliment him one bit. "I think that attack right now was trying to get the jump on you and Lenalee, since you're both injured now." Snow fell in Lavi's hair, beads of wetness clinging to red strands. It might have been the angle, but there was a dark shadow under Lavi's left eye. Tired and weary, it seemed to whisper, but only quietly so. Allen fought the urge to touch him, run his fingertips down his cheek. But the urge was quickly tucked away and Allen felt his face heat up slightly that he had even thought of something so inappropriate. "Hey, are you sure you're okay? You're all red."

"F-Fine," Allen repeated, a little nervously. Hopefully Lavi hadn't been able to see the thoughts that passed through his mind. Hopefully he hadn't noticed the emotions that surely would have reflected in his single silver eye.

"Sure? You look like you have a fever," Lavi said, brushing the back of his hand against Allen's forehead like a gentle caress someone would give their lover. Allen held back a shiver. Lavi's hand was like ice, and he must have realized this and removed it. Glad to have his personal space back, Allen closed his eye and let out a sigh. His relief was short-lived, however, because there was a light pressure against his forehead, something warm and soft. Opening his eye, Allen could only see red hair and beneath it, dark lashes against smooth, pale skin. His heart stopped for a few beats, and then began pounding frantically. He'd never been this close and intimate with someone before…But then as quickly as it began, it was over and Lavi was back to leaning over him again, his headband around his neck. "You're probably just overheated from the fighting," Lavi said, but he didn't really make any move to put any more space in between the two of them. In fact, he was leaning a little closer than he was before.

"Probably," Allen agreed, slightly breathless, wondering what exactly was going on with him and why he was reacting this way. Maybe it was the proximity, or the way the emptiness was no longer in Lavi's eye anymore, or the feel of the other boy's warm thigh next to his… "Lavi…"

"C'mon, moyashi," Lavi said, flashing a grin as he extended his hand.

"My name is Allen!" Allen retorted, the moment broken. Maybe it really hadn't been anything to begin with at all. He refused help from Lavi and painfully rose by himself, his arm still not fully healed yet, causing him to sway upon standing. Strong hands on his shoulders steadied him.

"But when I call you moyashi you get all huffy and it's funny to watch," Lavi replied, still grinning. The expression behind his eye wasn't as open as before, but it was better than nothing at all, even though the emotion there was because of amusement.

"It's not funny," Allen said, but he was most likely pouting, which made Lavi laugh a little.

"You're right, but you're cute," Lavi answered, not looking ashamed or surprised at what he had just said. Allen, on the other hand, turned bright red.

"C-Cute?!" Allen managed to sputter out, and Lavi nodded, smirking at him. There was something sly about his countenance mingled in with teasing while another unnamable emotion sparked in his green eye Allen couldn't identify. "I-I'm not cute!"

"I think you are."

And then Lavi's lips were against Allen's, surprisingly warm despite the cold weather around them. Allen's mind blanked and he felt his knees go weak, hands gripping at Lavi's coat to stay upright. Lavi must have felt this because his arm moved more securely around Allen's waist while the other gently cupped his cheek. It was so improper, kissing another person when they had just met, even more so inappropriate when that other person was another boy. But that thought fled his mind almost as soon as it appeared, Allen too focused on Lavi's lips and hands and his warm chest. It whispered safety and love and understanding all at once, like honey and sunshine and a warm blanket on a cool autumn day.

"I think you're cute," Lavi said again, when they pulled away. Allen's lips were cold without his. "Moyashi."

"Don't call me that," Allen pouted, pushing at his chest, although not at all forcefully, his cheeks burning. There was laughing amusement in Lavi's eye, his smile actually making it there, so that the green was lit up to a beautiful emerald.

"We should head back," Lavi said, pulling out his hammer, sticking the cross spire into the ground between their feet. It grew to about human height. "Hold it here." Allen complied, stepping closer to do so. "And hold on tight." Lavi's arm was around his waist, holding him tightly, Allen's cheeks warming plesantly. He gave the command for his hammer to extend, and then they were flying through the sky together, Lavi's arm snug around his waist.

And it might have been the distraction of their lips pressed together again that caused them to crash hammer-first through the ceiling of the building everyone was staying. Lips still tingling, Allen had a feeling that someone like Lavi was just full of surprises.


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