Chapter 1: Colors

The white snow continued to fall, even after the fateful event that just occurred. The snow blended into the newly colored hair of the twelve year old boy that leaned against the cross-shaped tombstone. Clear, salty tears fell from the boy's grey eyes as he sobbed and wept to the white ground. It seems as though the only color for miles was the red of the boy's arm and the blood that was running down his left cheek.

Hiccups and sobs rang through the air, until another sound joined in. When the boy heard the new sound, he silenced himself and looked up, but only to see what was making this crunching noise. What caught his eye was a familiar color. The color red adorned the older man's head and striped across a bone-white mask that covered half of his face.

The man kneeled down to the boy's level, but by then, the boy looked back down to the frozen ground. The man with red hair started talking, but only gibberish made it to the boy's ears; he understood nothing of what the man said.

Then, the boy heard the man ask something, "Do you wish to become an exorcist?"