Chapter 3: Stealing, But Not Quite

Allen's hand and arm were becoming quite flexible now, with the many hours playing with the cards. The many hours of labor didn't hurt either. Allen was now starting to wonder where all the hard earned money that he made went as soon as it touched the General's hands. It always seemed as though all the money had disappeared during the night, forcing Allen to work twice as hard the next day.

Though Allen did find a way to double, triple, even quadruple his earnings: At the poker table. It turned out that young Allen had quite the poker face and skills (aka sleight of hand) to help him. It also didn't hurt that all the men hadn't expected a cute, twelve-year-old boy to wipe out their pockets. The young boy thought that if he continued to do this, and not have Cross find out about it, he would be able to pay for his own things: Buy his own food, clothing, maybe even a room very far away from where Cross was staying.

But alas, fate has always been cruel to Allen Walker. Cross found out from one of the town pubs that his student was cheating people out of their hard earned money. The next night, Allen reluctantly gave the man all the money that he earned that day.


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