Joey Deline always was the blacksheep of his family. Everyone always did focus on Delinda and now Danny since he started working at the Montecito and all he could do was watch. His parents ignored him especially his father and he hated him. He was on drugs until one day he met his friend Isabelle. She slapped those drugs out of his hands. They fought and dragged him by his ear and went directly to Ed but he ignored them and Isabelle looked at Joey with a puppy dog face a sad one. She didn't take pitty on him or feel sorry for him.

"Your not going to do those things" Isabella says

"Why not I got nothing my parents don't seem to care about me my friends are all off somewhere and I'm doing nothing"

"Well who's fault is that your fathers nope I agree he's an asshole for ignoring you but there are better ways to get him to notice you"


Isabella smirks at Joey

"What are you up to"

"We're going to make your father jealous"

Joey frowns "how" He asks

"And we're going to do it getting you help"

Joey's frown goes even deeper

"Joe I'm going to let you meet some people that are going to help you"


"Well first your going to get off drugs and then I'll introduce you to well wait"

Joey looked at her with even more confusion

"What do you like to do besides making me sick"

"You sick how"

"You take that shit now tell me"

"Okay jeese I guess I like to blow up stuff mom always did get on me for that and then I like to build stuff to oh and play guitor"

Isabella smiles "I got just the person to help you well at least construction"


"MY Uncle Frank his sone JT doesn't want to go into construction"

"Sounds like someone I know"

"And you don't like what your dad does so yeah that leaves Uncle Frank"

Joey wasn't to sure but hey what the hell if she could make his father jealous as hell then rock onto her. He nodded his head

"First get you cleaned then I introduce you to Uncle Frank"

"And being a rocker"

"That comes last"

He frowns again "That's so fun though I remember my mom yelling at me to cut it out and my dad yelling even louder hurt the hell out of my ears" HE says and Isabella rolls her eyes

"Well maybe in rehab you can right some songs"

Joey nodded his head "oh and if anyone asks you're the only one to call me Joe I won't allow anyone else to"

"Cool" Isabella says dragging him off to rehab. Six Months later he was out and she introduced him to her Uncle Frank and he got right on it.

Isabella took Joey over to her Aunt's and Uncle's. She introduce him to them and her grandfather was there. What she didn't know was Joey was her cousin through Jillian who was her grandfather's daughter.

"Well if your going to get cleaned up young man you need rehab" Victor says

"That's what I'm here for sir" Joey says

"Call me granddad" Victor says and Isabella looked at him confused

"Now I'll pay for this but your going to pay me back"


"By working"

"Ah granddad he ah likes blowing up stuff like Cody"

Frank smiled "Well do you like construction" He asks and Joey nods his head

"Well then you came to the right place" Frank says smiling and Joey felt like he belonged now. He had a smile for Isabella that meant thank you and she nodded her head.

Six Months Later instead of going back home Joey went to see Frank about that job. Frank gladly gave him a job and he went into construction with being in a band on the side.

Ed Deline frowned a lot these days. He hasn't heard from his son in almost seven months now. He was worried about him. Even through he didn't show it he worried and loved his son. He looked at Danny he felt more like a son then his own son did. He sighs he would look for him later.