Joey sighs for the past two years ever since Isabella's death Ed has been there for him so was his mother and Sam Isabella's father. He didn't know what he would have done without them. They found out why Delinda tried to kill him and killed Isabella. She thought Izzie sent her secret to the newspaper and she was enraged typical Delinda. Their parents haven't talked to her since and Danny he was a good guy and even let him take over his father's construction business after everything that happened. Danny moved away to god knows where he was in a relationship with a great girl named Jessica Isabella's sister and Sam he was moving on. His parents went on a cruise thanks to him and Danny and Delinda well she was in prison and Andrew got custody of their son Jamie. He and Kay divorced and now she's back with Miguel and they had adopted a little boy from New York. He helped Jessica through her rehab and he was now her sponsor. Mike was now head of the Montecito since his dad retired and took his mother all over the world. Sam was still hostesses along with their friend Rory who they have a friendly competition with each other. Danny checked up on Mary from time to time tried to convince her not marry the person she was going to marry but she refused that. He even told her he was sorry for everything but she told him it was to late and he had left after that. He only got a post card from him once in awhile. Al was taking over her father's business and they sometimes collaborate on projects help each other out like Rory and Sam. Every year through everyone would gather on Isabella's birthday and celebrate. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Isabella smiled down

"This how it should have been all along mamai"

"No I don't think so"


"You were always suppose to live"

"Yes but Jessica is all right mama Kay is with Miguel Danny knows the truth Ed is on good terms with Joey and Danny and him are sort of friends how is that not good"

Kate frowns "Your father look at your father he's miserable"

Isabella frowns and looks at her mother then she felt herself being pulled

"Mom whats happening" She says feeling herself being pulled down

"I don't know honey but whatever it is let it take you" She says giving her a kiss on the forehead

"But you"

"I'll be fine" She says

Jessica smiled at Joey

"What is it Jess"

"How do you feel about your father being a grandfather in about nine months"

Joey looked at his girlfriend "your pregnant"

Jessica nodded her head. Joey smiled at her

"oh my god" He says giving her a kiss.

"IF it's a boy I want to name him Edward Samuel Deline-Bennett" Jessica says

"And if it's a girl I want to name her Isabella Grace Bennett-Deline" Joey says

"Okay if you only agree to my name" Jessica says

"I agree" He says

Jessica hugged him

"She's looking down at us Joe and smiling right now"

"I know"

"Thank you"

"For what"

"For giving your father another chance" Jessica says

Joey nodded to her

They saw his parents coming

"Dad we have some great news" Joey says

"You two are getting married" Jillian says

Joey shook his head

"Then what"

"We're going to have a baby and if it's a boy we're naming him Edward Samuel"

"And if it's a girl we're naming her Isabella Grace" Jessica says smiling up at Joey who was smiling at his father who was proud of him

"I never been more prouder and honored" Ed says and hugged his son

"I love you son" Ed says

"Me to dad me too" Joey says

Jillian took a picture and smiled at Jessica

"Thank you"

"For what"

"For your sister my son's angel" She says

"Thank my dad" Jessica says as she went to hug her fiancé, Jillain took a picture of that to. Ed came up to her and kissed her


"Ah "

"Thank you"

"For what"

"When it counts your there Eddie"

"And I won't miss my grandson or granddaughter's childhood"

"I'm holding you to that Eddie" Jillian says kissing her husband

Joey took a picture of them

"I hope one day we're like that" Jessica says

"Me too"

They kissed each other.

Nine months later Jessica and Joey had twins on Isabella's birthday January 13th

One girl and One boy

They nicked named Eddie and Izzie.

Ed was true to his promise he was there for his grandchildren every step of the way including Jamie. After all he couldn't blame the little guy for his parents mistakes. Kay saw Andrew at Joey's wedding. She nodded at him but was with Miguel all night along while Andrew just longed for her.

Joey and Jessica kissed and went on their honeymoon as Ed and Sam took care of the kids and Jillian went shopping with Mary and Sam.


PS Sam and Ed had a hard time with two one year olds. By the time their parents got their twins Ed said

"Izzie is just like our IZ" He says and Joey nodded his head

"Going to give her father a heart attack" Sam says and Joey just smiled

"I'll give the guy who she choose to go out with a piece of my mind" Joey says

Ed knew right then and there that his son was more like him then he originally thought.