This ficlet is a present to MYSELF. Why? It's my thirtieth fanfic AND my three year anniversary present to ME.

On this day, September 12, 2008, I have officially been with fanfiction dot net for three years. That's three years of my life writing and thinking of fanfics. :D

And this is number thirty in how many fanfics I have on my name now. Not the complete number...I had deleted a lot of my old stuff and discontinued fanfics. But nonetheless, this place is home to me. So I present my first ficlet...

La li lu le lo!

Written by: The infamous CeleBaby20
Starring: Snake and Luigi!!

It was a one on one battle on Shadow Moses Island with Luigi. Even though the green plumber was always a "second fiddle", Snake held respect for all the efforts Luigi put into fighting and adventuring.

Still, he never wanted to get caught off-guard in a battle. As soon as the fight started, Snake opened his codec channel and waited for a response.

"That guy with the mustache..." he said to himself.

"Ha. You mean the King of Second Bananas?" the colonel's voice suddenly burst into his ear.

"Hey, that's Luigi! Show him a little respect!" Snake snapped, dodging a few green fireballs. He pulled out his C4 and shot a Nikita at Luigi.

"Look at that pale skin. He's been living in his brother's shadow for too long," the colonel sneered.

"That's a low blow, Colonel!" Snake shouted. He picked up a barrel and threw it at Luigi, knocking him back. A few items came out of the barrel. One of them was the rainbow coloured Smash Ball. Snake was so occupied with his codec, he didn't notice it.

"Face it, Snake. Once a kid brother, always a kid brother!" The colonel's voice sounded odd for some reason. Why is he sounding so negative?

"Colonel! What's gotten into you?!" Snake hissed.

"La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo! La li lu le lo!"

"What the heck?" Snake yanked out his earpiece and stared at it. He didn't notice that Luigi was preforming Negative Zone and quickly fell asleep. "Zzzzzzz..."

Luigi noticed the earpiece and planted it in his ear. He heard the colonel chanting oddly. "Oops...guess that-a Negative Zone can-a mess up a person through-a wireless communications-a..." The "second fiddle" proceeded to Smash Attack Snake out of the arena, the feat easy due to the effect of Negative Zone.



Probably very pointless. But I've always wondered why the colonel makes that strange chant. So I finally decided it was because of Negative Zone.

Special thanks to all my friends and reviewers (aka fans, but I find the term to be somewhat awkward...). You guys ROCK. Without you people, fanfiction would never be the same. :D And you know who you are!! I love ya all!