I came to Wammy's just a few months ago. My progress of making friends is zero, grades are third ranked, my crush is my roommate and to top it all off, everyone thinks that I'm mute and deaf.

Roger, the headmaster of this orphanage of gifted kids brought in special teachers that use sign language. He also believes that I am deaf, but I'm not. Everyone assumes that I am from the get go and so I just play along.

These past few months, I heard lots of things; most were about me. Whispers were in the hallways, classrooms, the men's bathroom, cafeteria, the lobby and even in my own room. Tears would threaten to fall, but I would cover it off as allergies.

I could hear the kids laughing as I walk by, whispering words of cruelness and plans to dump me in the men's toilets. I avoided the kids and the bathroom as much as I could and hid myself in my room after class was over.

Few days ago, I wrote a letter to the headmaster about installing a lock to my room. At first, he was against it, but after witnessing some of the older kids dragging me by the back collar of my shirt out of my room, he thought otherwise. Since then, the only people who could enter was the headmaster, Watari, myself and of course my roommate, Mello.


Mello, my roommate is 5'6", blond, he has beautiful features, wears leather, and loves chocolate, bully to the younger kids and in some cases me, plus he is also the love of my life.

Okay, well it's more of a crush at the moment, but I know what I'm feeling is love. I will grow to like him more than a crush. But I am afraid of what he might say. His expressions were always impassive; it was as if he's ready to murder somebody. Sometimes it gets really uncomfortable just being in the same room with him.

I try and not bother him as I sit on the carpet of our room doing homework. He walked over to his bed and laid in it, his hands behind his head. I couldn't help myself as I stared at him. All of a sudden, a pillow was thrown at me and I fell back. I shook out of my stupor and found Mello staring straight at me.

I wondered to myself if I did anything wrong. He searched in the drawers next to him and pulled out a notepad and a pen. He scribbled something and tossed the pad over to me. I looked down at the writing,


My eyes widened and immediately shook my head. I didn't even know that I was staring at him, honest!

" Huh, freak." I distinctly heard him speak and my heart plummeted. I felt tears pricked at the corner of my eyes. I started my homework, leaving the room in complete silence once again.

When I thought I was going crazy with all the silence, I heard Mello say,

" Hey, boy! Buy me some chocolate would you?"

I almost responded to his command, but I held myself back. I was supposed to be mute and deaf, so I didn't say anything. When my response didn't come, he sighed exasperatedly,

" Right, he's disabled." Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw him leave the room.


It was a long time before the door opened again and in, my roommate came. But he didn't return alone. He had also invited some of his friends along. They all gave me stares that sent chills down my spine. They were stares of lust and mischief.

I just sat there, hoping that if I didn't bother them, then they wouldn't bother me. But my silence and my disability only fueled their desire to take advantage of me even more. I sat there, helpless, pretending not to hear what they were talking about. But I knew.

Just then a cellphone rang, pretending not to notice the sound, I convinced myself to not look their way. Suddenly Mello's voice spoke up,

" Yeah? Okay, I'll be right there."

An alarm went off in my head, Mello was leaving the room and he wasn't taking his buddies with him. The door opened and closed with a click. Inside the room without Mello, made me feel like a doll that's ready to be mutilated.

Seconds later, I heard them talking to each other,

" Hey, since Mello's out, why don't we have fun with his little roomie, huh?" one boy stated.

I immediately wanted to get out of there, but I couldn't. I had to play defenseless Matt in front of everyone.

" Yeah, he wouldn't be able to scream," another boy replied with a chuckle. I almost wanted to cry. There would be absolutely no one to help me. They came closer until I felt arms wrapped around my torso from the back. My body was suddenly flushed against one of the boy's own body. I let out a small sound of surprise. I heard them laugh,

" Don't worry, Matty. We'll take good care of you."

It was absolutely sickening. The other person knelt before me and flashed me a smile. I just wanted to lash out at the both of them, but I couldn't. They hadn't made one false move yet, so there was no reason to bruise their pretty faces.

It wasn't until the boy in the back of me, lifted my chin up and the next thing I knew was his face towering over mines. I thrashed, but then he gripped my chin so it wouldn't move and that's when he stole my first kiss.


Their process of taking advantage of me was torturously slow. They distracted me by their kiss, while the other boy pulled my zipper down. I hadn't noticed what the other boy was doing until I felt him trying to take my pants off. I wrenched my lips away and tried to move, but they wouldn't let me. The boy had succeeded in taking my pants off along with my boxers underneath. It was humiliating for someone to stare down there, but it was also terrifying.

The boy in the back distracted me with a kiss and the rough fingers were now on my limp member. I shivered at the touch. Remembering what they were about to do, I began thrashing again and the fingers at my member turned into a grip. I shut my eyes at the pain.


The rhythm of his mouth bopping up and down on my member sent little shocks to my belly. After a good minute or so, there was a feeling of wanting to use the bathroom. (2) I was about to tell the boy that I was about to pee in his mouth, but I kept silent. Then I peed and the guy just drank it up.

Just when the boy in front of me was about to drop his pants down, the door opened and in Mello came. He stood there, stunned and apparently looking at my private area. One glance at the scene in front of him, was all it took for Mello to go on a seething rampage.


I got the last question from Bok-soo; A Kdrama called " First Wives Club"

I got the idea from "Pico to Chico". If you've watched this, then you know what I mean.